creating engaging and motivating activities through ict, authentic texts and images

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Creating engaging and motivating activities through ICT, authentic texts and images. Dave Wicks Curriculum Co-ordinator for MFL 2, SLN Lead Teacher for North Wiltshire, RSA for the South West. A change in ideology? A new active classroom for a new NC. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Creating engaging and motivating activities through ICT, authentic texts and imagesdwi@johnbentley.wilts.sch.ukDave Wicks

    Curriculum Co-ordinator for MFL 2, SLN Lead Teacher for North Wiltshire, RSA for the South West

  • A change in ideology? A new active classroom for a new NCAn active classroom is all about moving from:Teacher-centred to learner centredTeacher as transmitter of knowledge -> teacher as organiser of knowledgeTeacher as the do-er for children -> teacher as enabler / facilitatorSubject specific focus -> Holistic learning focusTeacher as magician! NOT!

  • How do our students change and benefit from an active approach?Passive recipients of knowledge -> active and participatory learnersFocus on answering questions -> asking questionsSpoon fed -> responsible for own learning reflectionCompeting with each other -> collaboratingHaving own say -> listening to others opinionsIndividual subject learning -> joined up learning episodes

  • Thinking about textsHow do we use texts? Do we always find good authentic material to use?Do we get enough mileage out of texts?How can we explore texts in a fresher, new way? How can we link the new NC to what we do do with texts?

  • Its time to get active! Lets think!

  • Quelques motsle footle restauranthierjadorele soiril pleuvaitle samediparce queontun copainmes parentsune pizzaavecregarderen voituremaisil a mangeret avoirfaireamusanttrefantastique

  • Text idea 1The silent starter aka The Cold Shoulder! a list of words, in any order or layout on a page. Results what is the impact / result of this? New NC links?Potential Pitfalls - ways around the problems.Feedback from the students on the activity

  • Ready, steady, read!Are you ready to read aloud class? Were going to read the text out loud as soon as it appears on the screen!Ready?Lets read!

  • Text idea 2Le samedi jaime aller en ville avec mes copains et jadore manger chez McDo car cest dlicieux! Le soir, je regarde la tl avec ma soeur parce que jaime les films de science-fiction. Elle adore les westerns!Le dimanche matin, je reste au lit et je me leve vers midi. Laprs-midi je vais au parc et je joue au foot avec mes camarades de classe. La semene dernire je suis all chez mes grands-parents mais ctait nul!

  • Text idea 2 how to make it work!Colours yellow is bad! Choose nice word colours or a black background.Make the font big enough to read!Make sure they are reading aloud to start with!Dont give in if they dont understand! Just say no! Dont give away any hints! Launch it, unscaffolded Be BRAVE!Once you have a template SHARE IT!Recycle the idea, but change the words/concepts they need to find so they are not wise to it!

  • Text, images and ICT- incorporating all 3 into one fabulous activity

  • Using images to inspire photo storiesImages are a powerful tool for the MFL teacher. One single topic image a thousand ideas.Student involvement image creation.Motivation levels.Creativity levels.PLTS many can be achieved here.Fantastic final products.Useful for many topics, even the obscure ones! However some non-entities are being taken out! PO etc.

  • How to set-up the taskGet cameras beg, steal or borrow!Check your picture policyGet them into groups you decide, they decide your choice/their choice?Plan it out first when do you want to start and finish lesson allocationGive them the topic planning in groupsPhoto shoot + ICT room booked

  • Family FortunesGroups love to work togetherNot just the family are playing group planning can be used in classEasy to set up once you have the templateEasy to move the activity forward into AT4 workEasy to use as a springboard into drop down menus in Word activities creative texts

    Active learning and teaching methods young learners now need to develop personal capabilities and effective thinking skills. Need to communicate effectively, work in teams and groups, make decisions, think critically knowing of knowledge is not enough. These skills are all an integral part of the new NC Flexibility in content and time will offer you the opportunity to develop their skills and capabilities alongside their knowledge and understanding. If we have active approaches, then it should engage students in their learning and make the subject more relevant and make them more motivated to continue to be lifelong language learners.This session aims to explore some of the ways in which I have used engaging and motivating activities in class all trialled and tested! *Hopefully the examples Ive given you here today will help you to inspire, spark-off, enthuse, motivate your learners and you! *GIVE OUT SILENT STARTER SHEET NOW!!! Do NOT click after speech bubble appears!*All off-set, to put you off the scent! Not all set out properly! How will they cope? Will they cope at all?*GIVE OUT SHEET NOW! SILENT STARTER!The silent starter cold shoulder activity! A list of words any order/layout. Can be topic related words works well with any words. Need an aim in mind sorting words into categories or topic areas/sorting masc or fem nouns/making sentences/a goal that you have for the words, but you dont instantly share with the class. Give out scissors, card, glue only.Sit back, relax and watch! Anecdotes! MASK etc. Very interesting! Boy/girl differences. Happy Sad Neutral faces on the board from time to time, write a name next to a face hot/cold etc! i.e. are along the right lines of the activity!Links to NC = key concepts of using familiar lang for new purposes in new contexts.Links to NC = understanding how a lang works manipulationLinks to NC = applying lang knowledge and skills Links to NC = make links with English at word level/sentence/text level cognates etc.Links to NC = identifying patterns one of our key processes independent enquirers. PERSONAL, LEARNING AND THINKING SKILLS. Creative thinkers/reflective learners.Links to NC = use previous knowledge work out meaning BUILD ON Y7 progression.Links to NC = adapting lang already known Links to NC = dealing with unfamiliar, unexpected lang and unpredictable situations.Potential pitfalls lower ability learners will kick off if so, give scaffolding for them give one line / a hint of what your intended outcome is i.e. try to find.try toSimply not getting it at all! Scaffold again.Outcomes amazing! No pens were used! Nobody asked if they could use a pen to add words! Cutting / colouring in! Mask making! pupil to pupil speak - Can we swap and look at everyone elses? pupil to pupil speak - Why did you do it like that Harry? How did you feel doing this activity? *-Effect = colour typewriter read the text aloud as the text flows in. Speed read! Who finishes first? Set-up of class? Group dynamics? Take the plunge, bite the bullet and go for it if it doesnt work, then adapt ask why did it not? How can I change it so it does!? -Then ask the class for the words.Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Why are you wrong? - Find the following in the text a day, a place, an infinitive, a synonym for because, a present tense verb, a possesive, a time of day, a place to play, a past tense, a past tense opinion, the spelling mistake word.-GIVE the colour! Not the words!-Simple to adapt makes students think on a higher level than just reading a text. -How can we adapt the text for our own use? What can we highlight? Nouns, genders, possessives etc. Commonly misspelled words in German vowel combinations that they get wrong all the time! -How can we make the students involved in this activity? Anecdote my kids loving making a text for another group in the class a small group to group activity making things for a purpose loving having an audience!-Students loving getting devious with the text and the types of things that the are going to ask the other group to look for. Group work getting them together to create a text collaborative working. -A good re-inforcement activity with a class makes them focus. If youve done a point to death and they still dont get it, use this as it works a treat!-Can be good for new texts new vocab cognates -Intercultural texts anything can fit this model. Two different texts side by side. Introduce seperately, then compare the texts school in France, school in Quebec etc.-In the planning, they can write on sugar paper / A3. They love it! They start to do that thing OFSTED love and we strive to do MANIPULATE THINGS for their own purpose! KEY CONCEPT! Get them to explain WHAT they have picked to highlight and WHY they picked it. Even if they say coz we spell it wrong all the time thats progress!-HITS the PLTS BIG TIME! Creative thinkers, team workers, independent enquirers, reflective learners, effective participators!-A lot of the time, it is self running! You sit back FACILITATE, they work! Cool!*-Consolidation activity to work towards the end of a topic. Can be built on week by week as topic knowledge grows pupils want to add to their stories! -Fabulous motivational tool - used at all levels lower ability to higher ability, even Year 13. -All can be involved, from the shy to the dramatic!*-From flashcards to PowerPoint, an image can conjure up so much. Students can easily look beyond our vision.-Inspire text etc, questions to be written and answered etc.-Students with cameras borrow some from school, take your own in. SCHOOL POLICY on cameras and pupil photos.-Levels of motivation and creativity go up no end as they get into the task.-PLTS - interwoven into the activity. -Fantastic final product they are proud of inspire others by displaying the work.-early examples from a Year 9 class capture that enthusiasm and increase uptake at KS4?*-Get one from home, put a note in staff briefing anywhere! They can use their mobiles if you allow it!-Some schools dont let student images appear in material.-Put stu


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