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  • Creative Decision-MakersIntroduction to InformationNOW and STIClassroom

  • One more thing that is newor a familiar old friend.

  • TodayProvide an overview of the software teachers are using now and what they will soon be using.Tell you how you can practice with the software.Provide you with documentation and videos that will help.

  • RosterAttendanceManual grade EntryGrade BookLesson PlanTextbook Management

  • Must set up these two first

  • Lets parents seeClick create and now you can fill out lesson plan.

  • Comment setup lets you choose what comments are in your drop-down list for Progress Reports and Parent Portal.The check at the top lets you select all students and cycle from one to the next.

  • Choosing from the list puts the comment in the box. You can choose more than 1. You can also enter text in the box.New student enrolls and you want them at the bottom of the roll? Here is where you control that.Every time you hit OK, you go to the next student.

  • Reports

  • Important:

    Grade Book and Progress Report require you to put a check beside the students for which you want this.Progress Report is for just this subject. (Comprehensive Progress Report is for everything.)

  • Must choose grading period.

  • Have to define categories, then create activity before giving grades.

  • You will see this. Click Insert.

  • Close the door to exit a screen.

  • How Do I Work With iNOW?Anywhere you have Internet access69.85.239.7/IN_JACKSONVILLEJSU Demo Site Term is 2009-2010User name you were givenPassword is abcd1234

  • How Do I Work With STIClassroom?Room 309Look for desktop iconJSUPass

  • How Do I Learn More?Documentation


  • Dr. Frank BuckFrank Buck Consulting, Inc.

    Organization Made Easy

    *In looking at your conceptual framework, it didnt take long to see that you have a focus, and that focus is on graduating creative decision-makers. There are some creative parts of teaching. Think back to the day the phone rang and it was a principal offering you your first teaching job. *You probably looked like this. Then the school year started. There were papers to grade and reports to fill out. Little by little, you started to feel like this.*There are creative aspects to teaching and there always have been. There are also mundance aspects of teaching, and there always have been.*JSU stands at a crossroads. Your graduates can walk into their new classrooms with the student information systems software being one more thing that is new. Or, they can walk into the classroom with that softeare being a familiar old friend. *

    STIClassroom is in use across the state. Next year, of the state will be using it.*The second program, and the one that will receive most of our focus is InformationNOW. Over the next 2 years, Alabama will be phasing into this program. Half of the school systems will have it this coming year. The other half will have it the following year.

    The thing about this program is that it is Internet based. STI is working to set up a demo site where you or your students can go to one URL and work with fictitious students, assign grades, run reports, and basically do anything they would later do with the program. For those who go straight from JSU to a school system that will be using the program next year, they will be more experienced on the program than the teachers in the field now.

    Now, we realize that you have a healthy percentage of teachers who are from Georgia or will go to Georgia to teach. Every school system in Georgia runs the system of its choice. But, there are going to be similarities between all programs. If a teacher can perform a task on one system, there are going to be looking for how they can do the same thing on another system. *Log in to iNOW*First screen you will always see are announcements. Clicking on School Events shows a school calendar.*All of the teachers work will be done in the Classroom menu.*Click Attendance to start attendance taking an then click the class.*Yellow cross is the medial alert. Bubble with exclamation is special instructions.*Here is what you see when you click those alerts.*Click the hyperlinked student ID to see demographic information.*To take attendance, put a check beside the student name and select missing.*You may make changes until you click post.*Lets do the same thing in STIClassroom*Click on a class and click the second icon from the left.*Here is what the icons represent.*Double-click the red square to mark someone absent. Click Post when completed.*A red square means I have taken attendance for that class.*Now I can go back into that class and take the lunch count. I choose from a pop-up menu. After marking one student, I can click to give others the same selection.*I can use the icons at the bottom to see this information on the highlighted student. The icon with 6 green squares is the seating chart.*Drag the names to the desired seats. If I drag one student on top of another, they switch seats.*I have the same feature in iNOW. While taking attendance, I see Seating Chart on the left.*Drag the students from the side to their seats. If pictures have been loaded into the program, they will appear here.*To take the lunch count in iNOW, there is a link on the menu.*I choose the class and I see this. The teacher is the top name. There is a space for guests at the bottom. Put a 1 in the column. If a student wants to buy 2 lunches, put a 2.*To enter the Grade Book click the selection on the left and choose the class.**First, I must set up Options and Categories.**Click Add to add categories*An asterisk is a required field. Names of categories will be things like homework, classwork, tests. Percentage will determine how much weight that category will get.*Percentages shold add up to 100.*Now we can add activities. Click the Plan tab and Add*Activity name will be something like Chapter 4 Test, Page 55 Review Questions. You must choose a category.Total is how many points are possible. You must click Graded for it to appear in the grade book. Only click Assessment if if is given using STIAssessment. Clicking Homework allows the grade to appear in the parent portal.

    The tabs at the bottom are for the lesson plan related to that activity. Clicking Create makes the lesson plan tabs active.*Now there are places to grade 2 activities. Right-clicking a square gives certain options.*Click a square and key in the grade. Pressing the down arrow takes you to the next student. A blue rectangle indicates an absent student.*If you double-click a grade, you get this. You can edit the score here as well. You can make a comment about the assignment for that student and it will appear on the progress report.**Here is the grade book report.**When a parent comes for a conference, your teachers need to know that pulling together up-to-the minute grades is easy by simply printing a progress report. Here is a list of available reports.*Here is how we operate the grade book in STIClassroom. Choose a class and click the Teacher Grade Book icon.*To define how you average your grades and how your grade book will look (called Options in iNOW), choose Class Defaults.*To create activities, click the colored icon and choose Insert.*Choose a category. Assign a value.*Click Move to lesson plan starts a record of it in the lesson plan.*The activity has been added. Click the Enter Scores Down This Column icon.*Enter scores. Notice the options on the right.*A also added a second activity and grades for both.*Clicking the colored icon prints the grade book.*To exit an STIClassroom screen, close the door.*The Grades menu allows you to over-ride an average in the grade book or to simply assign a grade. You also assign comments here.*This is what is going to go in the report card.*The Reports menu gives you these options. Comprehensive Progress is a progress report for ALL subjects. *When printing, you have several options for how it is output.***

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