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  • For effective social media presence

    In keeping with social media best practices and to maintain a consistent corporate branding, the Communications and Digital Experience Department has produced a guide for employees who would like to create a professional LinkedIn profile.

    Why LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn lets you promote your professional identity and grow and develop your network of contacts. Being present on LinkedIn helps you stay in the loop and provides opportunities for networking and sharing your expertise.

    How to create a profile

    Here are the steps to follow to create your own LinkedIn profile.

    1 — Go to

    2 — Fill out the form Be great at what you do (first and last name, email and password). You will receive an email confirmation.

    3 — Select the country and postal code where you work.

    4 — Add your job title, the company where you work and your industry.

    5 — Pick your reason for creating a LinkedIn account

    6 — Enter the verification code/pin that was emailed to you.

    7 — Add contacts to your network. LinkedIn will propose contacts for you to add, and it’s up to you to decide whether each suggestion is relevant or not. Note that you can also do this at any time after you create your profile.

    Creating a LinkedIn profile for Career Network Advisors

  • Here is our advice to create a complete, relevant profile that will let you stand out as an iA Financial Group advisor.

    Customizing your profile

    Online help:

    1 — Add your profile picture Choose a professional profile photo. Don’t forget

    that you represent the company. We suggest that you use the official photo from your business card. The ideal size is 400 x 400.

    2 — Add a background photo We suggest using the blue background image available

    at in the LinkedIn section.

    3 — Adjust your headline as needed It was created automatically when you added

    your job. You can include details such as your job responsibilities or skills. Your headline will distinguish you from your peers.

    4 — Enter a summary that describes you well

    5 — Tell your professional story Summarize each of your relevant work experiences,

    including the dates for each position and a description of tasks completed. Link your work experiences to your employer’s LinkedIn page, if it exists. iA Financial Group’s page address:

    6 — Describe your education Include the educational institutions that you attended,

    as well as links to their LinkedIn page. Add your degrees and distinctions, as well as the dates you obtained them.

    7 — List the languages you know and how well you know each of them

    8 — Add skills to your profiles that make you stand out You can then ask your connections to endorse your

    skills and expertise. Don’t forget to endorse your connections’ skills either.

    9 — Recommendations Your clients, partners, coworkers or employers can

    write recommendations that will be displayed on your profile and will make it more distinctive.

    10 — Add sections You can also add sections to your profile, such as

    certifications, publications, involvement in organizations, volunteer experience and honours/awards.

    Enhance your profile

    Enrich your education and job experiences by adding relevant images and videos

    Customize your URL (e.g. customizing-your-public-profile-url

    Create a profile in multiple languages in order to increase its visibility

    Integrate your websites, blogs, Twitter account and professional Facebook profile to increase your visibility

    Manage the privacy of your profile and your posts and adjust the settings for what is visible to those outside your network

    Post actively!

    — Share posts related to your job or your profile

    — Like articles and posts from your network

    — Congratulate your connections on their job anniversary or new position

    — Write articles related to your profession

    — Recommend your connections and ask for recommendations from your network

    — Add a personalized message when you ask to add someone to your network

    — Don’t forget to follow company pages related to your work

    — If you add a photo to your post, the ideal size is 1200 x 628.

    The more active you are with your profile, the more views and shares it will get and the more chance you will have of finding new opportunities. Don’t forget that LinkedIn is a professional network though, so no cat pictures or photos of your kids!

  • Posts

    Here’s how to add posts, for example, about iA Financial Group products.

    1 — Go to your LinkedIn profile

    2 — Click on Home at the top of the page

    3 — In the box Share an article, photo or update, type your post text. We recommend keeping it to 215 characters (spaces included) or less so your message is concise and you won’t have …see more at the end of your text. If your post is long, break it into paragraphs.

    Tag the company in your post by adding @ in front of iAFinancialGroup.

    4 — Add the URL link to the article or product you are posting about at the end of your text and you will see a preview of it. You don’t need to keep the whole link, though. You can erase the http:// and www.

    5 — Click on Post.

    Share company posts

    Here are the steps to follow to share company posts.

    1 — Visit the iA Financial Group (Industrial Alliance) LinkedIn page and follow us if you have not already done so. You can also check your Home page to see the latest posts from members of your network.

    2 — Share an interesting company post in your feed by clicking on Share.

    3 — Choose Share to Feed and then add a personalized message to the post you are sharing. You can also mention related people, companies or schools.

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    iA Financial Group is a business name and trademark of Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.

    4 — Select the target audience for this post. You can share with your connections only, publicly (accessible by everyone), and even share it on Twitter.

    5 — Then click on Post.

    Send a message to multiple people

    When sharing, you can also forward the post as a private message to one or more of your connections. Just click on Share, then Send as Message at the top. Select the name(s) of your contact(s), write a message, then click Send.

    Need help? Visit the LinkedIn Help Center: