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These are some great ways to simply just increase your blog traffic through some work and energy required. Some strategies leverage the efforts of other people through social syndication.


  • Crafty Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

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    Looking for the most craftiest and interesting way to increase your blog traffic while looking

    cool at the same time?

    Great, you're at the right spot and I'm going to share with you some of my best strategies

    for doing so, and I want to let you know that when you leave this blog post you will have

    full confidence that you will also attract amazing highly targeted blog traffic to your site.

    Let's dive into it shall we? :-)

    First Interesting Strategy - Guest Posting

    Man oh man! This is probably one of the

    most powerful strategies that I've seen and

    it all stems just from basic guest posting.

    I'm not gonna lie... I actually haven't done it

    to it's fullest extension... I began networking

    with other bloggers but I never wrote a post

    (shame on me), but let me tell you my

    friends: People are actually seriously open to

    letting you post on their blogs.

    I simply leverage the power of the Facebook

    Graph search, and search for people that are

    bloggers that are also into a niche that I'm

    in, in this example I wrote Network

    Marketing Pro, but you can do this for


    Dogs, Cats, Chiropractic, Dentist, Lawyers,

    SEO, etc.

    What I do next is simply look at peoples

    profile for their blog, check the blog out and

    if it's a place I want to post at I send them a

    message and the reason for my message...

    Simple! :-

  • Use the Power of Social Syndication!

    What I love about Empire Avenue is that you

    can accumulate credits and basically pay other

    people to share, tweet, G+, etc. your posts for

    you to achieve maximum leverage using their


    If you run low on credits you can do missions

    as described above to get some yourself and

    place out high rolling missions which pay you

    with syndication love!

    I also LOVE to leverage other Facebook groups

    that share my posts for me if I share them...

    Sort of like, "Your rub my back and I'll Rub

    Yours" type of philosophy!

    Use Your Fan Page and Leverage FB PPC

    This is something that I see my friends using ALL THE TIME and they literally get clicks for

    less than a penny, which gives them even more leverage because they drive traffic to their

    blogs, videos, etc. with just a few simple clicks

    No pictures to show here but I do want you to understand the sources of traffic to your blog

    are near ENDLESS and there's so much abundance out in the Universe that traffic is literally

    ready at our doorstep.

    Remember to Be Consistent

    The best thing to do is just to pick a source of getting traffic that you're particularly good at

    and stay consistent until you see everlasting results in your business. That's always the best

    thing you can do to leverage your time, energy and efforts towards building a highly

    profitable business online.

  • If you truly want to succeed online you must be consistent, and please remember that I

    learned all of this from my mentors online, we have a fabulous system that teaches

    everything, you can always get in contact with me if you want to talk more about expanding

    your business, or you can check out my resources on here to learn more.

    To Your Ever Abundant Success!

    -Cesar Soto

    "Master One Skill At A Time.'"

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