Creating Your Best Year Yet in 2015

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Post on 02-Aug-2015


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<p> 1. Is it time for you know yourself better so that you can make a massive impact, to stand out as a leader and an expert and create your Best Year Yet in 2014! 2. To create an environment for women to succeed in MY WHY Marianne Emma Jeff Founder of The WBMC Showing women how to stand out as experts and leaders in their industry so that they can live on purpose and make an impact! 3. I HAVE HAD A LOT OF WAKE UP CALLS! ITS A LONG WAY DOWN 4. and maybe even start a whole chain reaction of them. So that you can fly! To soar to new heights that you know in your heart you are meant to (even if the idea scares the hell out of you) TODAY MY MISSION IS TO GIVE YOU A CONSCIOUS WAKE UP CALL! 5. #1 WBMC BENEFIT IS THE COMMUNITY You become the sum total of the people you hang out with the most! Join an amazing inspiring and passionate group of women and Take Off with your business. You cant win the race if you dont show up! Our mission is that you always know your next best action step. WBMC is here to gently pull the vision out of your heart and to be a guiding force empowering you to dream BIG and take action as you soar to new heights. Take the 1st step today and sign up for The Foundation Course! </p>