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Creating Experiences Lessons Learned from Being a Performance Artist

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Creating Experiences. Lessons Learned from Being a Performance Artist. It’s All About Me. Now: Leader of Learning Technology at Nielsen Then:Leader of 11-person Performance Art Troupe called Abstractjam. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Creating Experiences

Lessons Learned from Being a Performance


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It’s All About Me

Now: Leader of Learning Technology at Nielsen

Then: Leader of 11-person Performance Art Troupe called Abstractjam

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The sole purpose of performance art is to create an experience that changes your mindset by breaking down barriers of

traditional media.

Experience based learning allows the learner to create their own mindset from experiences, thereby breaking down the

barriers of formal learning.

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Performance Art Timeline

15,000 BC Between WW1 and WW2 1950s-70s 1980s–90s Now

Caves of Lascaux

Minstrels, circuses, royal pageantry,

cabarets etc.

Dada, Surrealism, Bauhaus

Fluxus and Happenings


Performance Art

Retrospectives in Museums

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What I Learned

Leave room for multiple meanings and for the


Break experiences into the smallest

engagement possible

Hack the tools

Expand beyond expected boundaries

Invite people to share in the story

Involve people in taking action

Connect ideas to symbols that you can


Question assumptionsCreate tension based on people's beliefs and expectations

Tell a compelling story that you or your audience have a personal stake in

Find the contradiction in normal reality and

exaggerate it

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Tools I Wish I Had Then

BlogsWikisQR CodesSkypeTwitterFacebookRaspberry PiVinePortable projectorsPrezi

TextingGPS and MapsExperience APISurvey MonkeyMail ChimpEvernotePinterestSmart Phone Camera

Each one of these tools has its own ideal purpose and its own limitations. If you expand the purpose and push on the limitations you will find opportunities to create unique experiences.

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This is a paper sculpture template. It has the unique property that it can be sent electronically as a flat image but it can be used to create an object in real space.

The QR Code allows someone who is looking at an object in real space to connect with an online resource.


Page 8: Creating Experiences

Stick the handle of a hair dryer into the handle of an iron. Hold it together with clothes hanger wire.

Now think to yourself, what could this device do if it could do anything I want? What would be the inputs and what would be the outputs? How would it be used? How would you know it was successful? What limitations would you want to put on it?


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