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As the sun goes down, Craze invites you to join the dark side. This issue is dedicated to all things that go bump in the night. From your biggest fears to your favorite band, everything comes alive after dark.


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    CRAbump in the night issueZ


    CRABUMP IN THE NIGHT ISSUEcraze volume 5 issue 2| |




    02 ...... contents

    04 ...... 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

    06 ...... fall fashion guide

    12 ...... creature feature

    16 ...... espn all night

    20 ...... 8 p.m. - 1 a.m.

    22 ...... late night frights

    24 ...... burgerama

    28 ...... sketchbook

    30 ...... midnight snacks

    32 ...... 1 a.m. - 3 a.m.

    34 ...... best of the web

    38 ...... nightmare material

    42 ...... netflix marathons

    46 ...... horrorscopes

    50 ...... creature feature

    54 ...... calendar

    56 ...... back cover


    As the sun goes down, Craze invites you to join the dark side. This issue is dedicated to all things that go bump in the night. From your biggest fears to your favorite band, everything comes alive after dark. With this theme came new challenges and new projects. For a fledgling staff, it meant finding the way that we fit into our school and our own talents. Photography projects like Crazes photo booth brought the student body together even as we ourselves grew closer, and the issue began to capture the same sense of freedom and fun. Tonight, we ask you to embrace it. Go and try something new; hide your identity with a costume or finally show who youve been all along. After all, when the moons high in the sky, you can do anything.




    design by eva phillips and allie laing



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    1. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Eva Phillips


    3.DESIGN EDITOR Allie Laing

    4.PHOTO EDITOR Ally Stark

    EDITORS5. Jenna Hynek

    6. Kirsten McCormack

    7. Abegale Headlee

    8. Camile Messerley


    ADVISER Jerred Zegelis

    9. Sarah Lemke

    10. Aren Rendell

    11. Estella Fox

    12. Tommy Huerter

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  • AS EVENING APPROACHES... The later it gets in the year, the earlier the sun begins to set. This throws off a handful of people by making it seem later than it really is, but for most Westsiders, the night hasn't even begun yet. Lights dim, and parties begin. We rummage through our closet for the perfect outfit, throwing aside our bright summer colors for fall sweaters. Some,

    however, will take a wilder approach. Hiding our identities behind a mask or a watermelon costume, well find our fun taking candy from strangers. As night approaches, youll find new sides to yourself and your classmates, whether it be a new potential style or an impressively creepy talent. The stars may emerge and darkness might be taking over the sky, but your night of fun is just beginning.


    12 12







    The later it gets in the year, the earlier the sun begins to set. This throws off a handful of people by making it seem later than it really is, but for most Westsiders, the night hasnt even begun yet. Lights dim, and parties begin. We rummage through our closet for the perfect outfit, throwing aside our bright summer colors for fall sweaters. Some, however, will take a wilder approach. Hiding

    our identities behind a mask or a watermelon costume, well find our fun taking candy from strangers. As night approaches, youll find new sides to yourself and your classmates, whether it be a new potential style or an impressively creepy talent. The stars may emerge and darkness might be taking over the sky, but your night of fun is just beginning.



    GUIDEstory by kirsten mccormack, design by allie laing,

    photos by ally stark and kirsten mccormack

    Tis the season of brightly colored leaves, frosty morning dew, and the strong scent of a bonfire. We all know the feeling of the cold weather finally moving in. It hits you quickly like a caffeine boost from a pumpkin spice latte. You may want to let the icy cold weather isolate you from the outdoors, but fear not. Open your closet, dig up your cozy warm sweaters and scarves, and make your way out the door. After all, what better time of the year than fall to show your unique personality and style? There are many trends this season that are sure to impress. Just like the array of colors of leaves, we all have our own unique style. Some looks this season that are guaranteed to make a statement are oversize knit sweaters, socks with docs, circle scarves, and beanies that slouch in the back.

    Ask your parents about Doc Martens, and Im sure theyll tell you they were even in style when they were our age. From that soft grundge look to your formal wear, Doc Martens can be mix and matched. Wear them with longer socks that show over the top to add a comfy, snug feel to your outfit. These boots are perfect for fall and will last for years to come. Wherever you go and whatever you do, expect your Doc Martens to last and always expect to recieve compliments on how put together you look.

    When all your turtlenecks fail to keep your neck warm, find your favorite scarf and bundle up. Even if it isnt that cold, you can always put on a lighter scarf that is more breezy. Circle scarves are big this season, and they come with endless fashion possibilities. Wear them as normal scarves, have them cover your shoulders, or even wear them as a dress. Whether youre trying to keep toasty or make your outfit pop, youre always guaranteed to look great.

    Lighter than a jacket, warmer than a t-shirt, a sweater is an excellent in between for fall weather. Whether its long or short, soft or rough, or even only worn for ugly sweater day, you can always expect to be cozy. You can wear it with practically anything, and you wont be disappointed with the look. Show some support for the fellow knitters and throw on your fave sweater.

