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If you've been tasked with creating your businesses mobile strategy or if you are a startup looking to understand how to build an effective mobile product the start of the answer is in this presentation. Part overview, part methodology, part case study and all mobile.



2. @robwoodbridge do it 3. MAY|BOSS|WEIL CONTINUUM 4. seeks day 3 5. seeks immortality 6. SEEKS THE next 4 hr concert 7. MAY|BOSS|WEIL CONTINUUM 8. TRADITIONAL HYPE CYCLE 9. current mobile experience being offered The MOBILE HYPE CYCLE 1-3 days 10. 2,000,000 apps 11. 41apps ! ! 150! times per day We check this thing 12. TIME IS MOBILE 13. we install on average 41apps 14. but we use regularly 6apps 15. USE IT AS OUR 1st SCREEN 60%60% 16. WE USE IT EVERYWHERE 17. CHASING DOWNLOADS = CHASING DEATH 18. ON GAINING 5000 USERS FOR HIS APP It would cost me about $1,000,000 to get 5000 users for our app on iOS and $10,000,000 to get the same on Android. KEITH TEAREfounder of mobile social network 19. CRAFTING THE MOBILE EXPERIENCE INTENT CONTEXT ACTION DELIVERCONTENT 20. CRAFTING THE MOBILE EXPERIENCE INTENT What should your customers be able to do? CONTEXT CONTENT ACTION DELIVER Where / when / how should they do it? What should they see? What do YOU want them to do? How should they do it? 21. New product Promotion Loyalty 1 or 2 Intent 3 4 5 Context Content Action eg. -gather information -to sell/purchase -reviews -feedback eg. -location -time of day -tone -importance -frame of mind eg. -timely -short vs long -sales? -promotion? -information? eg. -buy -click -sign up -redeem -call / directions New LOB EXTEND LOB DELIVER eg. -app / mwww -SMS / email -notications -geofence -podcasts? -video? -beacon? 22. WE USE IT EVERYWHERE 23. Think of a way you can start without building a thing 24. BLAKE SIRACHVP DESIGN WILLOW TREE APPS Based on episode #447 25. KEVIN CHENGfounder of DON.NA personal assistant app 1. When the service is at a point that the value is obvious to the user 2. When the user relies enough on the service and that removing it would be painful 3. When the companys roadmap of features is complete ON REVENUE Based on episode #470: Putting context and Donna Moss in your pocket with Donna co-founder Kevin Cheng 26. JACQUELine THONG See more about UBIQI HEALTH on episode #423 27. NAILING THE REASON OFFLOADS OVERLOAD 28. Mobile is a revenue channel 29. Thank you!