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A presentation which introduces a novice to the tactics used by online copywriters to write effective website titles. The tips can be used for writing titles for landing pages, for blog posts, and for normal website pages.


  • 1. R E A D Y - T O - U S E T I T L E V A R I A T I O N S F O R W E B S I T E S , A R T I C L E S , B L O G S , A N D L A N D I N G P A G E S WRITING EFFECTIVE TITLES FOR WEBCOPY Bianca-Marieta Budau Freelance Copywriter
  • 2. NUMBERS AND TOPS (Number of) Best Tips to [benefit] Top [x] Tips to [benefit] E.g.: (Top) 4 Tips to get you more Facebook likes Note: You can replace tips with: Strategies Expert Advice Ways Clues Hints Approaches Rules Secrets Note: surprise your readers by offering them a Top 1 title
  • 3. HOW TOS How to [do something] without [pain] How to [do something] in [number] easy steps How to [achieve something] in less than [time] How to [achieve something] faster / easier / better than others / etc. Note: These titles are great for tutorials and they establish you as the expert within your field. Use these titles when you want to show people how to do / achieve / avoid / create / build / etc. (how to take action towards something)
  • 4. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE The tool which got me X followers on Google+ How I increased my conversion rate 150% What I did to overcome my fear of spiders The incredible easy way I gave up smoking The unbelievably short book which taught me [smth] The complete list of all the tools I use in my business Bonus tip: to reassure readers that you are indeed giving them a complete list, add in between brackets: (and I mean ALL of them!)
  • 5. ASK QUESTIONS Can you write webcopy that sells? Who can become an expert in [X]? What do you need to start (an online business)? Do you make these mistakes in (your business)? Whats the No. 1 resource to use when []? Did you also do [x]? Find out why it didnt work.
  • 6. PROMISE PLEASURE The secret to making people like you Why some [job] earn $250,000 a year and how you can too You can laugh at money worries if you follow this simple plan [do something] in [time] or get your money back E.g.: Speak fluent Spanish in 3 months (or less!) or get your money back guaranteed Get instant access to this [product] and live a pain- free life now
  • 7. AVOID PAIN Your complete checklist to make sure youre not [doing something wrong] Are you ever [negative adjective]? E.g.: Are you ever shy at parties? Do you have a mental block at business meetings? Etc. Do you have these same (symptoms) during workhours? Whats the best way to put an end to (a relationship)? 10 embarrassing things you probably do daily
  • 8. Wohoo! Weve come to the end of this presentation. Thank you for reading it and happy writing! If you want more tips and tricks about making it online, head over to Or lets be social! Get up-to-date writing tips on: Facebook: Twitter: @BiancaMarieta Pinterest:


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