    Did you know that covering your ears can make your whole body feel warmer? So why not wear a trendy hat while doing so? Beanies are in this season and are sure to keep you warm. Keep on the lookout for knitted and more loose fitting beanies in the back. This is a cute way to pull your outfit together. Even in warm weather, beanies are worn because of the way it adds another element to your outfit. However, beanies are also also functional, making them a must for everyones closet.






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    crew neck top: hot topicshoes: dsw

    sweater: forever 21pants: forever 21

    Connor ODohertyApril VanUnen

  • 09


    sweater: forever 21pants: forever 21

    sweater: marshallsshoes: vans

    sweater: urban outfitterspants: urban outfitters

    Adia Matousek Hope Lawlor

  • Sam Frankel Grace WolfeSOPHOMORE FRESHMAN

    sweater: banana republicshirt: urban outfitters

    sweater: urban outfittersboots and socks: dsw

  • 11sweater: urban outfittersboots and socks: dsw

    Eva Phillips Allie Laing

    Lia Hagen Ally Stark



    Thrifting for new pieces to add to my fall wardrobe is always one of my favorite weekend activities. I buy most of my sweaters from Urban Outfitters or Goodwill. As far as boots go, my personal favorite place to shop is Be Yourself Boutique located on 307 N 78th Street.


    My general style consists of things I randomly find in a multitude of stores, ranging from Scout, Goodwill, my dads closet, etc. Layers are essential for me and for anyone, unless you like freezing. If so, thats weird. Sneakers are my favorite shoes to wear, and I will get them anywhere I can, including Famous Footwear and DSW.

    Im constantly on the lookout for fun, unique pieces to add to my wardrobe. Some of my favorite places to dig for these pieces are Lions Mane Vintage, Goodwill, and online stores such as and It may take some searching, but thats half the fun! You never know what youll find.

    Notoriously impractical, I am the last person you would typically expect to be on a fashion spread about staying warm. Most of my wardrobe is compiled from thrift store purchases from fifth grade, dresses from H&M, and every semicute skirt that Forever 21 has put out over the past two years.


    This Halloween, Craze decided to get spooky. Staffers scoured their homes for anything that could be used as a costume; backdrops were painted in a flurry of half-empty spray paint bottles and giggles. When school began on Tuesday, October 22nd, we had high hopes and great expectations. Luckily, the student body didnt let us down. Students embraced their weird side in a photo booth that ran from mod three to thirteen. The result is a precious mix of freaky, wild, and fun. See our playlist to the right for this years Halloween soundtrack, and check out for more pictures. design by eva phillips, story by lia hagen, photos by craze staff














    voodoo trustby naomi punk

    be true to your ghoulby the ghouls

    murderby new order

    nightmare on my streetby dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince

    acrylicsby tnght

    monsterby kanye west

    brian enoby mgmt

    haunt me (x3)teen suicide

    this is halloweenby nightmare before christmas

    little ghost by the white stripes

    season of the witchby donovan

    seven devilsby florence and the machine


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  • Late Friday nights and by late night we mean very early in the morning most sports fanatics are asleep, preparing themselves for a day of college football. However, on this day three true diehard sports fans forgo sleep because the sports world never sleeps or so they think. Craze joins them on their comedic journey through a sunset to sunrise ESPN watching.

    craze staff tackles an all night sports marathon


    story by aren rendell, connor flairty, and tim graves, photos by estella fox


  • The marathon begins at sunset Friday night. One of the diehards, Tim, is sitting on the couch enthusiastically. The other two are at the Westside football game, which Westside went on to win 42-27.

    6:28 Tim: And so it begins. Flying solo for the first part. Sportscenter is on.

    6:44 Tim: And still talking about the World Series. Seriously? Baseball highlights are as boring as cross-country skiing.

    7:30 Tim: My cat is getting in the way of my avid sports fan-ness. Cmon cat, cant you see Im in the zone?

    Tim meets his first ESPN-all-night obstacle Sports can be boring. Thats scarier than any haunted house in Omaha.

    7:33 Tim: You know this is a pretty boring game.

    7:49 Tim: Did I mention this is a boring game?

    Tim: Football.

    8:22 Tim: Going to need lots of caffeine to stay up all night.

    8:52 Tim: Just heard Taylor Martinez is healthy and will start tomorrow. Huge pickup for Nebraska (Or is it?). 8:57 Tim: Do I get bonus points for reading stories while watching ESPN?

    Tim: I cant believe Im saying this but rerun Sportscenter might be more interesting than this game.

    Right as Tim is dying down, Aren arrives to save the day. Two out of three of the diehards have arrived.

    10:35 Aren: End of the game and BYU picks up the win. Im surprised. Really was an exciting game.

    Tim: Aren, you got here at the end

    Aren: And back to you Tim.

    10:55 Tim: David Ortiz is hurt. How does this change the dynamic of the World Series? Aren: I dont care. Go Yankees.

    The group faces its biggest dilemma of the night: pizza or chicken wings? They throw a curveball and decide to get chicken tenders.

    11:21 Tim: NASCAR is on. NASCAR is not a real sport.

    11:42 Aren: Bulls finished the preseason 8-0. I finished the preseason with a not caring record of 8-0. Rockets and Grizzlies care though. They got in a bit of a scuffle. Oh Dwight Howard.

    11:48 Inspirational University of Phoenix commercial featuring Larry Fitzgerald. It appears as though Tim is tearing up. Fitzgerald has a touching story of education.

    The third super fan, Connor, arrives at 11:53, smelling like football.

    12:40 Aren: Lakers Get Buckets according to an ESPN headline. Im not sure what else a basketball team is supposed to do, but thanks for letting me know ESPN. Quality journalism. 1:09 We are back at the top of the hour. RERUN. Finding out about baseball again. Yay. Ortiz at first base? What? Wait, we already knew that because of the last 3 hours.

    1:10 BREAKING! Grambling State with a huge upset over Alabama!



    START: 6PM 9:00 PM 12:00 AM

  • 2:25 *Correction* Grambling State did not beat Alabama in real life. The graphic quality on NCAA 14 tricked us. It appears that Aren actually beat Tim in video games.

    2:50 Aren: AHHHH! Emergency Alert! ESPN went off air for an emergency alert for 15 seconds That was the most exciting thing that has happened since ESPNs top ten plays four hours ago.

    Aren: I have one question They keep skipping parts of this game rerun saying there are schedule problems so they cant show the full thing. What schedule problems? Are they afraid people are going to be mad they dont show Sportscenter at 4 a.m.?

    2:56 Tim wakes up to realize a football game is on. He jumps up from the couch in excitement to see an amazing touchdown catch. Then he realizes hes seen this game before.

    Tim: Guys what has happened over the past three hours.Aren: The same Sportscenter, repeating.Connor: At least football is on now.

    3:30 Connor: This is a terrible game, but my eyes are glued to the screen at this point. Maybe

    watching this much television is unhealthy.

    Tim and Connor, failing to stay awake, look for ways to keep their eyes open as they enter the final stretch.

    5:01 The newest strategy is to sit upside down on the couch. It should get blood to your brain..Connor: Its not working. I think Im getting sick. Howd we think this would work?

    Connors lack of coordination gets the best of him as he falls off of the couch.

    Connor: Ow....why did we agree to do this?

    Aren: Wow I just learned something new! Wait, nope. I didnt. Same stories playing over and over.

    Aren: And Tims dog is attempting to lick me. Im not even going to stop her because my eyes are glazed over, and I cant move. Too much ESPN.

    5:54 And we are all raving over Cliff Kingsburry, Texas Tech head coach. Not only is he an excellent coach, leading the Red Raiders to a 7-0 record so far, but he coaches in Ray Bans and looks like Ryan


    Aren: No way, Pearl Jam guy is back on Sportscenter. Schmeck would be so happy.

    6:51 Connor: The sun is beginning to peak its mighty head across the horizon. This endless abyss of sports is finally almost over.

    7:15 Connor: The colorful graphics and booming voices are becoming blurry and confusing. I dont know how much more I can take.

    7:36 Tim: Two guys are blabbing about Missouri. I hear them, but I dont know what theyre saying because its 7:36 a.m. And the sun rises, releasing these sports fans from the grips of sports death. They have learned an important lesson: Sportscenter is great the first time. But at 4 a.m., the sports world is asleep. Nothing happens.

    7:48 Aren: Well So lets watch Gameday now?

    And so they continue watching sports.


    3:00 AM 5:00 AM FINISH: 7AM

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  • AFTER DARK... People, parents especially, always say that nothing good happens after dark. While we know this may be true for some rowdy teens, we at Craze challenge this mindset. The dark hours of the night are when we as teenagers come alive. Its a time when we can forget the responsibilities of school and simply live and have fun. From football games to concerts, the night time houses some of the most iconic teenage

    experiences. This section of Craze contains something for everyones Friday night. Go rebel at a concert or lock yourself in your room and watch sports. Acquaint yourself with the voices in your closet, and embrace your wild side. Tonight, youre the thing that goes bump in the night.

    12 12








  • There have been remakes upon remakes of Dracula. However, the original remains one of the best horror films to ever be broadcasted. The bone-chilling story of Count Dracula has left people in fear of blood sucking vampires since the film was made. Of course the movie, being made in 1931, has its filming difficulties. Still, while the video quality and the sound are not up to par compared to movies today, the story itself is timeless. The charming vampire lures people in to watch this film. This is a true classic that should be on everyones favorites list.

    Werewolves. This 1941 classic wasnt the start of the creatures, but it did give us the basis of werewolf horror films. Lon Chaney made this movie a classic with his acting skills. He originally made his acting debut with Of Mice and Men, but after his Wolf Man debut he was forever labelled a horror actor. He starred in other films before and after this, but none of them were at the caliber of The Wolf Man. Chaney had a known drinking problem that limited his opportunities as an actor. However, in this movie he his bitten by a werewolf and forced into a life of the creature himself. Of course, the movie has a gorgeous female who he craves but is unable to possess because of his hidden life. This movie is the definition of a creature feature, and everyone should see it because of the dynamic storyline and unforgettable scenes.


