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  • LENSWRITERSStill Frames Moving Stories.

    Visual Storytelling byCraig Massey

  • WorkDesign

    BrandsLogosBusiness CardsPromotionalWeb DesignPowerpointsFilm Graphics

    2 | Design Work

  • Bra


    3 | Design Work - Brands

    SimplyChaoticIdentity collateral for a vegan jewelry company specializingin environmentally responsible, found/reclaimed-object jewelry.

  • Bra


    4 | Design Work - Brands

    LENSWRITERSStill Frames Moving Stories.

    LensWritersIdentity collateral for a visual storytelling brand specializingin filmmaking, photography and design.

  • Orange Mound Veterans AssociationMVA

    Orange Mound Veterans AssociationIdentity collateral for a not-for-profit community organization working to reclaim, remodel and renew an historic Memphis neighborhood.



    5 | Design Work - Brands

  • Logo

    s6 | Design Work - Logos

    LENSWRITERSStill Frames Moving Stories.

    IdentitiesLogos for a variety of brands and media.

  • Car

    ds7 | Design Work - Business Cards

    Business CardsIdentity cards for non-profit, commercial and personal brands.

  • Prom

    os8 | Design Work - Promotional

    The Uncommon Mogul The Graffiti Playground Presents: SankofaThe Water CyclePromotional handout and web banner for a music business podcast focusing on helping struggling musicians reach their musical goals.

    Concert poster for the Memphis-based ballet fusion ensemble, The Graffiti Playgrounds commemoration ofJuneteenth.

    Flyer for a kindergarten class performance on the water cycle.

  • Prom

    os9 | Design Work - Promotional

    Cypress Middle Open House Brianna Bland Invitation The Living TheaterPoster for a middle school open house introducing parents to the schools various electives and extracurricular programs.

    Invitation to a bridal shower. Informational flyer and poster about the famed theater troupe for a Forms of Drama course at NYU Tisch.

  • Prom

    os10 | Design Work - Promotional

    Blind Fish Go FIVEMovie poster and promotional card for a Hong Kong based thriller about an unlikely friendship between a Punjabi hustler and the Canadian expat boy hes kidnapped.

    Movie poster for short about man who endangers the lives of those closest to him to uncover the truth about his newly missing girlfriend.

  • Web

    11 | Design Work - Web Design

    Craig Massey ArtsOnline portfolio for a multimedia filmmaker, artist and writer specializing in storytelling techniques, social responsibility and identity (under reconstruction).

  • Web

    12 | Design Work - Web Design

    FastBreak Basketball ClubWebsite for the premiere youth basketball training center in Singapore, founded by former head of NBA Asia, Mike Denzel.

  • Web

    13 | Design Work - Web Design

    The Blue RosterCreative blog for a chiropractor turned travel blogger, built around the concept of onethought posted per day.

  • Web

    14 | Design Work - Web Design

    SimplyChaotic JewelryWebsite for a vegan jewelry company specializing in environmentally responsible, found/reclaimed-object jewelry (under construction).

  • PPtx

    15 | Design Work - Powerpoints

    Waiting for LeftyEducational powerpoint introducing the controversial Clifford Odets play.

  • Dario Fo and Commedia DellArteTeaching tool presenting the life of famed Italian commedian, Dario Fo, and his spearheading of the Commedia DellArte movement.


    16 | Design Work - Powerpoints

  • PPtx

    17 | Design Work - Powerpoints

    Breaking BadOverview presentation of the groundbreaking TVshow for introductory film genre students.

  • PPtx

    18 | Design Work - Powerpoints

    How I Learned to DrivePresentation on Paula Vogel and How I Learned to Drive,her play that deals with the act and ramifications of a younggirls sexual assault by a loved one.

  • Film

    19 | Design Work - Film

    Collage Dance Collective: 2014 Summer Intensive FilmLower thirds and credits for the 2014 Summer Intensive highlight film for a premiere, Memphis-based ballet conservatory specializing in high-end classical training for underpriveleged children from underrepresented backgrounds and cultures.

  • Film

    20 | Design Work - Film

    The Porter WeddingOpening credits for the Dorian and Tanjarae Porter wedding film.

  • Film

    21 | Design Work - Film

    LensWriters FilmsCredit tag for the film component of LensWriters, a visual storytelling brand specializing in filmmaking, photography and design.

  • InfoCraigs

    wechat: CraigDMasseyskype: Craig.David.Massey


    22 | Contact Information