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    Presented with combined efforts of


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    Students in students scenario are undergoingthrough stress due to many reasons

    These reasons sometimes force them to takeextremes steps like suicides

    When a suicide is commited by someoneeveryone is affected.

    Family members, friends, teammates,neighbours, and sometimes even those whodidn't know the teen well might experiencefeelings of grief, confusion, guilt and thesense that if only they had done somethingdifferently, the suicide could have beenprevented.

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    Types of suicides-

    Ideas to cope with stress that causes

    suicide Detailed study of Rouvanjit Rawal case

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    Mumbai: Given that the pressure to perform starts beforekindergarten and dogs students all though their academic life, itmay come as no surprise that 11.45% of all student suicides inMaharashtra during 2006 were from Mumbai, according to therecently released National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)statistics. In fact, the figures forMumbai match those for Pune,

    Nashik and Nagpur put together. in cities like Mumbai, academic pressure is far less in smaller

    cities and rural areas, said experts.

    With crumbling support systems and the lack of a full-fledgedcounselling centre in most schoolsincluding some reputedinstitutionsthere are very few mechanisms at hand to spot achild who may be in distress.

    Failed relationships, too, are a cause of student suicide.Especially in the absence of an adult to confide in.

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    Cases of suicides due to

    academic stress Dec 31 2006:Srikant Mallapallu(IIT) was found hanging in his hostelroom.

    Mini Poddar hangs herself in 2001 when she failed to get admission incollege of her choice

    Class VI student Neha was found hanging by a dupatta to a ceiling rodinside her Sai Darshan Apartment house, Dombivli, in neighbouring

    Thane district on Saturday morning. Shushant Patil hanged himself from the shower valve in the school'sbathroom.

    Sat, Jun 19 12:16 PM:Depressed over failing in his exams, anArchitecture student allegedly committed suicide at Vedasthanamlocality of Rishikesh

    Kanpur,Nov 7 :In a bizarre incident a PhD student with the premier IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) Kanpur committed suicide on Monday.

    A Class 8 student from a school in Andheri (West) allegedly committedsuicide on Friday evening after her mother scolded her for coming latefrom school.

    Headline Courtesy:

    TOI and HT

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    Ideas to cope with academic

    stress life skill education (where students learn how to manage time, copewith failure, show empathy, resist drugs and other addictions and soon) which helps children cope with everyday stress can be effective inpreventing suicide.

    the syllabus for entrance tests also be incorporated in the regularcollege syllabus so that students dont require additional coaching

    Making board exams optional To reduce stress levels, some schools like have stopped mentioning

    the highest marks in report cards to avoid comparison .

    Instead of a board examination, which causes panic among students, acontinuous system of evaluation across classes IX and X is oftentouted as a better alternative.

    Changing assessment pattern:

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    Cases of suicides due to and

    raggingo PADUR: Constant harassment by seniors forced Chinmoy Rana, an 18-

    year-old automobile engineering student, to hang himself on Sunday, fellow

    students said

    o Dande Devender Kumarhas died of it. It is suspected he committed

    suicide by jumping onto the railway tracks.

    o a girl, from the Government Engineering College at Baptala in Guntur,Andhra Pradesh, consumed a pesticide after senior girl students in her

    hostel forced her to dance naked in front of them.

    o Nayan Adak, a 19 year-old first year student of Calcutta Institute of

    Pharmaceutical and Allied Health Sciences in Uluberia committed suicide by

    hanging on to the fan

    o April 22 :Prashant Kumar, a student of the Indian Institute of Technology-

    Kanpur, committed suicide

    o Feb 2008 CHIPLUN: AMumbai-based engineering student allegedly

    committed suicide in his hostel room by hanging himself, police said on


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    Remedy for raging

    Implementation of the Raghvan committee

    Fresher's get extra protection with the help ofcollege and police

    students and their parents to sign an affidavit,undertaking that they will not indulge in anyform of ragging, and will refrain themselvesfrom being party to the act.

    Formation of anti ragging squad

    Individualistic opposition to any act ofragging(no cooperation to ragging)

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    Rouvanjit case study

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    Ro video

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    o An eight standard student, Rouvanjit hadhanged himself on February 12 this year

    o In a recent case in Tamil Nadu a child wasbeaten up for not wearing the uniform.

    o On June 12, 2003, Ramu Abhinav, a 15-year-old in one of the leading chain of schools inChennai, hanged himself from his mother'ssaree.

    o * Arpit Kavadia was a class 12 student at theAlok Sansthana School in Udaipur,India. Hewas severely beaten up by Indra Samar, aSanskrit teacher of the school on 26th July,2007 for having kept his legs on a table

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    Spare the rod, or end up in jail.

    o First violation of the ban will invite up to one year in jail, or a fine of Rs.

    50,000 or both.

    Look for evidence to establish that the child really needs protection

    Wait till you find evidence to act

    Ensure that the child is kept in a safe environment

    Speak to the child Report the matter to the police/child line if there is need for legal protection

    and legal redressal

    Right to equal opportunities and facilities to develop in a healthy manner

    and in conditions of freedom and dignity and guaranteed protection of

    childhood and youth against exploitation (Article 39 (f)).

    Right to Protection includes freedom from all forms of Exploitation.


    Inhuman or degrading treatment.


    Special protection in special circumstances such as situations of

    emergency and armed conflicts, in case of disability etc.