    THE WOLFMAN-1941

    PSYCHO-1960The thriller Psycho has left everyone watching their backs in the shower. It begins as a secretary steals $40,000 from her boss and checks into a dreary motel. The motel is run by a young Norman Bates and his mother. The setting itself will give you chills, being home to one of the most famous scenes in all of horror movies. The stabbing and killing of someone in the shower had never been seen in cinema, but it sure would be seen again in horror films of the future. The shower scene was shocking for viewers of the time and violated the personal space of the common person. It had everyone feeling as though bathing was a risky procedure and began a trend of more gruesome and terrifying horror movies.22


    YEARS OF FEARShorror films throughout the yearsstory and design by Jenna Hynek

  • A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET-1989This film spooked those who happened to live on an Elm Street but not many others. The original film was a favorite to some. However, as the series continued, the films were less and less intriguing. It grew to nine films and became unpopular as it went on. Its believed that people dont appreciate the psychological background behind this movie. This made history as a movie that gets into your head rather than the blatant violence that occurred in most horror films. The nightmares that character Alice Johnson has of the antagonist, Freddy Krueger, haunt her even into her college years. Freddy is a half-burned man that we see in her dreams that commits extreme acts of violence. Some says the movie was confusing and predictable, while others say it was the best in all of horror history.

    Saw is the grand daddy of all gory films. The first movie came out in 2004, and a large series has followed, each one as gruesome as the first. In this psychological thriller, an unknown assailant plays games with his victims, making them perform unheard of acts of violence in order to spare their lives. All of the Saw movies are mind-boggling and the most gory films since the 1981 classic, The Evil Dead. Its not a film for those of us with weak stomachs; we may be hitting the eject button within the first couple of minutes due to the graphic images. However, if you like a thrill and are not afraid of gallons of blood, this movie could be right up your alley.


    THE CONJURING-2013It was said to be the best horror film since classics like The Shining and Psycho. Most people agree; in fact, it even had some adults sleeping with their night lights on. The storyline centers around a married couple who speak about paranormal encounters and unraveling the common peoples real life phantoms (which arent so ghostly in the end). The plot stays suspenseful throughout, leaving you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The rise and fall consistency makes this movie edgy and worth watching.


    YEARS OF FEARShorror films throughout the years



  • california record label caravans to the midweststory and photos by camile messerley, design by eva phillips

    You just turned 16, and what decade is your first car from? Thats right, the 90s. This new-to-you car has come fully set with crank-up windows, a seat belt thats attached to the inner roof, and what else? A tape player. But who even makes cassettes any-more? Sure, you could probably find some old copy of Billy Joel or Anne Murray at the Goodwill. However, if youre looking for a something a little more fresh, your answer is Burger Records.




    Sean Borham and Lee Rickards started Burger Records in 2007 and have since put together a two day music festival in California called Burgerama. Starting back in early September, they took this festival to the road, traveling from coast to coast. On September 26th, the Burgerama Caravan of the Stars made its way to Omahas very own Slowdown. A few days before the show, we talked with Sean Borhman, co-founder and owner of Burger Records. Read his interview below.

    Craze: How did Burger Records start and what was your involvement?

    Sean: Burger started when me and Lee [another co-owner] were in a band called Thee Makeout Party. We wanted to put out a seven inch, but no one was willing to do it so we did it ourselves. That was the first Burger release. Then, once we found out we could actually do that, it snowballed into us making the audacity release The Power Grabbed Me. ... So we started making cassettes ourselves. We started with three bands ... Traditional Fools, which was Ty Segalls band at the time, our friends Apache, from the Bay Area, and, the Go, who are from Detroit.

    Craze: Why do you release so many things on tape? I think its really cool, and it gives me a nostalgic vibed.

    Sean: Its way cheaper and faster than making CDs or LPs [records]. If a band hit me up last week to get some cassettes for an upcoming tour, I could get some cassettes for them. If it was an LP, the tour would be over by the time we actually got the

    LP ...It only takes a week to make a cassette, and weve found that a lot of kids have tape players in their cars. ... I think its just a way to listen to music, and since we have so much music on cassette, were kind of forcing people to buy cassette players or listen to cassettes because theres a lot of good music out there.We dont have the money to put everything out on vinyl. You have be like a millionaire or a billionaire to do that. We listen to cassettes in our van, we burn a lot of cassettes, and so its also for a little bit of selfish reasons.

    Craze: You have so many different bands on the label. How do you guys go about finding new bands?

    Sean: Any which way you can think of. We put out over 500 bands. Sometimes a band will come to us, or well find a band, or a friend will tell us about a band and well go after a band, or theyll send us a demo, or there is another record label that wants to release it on cassettes and they dont want to do it.

    Craze: Do you have a specific ritual when finding a new band? Sean: Yeah, we definitely go crazy over bands. Well call them in the middle of the night. Well just freak out about it and be super fans.

