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1. Crafting Commercially Effective Mobile UX $ 2. years ago 3. FRICTION 4. & more past years 5. Mobile UX & e-Commerce NEW Small Screen More Friction 6. Mobile UX & e-Commerce 30% sales 50% bounce rate more likely to buy on user friendly mobile site 67% Item Buy Cancel Not optimized site Optimized site Source Credits to: Soussan Djamasbi et. Al. (2014). Designing for Success: Creating Business Value with Mobile User Experience (UX) 7. Case Study 8. Mobile UX Testing 9. Case Study E-Commerce Site 10. Case Study 2 11. Case Study 2 - Browsing 5% 12. Case Study 2 - For Checkout 42% 13. Why users like to checkout on desktop? Screen Size 14. Banking Site Not Mobile Optimized 15. One Time Password for secure checkout 16. Case Study 17. Case Study 3 18. Germany Users Issues I opted not to receive SMS notification, so why should I provide my phone number?? 19. Dont overload users with content 20. When is the best time to conduct user testing? 50% in wasted development time Credit to sources: Bias and Mayhew (1994). Cost-justifying usability. Boston, MA: Academic Press 21. Conclusion: How to reduce friction? Test on competitors User Research Design User Testing 22. CONVERSION / SALES RISK OF BUILDING WRONG THING CUSTOMER SUPPORT COST DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Benefits of Investing in UX 23. Deliver Better Experience Everyone stands a chance 24. A final thought 25. Every time we find ways to save you 15 minutes to an hour, times hundreds of millions of people," "its, like, we save lifetimes of pain, every day. Drew Houston, Founder of Dropbox 26. All the best in your UX journey Email & LinkedIn: Twitter: @Alvin_Chai @NetizenTesting Photo credits: