creating comic books or comic strips to demonstrate comprehension or practice vocabulary fatima...

Download Creating Comic Books or Comic Strips to Demonstrate Comprehension or Practice Vocabulary Fatima Elmouchtari

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  • Creating Comic Books or Comic Strips to Demonstrate Comprehension or Practice Vocabulary Fatima Elmouchtari
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  • What Are the Benefits Of Comic Books Or Comic Strips? O Memory and Recall O Lasting O Retrieval O Understanding O Reading Comprehension O Connecting With the Reading O Fun O Students engaged O Motivation
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  • How can brain-based research help materials developers? O By knowing the Memory Pathways, educators can adopt, adapt, and develop materials that will help students retrieve the material learned. O Memory and recall are important in the education. Because, we know that students have learned something when they demonstrate recall of it (Jensen, 2005, p. 99). O Students can retrieve most everything, that they paid attention to. But the accuracy and quantity of the information retrieved depends on the state, time, and context used. O The knowledge of the brain based research guide teachers to find a system to help students to retrieve the memory learned.(p. 104).
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  • Definitions O Memory Process: The creation of a persistent change in the brain by a transient stimulus. (Jensen, 2005, p. 100) O Recall: Is the access of the information that was previously recorded and encoded in the brain. Recall is most know as remembering. O Retrieval: The function of reaching a memory that was previously encoded in the brain. O Chunks: Single thoughts, ideas, or groups of related ideas.
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  • Implicit vs Explicit Memories Implicit Memory Explicit Memory O We know it, but dont know we know it (p. 107). Implicit memory is the unconscious memory that we encode based on our life experience. O Based on recent researchers, the explicit memory is the one we can write about, describe, and explain. Therefore, the explicit memory is the most used at school for teaching and assessing their learned materials. O Hippocampus and stored in the Medial Temporal Lobes.
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  • Implicit vs Explicit
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  • Understanding O Reading Comprehension O Demonstrate their understanding O Summarization O Transfer text to images O Incorporate the most important information of the text O Connections: O Personal experience. O Background. O Their own culture, ethnicity, race O Incorporation of important fact O Culture O History O Plot O Reader connecting with the text
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  • Vocabulary Practice Formal Assessment fm?newSlideID=466
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  • Connection
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  • Reading Comprehension Comic Life Google images Drawing Captions
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  • Let Begin From the End List the most important facts Questions about The time period Culture Historical event Characters Have students find connections with the reading And themselves Other reading in class Movies Medias . How can I guide students to incorporate all the important information into their cartoon strips?
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  • Let begin from the end. What are the 5 most important themes that you want your students to acknowledge? Please write them in order; start with the most important theme. What is the time period of the reading? Any cultural background is included in the reading? Which one/ones ? Any historical event you want students to acknowledge? Any important characters you want your students to pay close attention? Do you want them to make connections with.?
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  • ELA Sample