    Craze: Do you guys think that you encompass large genres of music, or do you cater to a specific genre and listener?Sean: You know there are genres that we prefer, but Im into all kinds of stuff. ... I think that shows the weird collage that we release as far the spectrum of music from one side to the other musically. But theres always something that ties it

    together, there is something real that you can hear. There is a common thread behind all of these different types of genres. Craze: Do you think you encompass a certain decade or time period in your music?

    Sean: No because we put out music from the 60s, the 70s, the 80s, the 90s, and now. Music transcends time, and its really a magical thing. Like I said, theres something that links it all together. Having Burger be a concentrate between all of our favorite bands is really exciting and is one of the reasons why we do all of this. I think theres something real that you can hear in bands. I dont know what it is or how to pinpoint or explain it. When Lee (co-owner/founder) and me hear a band that we really like, you just hear it.

    Craze: What do you hope for Burger Records and Burgerama the Tour?

    Sean: Just to get out and be seen and be heard. We picked some of the local bands because we have a Burgerama Fest here (Santa Ana California) in March which is a really big team festival, and were trying to bring that festival on the road by taking local bands and taking them to different cities and trying to recreate what we do here. Thats the goal, just to bring and have a fun time, hopefully everyone have fun. Check out Burger Records on their Soundcloud page. They have over five hundred bands (and counting) released under their name and have re-released bands dating back to the 60s.



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    shakerby cosmonauts

    goldmineby colleen green

    en espaolby the memories

    no feelinby together pangea

    howl on the haunted beat you rideby the go

    scary dennisby gap dream

    what me worryby cosmonauts

    burden the captainby the growlers

    feast of the first morningby gap dream

    chill yourselfby white fang

    sun medallionby King Tuff

    you need a big manby the memories13-

    wreckedby white fang


    black carby black tambourine

  • from thesketchbook of:

    DOUG FLAKESstory by lia hagen and kirsten mccormack, design by lia hagen


    Dripping fictional blood and oozing with extra ink, Doug Flakes artwork lives and breathes on the page. His unique art style gives his art texture; the papers rippled and distorted by the stroke of his pen. His technique is excellent, faces rendered with a sort of not-quite-realism that even the most talented artists would envy. Still, theres something a little unnvering about all of his work. With every swipe of ink, we get a little closer to the monsters living under our beds.


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  • ww

    story and design by tommy huerter, photos by sarah lemke

    how night owls across omaha stay fed through the night


    Though you may regret it in the morning, nothing beats late night Mexican food. Ablerados Mexican food offers just what you are looking for, but not just late at night. Open 24/7, they offer the convenience of a fast food restaurant while serving authentic and delicious Mexican food. Just north of 90th and Maple, Abelrados is conveniently located and has an enticing variety of authentic Mexican food. One of the most beloved items of their menu is carne asada burrito. However, their nachos are also a strong contender.

    Jimmy Johns has won Americas heart by taking their quality sandwiches across the country. Omaha has five different Jimmy Johns locations, but the 72nd location is the one that will cater to your late night hunger until midnight every day of the week. Jimmy Johns has a multitude of sandwiches made on their famous bread, and none will break the bank. In fact, most sandwiches only cost around five dollars. They also offer unwich lettuce wraps for the health conscious. If you are looking for something late and filling that isnt covered in grease, Jimmy Johns is the place for you.


    ADDRESS: 300 S 72nd St Omaha, NEPHONE: (402) 255 0040HOURS: 10:30 a.m. 12 a.m.

    Three square meals a day may suffice for the majority of the population, but not for the night owl. A late bite is a must during the early hours of the morning. Omaha is full of great places to eat during the day, but what about after the sun sets? This is your guide to the Omaha late night food scene. After all, the nocturnal have to eat just like the rest of us.



    ADDRESS: 3420 N 90th St Omaha, NEPHONE: (402) 571 2333HOURS: 24/7



  • ww

    Located on Farnam Street, Caffeine Dreams is a locally owned coffee shop in Omaha. Whether you are there to study or socialize, Caffeine Dreams is a great place to get your late night caffeine fix. The beautiful exposed brick walls are always decorated with local art creating a desirable atmosphere. They also provide an outdoor garden/patio when weather permits. Open until 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and until 12 a.m. Friday and Saturday, they have a large selection of beverages as well as vegan pastries and sandwiches, especially their vegan kolaches. Next time you need a late night boost, head over to Caffeine Dreams.

    This little spot hidden away in Dundee may be small, but their food packs a punch. They specialize in Middle Eastern, Greek, and Mediterranean cuisine which mixes well with the urban atmosphere. Their falafel is a hit while their curry fries are a force to be reckoned with. Delivery via bicycle is available for those living in the Dundee area. Just off 50th and Underwood, Amsterdam Falafel and Kabob is open until 3 a.m. on the weekends. There is no doubt that Amsterdam Falafel and Kabob will be able to satisfy your late night craving.

    Western Ave Western Ave

    Cass StUnderwood St

    Dodge St

    72nd St72nd St

    60th St60th St

    50th St50th St

    Farnam St

    Maple Ave Maple Ave

    Blondo St Blondo St

    90nd St90nd St








    ADDRESS: 4524 Farnam St Omaha, NEPHONE: (402) 932 2803HOURS: 6:30 a.m. 11 p.m.

    ADDRESS: 620 N 50th St Omaha, NEPHONE: (402) 504 3223HOURS: 11:30 a.m. 3 a.m.

    The locations of all these

    eateries can be found here


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  • LIGHTS OUT... There comes a time of night where you start to feel invincible. You've passed the 2 a.m. tiredness, fought through all of those moments where you just can't seem to keep your eyes open. It's too late now to turn back; no matter what, you're going to be in trouble in the morning. With the stripping away of logic comes freedom. You laugh at jokes that never would've been funny twelve hours earlier and talk like a 13 year-old on a

    sugar high. As midnight snacks settle comfortably in your belly and parties end, you can start to feel happier than you have in a while. This morning, ignore the clock and stay up just a little bit longer. Find entertainment at home with Craze's personal favorite sites for all night browsing, or plan for tomorrow with this month's horoscopes. Most importantly, keep up with the caffeine. Invincible or not, we all fall asleep some time.

    12 12








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  • 35

    THE WORLDS WIDE AWAKEthe webs way to stay up all night

    For the average high schooler, there may be no experience more universal than late-night delirium. Were experienced in the midnight essay completion or the 3 a.m. struggle to keep our eyes open. However, we all know that we students use our laptops for more than just homework. Many of us have spent our nights losing ourselves in the endless entertainment machine that is the Internet. With that in mind, Craze has put together this list of four websites to check out on your next all night spree.

    story and design by lia hagen


    If homework is your plan for the night, you should stop reading this right now. I occasionally joke that my life began when I first made a Tumblr.... its funny, of course, because its true. Tumblr is a treasure trove of all things you like or could ever possibly like. Hipsters and nerds alike spam the tags with pictures, gifs, and stories dedicated to everything from fine art to fanfiction. Social justice bloggers ensure the site is always filled with interesting, intellectual conversations on topics like oppression or politics. Then again, you can always spend twelve hours looking at pictures of food and cats. The one downside of Tumblr is that its blocked on school computers; other than that, its the ideal site to spend your night on.


    4.0/5GENRE: social network

    Known for being one of the most addictive games on the web, Cookie Clicker is one of the Internets newest and most popular crazes. The premise of the game is remarkably simple. You want to bake as many cookies as possible by clicking a giant cookie over and over again. As time goes on and you bake more cookies, you can purchase upgrades in order to bake cookies faster. These upgrades include simple features like cursors that click for you and Grandmas that will bake cookies on their own. However, truly dedicated bakers can access wilder upgrades like portals that open up realms to an alternate cookie dimension. Still, fun as it may be, Cookie Clicker is very limited and inevitably grows uninteresting after too much game play. For that reason, it only earns three stars.


    3.0/5GENRE: games




    New Study Hall goes boldly where no gaming website has ever gone before. That is, it goes to the English IMC. This site is well known amongst the technologically challenged. Those of us with little access to computers outside of school struggle to find sources of entertainment. Luckily, New Study Hall remedies this issue. The site is a bonafide anthology of fun, school-friendly games. Here it doesnt matter if youre in the mood to mow down zombies or enrich your critical thinking skills with a puzzle game; the selection is so broad, everyone can find something theyre into. In fact, even I, a terrible gamer, have a good time on the site. When youre done with your homework and looking for a little fun, head here for your in-school options.


    4.0/5GENRE: games

    StumbleUpon is a website dedicated solely to helping users find their new favorite sites on the web. When you make an account, you input all of your preferences. Then the site uses that information to find other pages that best suit you. Its the black hole of the Internet; once you enter, there is no escape. It sucks you deeper and deeper into cool content and new discoveries. Before long, youll find yourself struggling to keep your eyes open. Should you be a particularly avid Internet user, youll find yourself asking a few key questions, namely: Where did the night go? How did I get to this weird pony game? Why is school about to start? Unfortunately for the both of us, I could not tell you the answer.


    5.0/5GENRE: other



    Make Custom T-Shirts Online!

    ADDRESS 14931 Industrial Rd; Omaha, NE 68144;United StatesPHONE NUMBER 402-333-0498



    story, design, and photos by abegale headlee, photos by kirsten mccormack

    what is it that scares you, until you cant sleep

    We all have things that make us tremble in our sleep. They may not happen at night, but they do keep us awake and thinking about them. They can trigger an emotion in us known as Fight or Flight. Physiologically, our bodies go through a number of reactions that prepare us for battle or have us running away from the face of danger. Your heart rate will increase, your palms may get sweaty, or you may even start to cry. It simply depends

    on who you are. Paranoia is a type of fear that isnt always real; its the type of fear that haunts you as you think somethings hiding in your closet. Haunted houses are meant to be fun, unless you cant handle it. Then get out of there as quick as you can. Its good to get a little scared occasionally. Still, dont let these things keep you up until three in the morning huddling under your blankets, wishing you could fall asleep again.


