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Creative Derbyshire 2010 - 2013. Rob Wadsworth S4W Ltd. Local Derbyshire Context. Geographically central Cultural and lifestyle context Economic structure Creative economy context Technology Spearhead for labour market change Low barriers to entry Engaging young people. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Creative Derbyshire 2010 - 2013Rob WadsworthS4W Ltd


Local Derbyshire ContextGeographically centralCultural and lifestyle contextEconomic structureCreative economy contextTechnologySpearhead for labour market changeLow barriers to entryEngaging young people


Developing the ProgrammeWorkshops for businessesNetworking and major eventsYoung people and new talentEvidence base and economic valueImpact of interventionsState of the sectorImpact of businesses3

Demonstrating Improvement4

Demonstrating Improvement5

Meet the CuratorAll the festivals/galleries said sourcing new talent was critical to their business model

All the festivals/galleries had leads they wish to follow up

Selling to Galleries was seen as critical or very important to their business by over two-thirds of artists

Over two thirds of artists where very or fairly unsuccessful in selling their work to galleries

All the artists that attended had leads they wish to follow up


Evidence Generated by the ProgrammeAround 70% of all businesses we worked with were sole traders (55% in wider economy)

In a recession, 30% of businesses were expanding or ready to expand

Creative businesses spend 43% of their turnover within Derbyshire

Over half of creative businesses are active in business to business markets