  • ++ ww

    Ive always been terrified of birds. All I can think about is how they might peck my eyes out. - Brennan Malone, 10

    Im afraid of rude people because they make me cry. - Kristine Assmann, 12

    Serial killers. I dont have any experiences with that, but its scary to think of being tortured. - Madaline Holmes, 11

    Heights because I fear falling and not being able to pick myself up and carry on.- Bridget Bertsch, 9

    Im afraid of the dark. When Im home alone, I feel like someone is going to come up and chop my head off with a machete. - Abby Hack, 10

    Failure. It makes me feel weak. - Charley Kidder, 11



  • 13

    ++ ww

    Mr. Moseley telling me that Im not good enough to play soccer.-Lilli Marvin, 9

    Getting attacked by a dog because my friend got attacked once.-Connor McMahon, 11

    Im so scared of toilets. The noise they make after I flush makes me feel like someones going to pull me in the toilet, So I rush to finish. - Hanna Workman, 10

    Im afraid of cats because when I was four I was laying down, and a cat jumped on my face.-Tre Wright, 9

    Im simply scared of girls. - Alberto Esplsito, 11

    Getting rejected by a guy.- Armani Henderson, 9

    ++ ww




    shows for all night marathoning

    There will inevitably come a time in your high school career when your workload becomes so wildly exhausting that you just need to completely blow off your responsibilities for a weekend. I should know, my sophomore year was dominated by such weekends. Theres no energy left for socializing, and homework can, for once, be left until Sunday. Until then its just you, very little sleep, and your piggybacked Netflix account. These six shows are bound to keep you awake and entertained. From space cowboys to bratty 3 year-olds, theres something for everyone to enjoy until the wee hours of the morning.

    story and design by Lia Hagen*ratings by IMDB


  • 43




    A perfect mash of Office-like humor and pure ridiculousness, Arrested Developments only crime was coming onto the scene too early. Or, as the oblivious Tobias once said when discussing a gift basket hed purchased: Im afraid I prematurely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run. As it is, Arrested Development had every component to be a hit show... a few years later, that is. This story of a rich, bratty family who lost it all and the son who kept them all together is full of dry humor and audience-wide inside jokes. From Tobias unintentionally sexual phrasing to the much loved Her?, youll always feel a part of something special. Luckily for its fans, the show gained an audience after its end and managed to get a fourth season on... whod have guessed it.. Netflix.


    Breaking Bads popularity has boomed over the past few months even as the critically renowned series drew to a close. Those of us left behind the craze... well, we tend to feel a bit left out. As our friends desperately loaded their Netflix queues to catch up before it was too late, we sat around and wondered what the big deal was. Luckily, the end of the show didnt mean the end of its excellence. You can still discover Walter White, the cancerous Chemistry teacher turned drug dealer, and watch him as he tries to make enough money to support his family after his impending death. As Walter gets deeper and deeper into the drug world, youll find it harder and harder to pull away. One things for sure: youll be on the bandwagon before long.


    There comes a time in everyones life where its time to grow up, start a bank account, and accept that youre always going to want to watch childrens television. Er... at least thats how it goes for me. Still, its not just the dorky or the dumb who enjoy Adventure Time, Cartoon Networks charming tale about Finn the Human and his dog Jake. The two heroes live in the post-apocalyptic land of Ooo. Among their friends are Princess Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom and Marceline the Vampire Queen. The premise is deceivingly childlike, but it has a habit of breaking hearts even as it proves itself to be the goofiest show on TV. The combination of the two undeniably makes the show deserve its spot in your late night marathons.







    Firefly begins with a war scene, a snapshot of the life of Captain Malcolm Reynolds as he fought for the Independents. As the viewer, we watch while the imperialist Alliance defeat him in the bloodiest battle of the war. In this moment, they create a broken man- an ex-soldier turned petty thief who just wants to keep flying with his ship and his crew. Personally, Ive always preferred another introductory scene of the series. Sitting in his trademark pilots chair, the camera pans over the control panel to show our fearless pilot, Wash... playing with toy dinosaurs. Firefly, cancelled tragically after 14 episodes, managed to fight past its networks fumbling to nerd fame, and this kept it going for a movie and comic sequels. There is a reason it inspires such fanatacism; its a true work of art, dinosaurs, spaceships, and all.


    Deep down, we all wish we were the kind of people who could sit back, see a strange and often horrifying reality TV show on television, and simply change the channel in disdain. Unfortunately, Im not quite sure that those people exist. Toddlers and Tiaras is a show detailing the lives of children on the beauty pageant circuit. We see their extensive practices, the disgusting makeup, and the overbearing mothers. As we watch, we shake our heads and disapprove... however, that doesnt mean we stop watching. We all gain a little bit of pleasure from watching something as mindlessly entertaining as T&T. Sometime past midnight, you may even be able to admit it.


    Futurama is the hilarious brainchild of Matt Groening, creator of the wildly famous cartoon The Simpsons. While both shows are packed with humor, Futurama tends to be the more adult and, as the Simpsons grows older and begins to drag on, debatedly the better show. Set in the year 3000, the show revolves around Phillip J. Fry and the other employees of the Planet Express Delivery Service. Fry is a human from our time accidentally frozen and sent into the far future. The show remains consistently hilarious and witty, largely relying on sci-fi tropes, dirty jokes, and societal commentaries to sustain itself. All of these are done well, and they make for a show thats absolutely worth watching.






    HORROR-SCOPES The night sky has waxed a full moon, and the stars have aligned. Still, that doesnt mean fate is on your side this month. Not only are the leaves changing, the air feels different as well. You start to notice peculiar things happening around you. Instead of feeling unbalanced, see what the universe has in store for you. Your horoscopes will tell you how to feel, act, eat, and even what to wear. If you follow them, theres nothing that can get you off track.

    story and design by estella fox and sarah lemke

    its just not your month


  • 48

    Your social life has been thriving lately, but its time you get some space. Take a Sunday drive to who-knows-where, but stay safe! Night time roads are dangerous; you could run into a deer, or a serial killer, or I dont know... a family of demented cannibals with a particular fondness for chainsaws.

    Channel your inner child and play some games today! My personal favorite toy was the one named Jigsaw. He had cute pointy cheeks and would threaten to kill my family if I didnt kill someone. But Polly Pockets are fun too!

    Its been a stressful week for you. You should definitely take a personal day to calm down. After all, theres nothing more relaxing than getting stabbed in a motel shower!

    Your dreams will become a reality! Unfortunately, they are absolutely terrifying and involve a man whose name rhymes with Shmeddy Shmueger.

    Today, you should start the day off with a little light exorcise. Start with some squats, then try the bikes, and finish it off by turning your head 360 degrees while projectile vomiting. Youll feel the burn at first, but tomorrow you wont be feeling anything.

    Youre going to get really close to your friends this week. Like, really close. Like, German doctor performs surgery kind of close. If you have a problem eating human feces, you may want to stay home this week.

    ARIES 3/21-4/19

    TAURUS 4/20 - 5/20

    GEMINI 5/21 - 6/21

    CANCER 6/22 - 7/22

    LEO 7/23 - 8/22

    VIRGO 8/23 - 9/22


  • Today will be a great day. In fact, your dad just got a new job as a caretaker at an isolated, vacant hotel! Try not to become too scared of the ghosts you see with your psychic abilities. Also, your dad will probably try to murder you and your mom. In retrospect, your day doesnt sound so great.

    Youre going to be popular amongst friends today. Everyones trying to contact you! In fact, a girl just told me to tell you that youre going to die in seven days. You should probably call her back.

    Youre looking good today, but make sure to watch your figure. I heard theres a man who takes overweight young ladies, starves them, and makes a suit out of their human skin. Just a rumor, though...

    Good news! This week your crush will confess his undying love for you. Undying, as in hes actually undead. Like a true beloved, he loves you from your veins to your capillaries.

    A vacation to the beach might be just the thing for you. Take some time off work and spend it with your friends, family, and one insanely blood-thirsty shark.

    Theres nothing like the great outdoors. It can bring peace of mind in an otherwise chaotic life. However, if a machete wielding maniac tries to kill you and your friends in the forest, its probably best to stop camping.

    PISCES 2/19 - 3/20

    LIBRA 9/23 - 10/22

    SCORPIO 10/23 - 11/21

    SAGITTARIUS 11/22 - 12/21

    CAPRICORN 12/22 - 1/19

    AQUARIUS 1/20 - 2/18


  • 50


  • OCTOBER /Be your night frightful or delightful, your city

    can provide. Go out for a midnight

    party or drag yourself out of bed in the morning for this months



    4. 5. 6.

    11. 12. 13.

    18. 19. 20.

    Heartland 2050 @ Kaneko6:00 p.m.

    Toro Y Moi @ The Waiting Room9:00 p.m.

    ATSC/CJB Performance @ Auditorium9:00 a.m.

    Grieves @ The Waiting Room9:00 p.m.

    Elf the Musical @ Orpheum Theater7:30 p.m.

    In This Moment @ Sokol7:00

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday



  • NOVEMBERstory by estella fox, design by lia hagen

    1. 2. 3.

    7. 8. 9. 10.

    14. 15. 16. 17.

    21. 22. 23. 24.


    Tech N9NE @ Sokol8:00 p.m.

    of Montreal @ The Waiting Room9:00 p.m.

    The Story So Far @ Sokol6:30 p.m.

    City Poetry Slam @ The OM Center7:30 p.m.

    Anime Nebraskon @ The Ramada

    Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers @ The Waiting Room8:00 p.m.

    Brad Paisley @ CenturyLink7:30 p.m.

    Pretty Lights @ Pershing Center8:00 p,m.

    Lewis and Clark Dog Show @ CenturyLink9:00 a.m.

    Cults @ Slowdown9:00 p.m.

    John Mayer @ Pinnacle Bank Arena7:00 p.m.

    Film Streams: Feature V @ Holland Center7:30 p.m.

    Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday