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Creative Photography I

Creative Photography II


1. At the beginning of photography what type of camera did photographers use?

2. Which photographer shot slightly out of focus?

3. The daguerreotype process was created by which photographer?

4. Who was the founder of the first photographic process?

5. The first photographic image was produced by:

6. The photographer Timothy O’Sullivan started off as a documentary photography but then changed to shooting?

7. Daguerre processed his images on?

8. Which photographer invented “The Zone System”?

9. What was the first permanent image printed on?

10. Who is the Father of Photography?

11. Which photographer shot a series of images of migrants affected by the dust bowl and The Great Depression?

12. What year was the first person in an image produced and by whom?

13. Which photographer documented the Civil War for 4 years?

14. What year was the first permanent image produced?

15. What was Ansel Adams biggest subject matter?

16. Who said “Photography should be considered an art because a camera is a tool for a photographer the same as a paint brush is a tool for a painter”.

17. Henry Cartier-Bresson’s biggest subject matter was?

18. From a series of lens apertures which f-stop has the least depth of field?

9. When shooting on manual during sunset hours at f/16 which shutter speed would you select?

20. From these f/stops, which f/stop has the greatest depth of field?

f/11 f/5.6 f/22 f/4

21. When shooting at f/2 @ 1/15 of a second on a sunny day what would your image look like?

22. What f-stop # would be considered a small aperture with a great depth of field?

23. At what shutter speed must you use a tripod so that your image is not shaky or blurry?

24. What is the name of the technique when the camera is moving in the same direction as the subject?

25. When a photograph is underexposed it means it is:

26. To decrease the depth of field, one should

27. What happens to a photograph when you bring up the f/stop number?

28. When taking a picture of a landscape what would you set your f-sop to create the most depth of field?

29. As the ISO gets higher it creates more?

30. When shooting a subject in motion at 1/2000 of a second how would the subject appear?

31. Depth of field refers to?

32. What are the "Golden Hours"?

33. In Photoshop, what tool would you use to add more light to an image?

34. In Photoshop, what needs to be selected to be able to scale an image?

35. In Photoshop, which tool would you use to add text to your project?

36. The first image was processed on paper.

37. Painters switched over to Photography because it had a faster production time.

38. Photography has been around since the 12th century.

39. “Migrant Mother” was shot during the Great Depression.

40. When shooting close-ups you have a limited amount of depth of field.

41. Using a larger aperture will produce a greater depth of field.  

42. The viewfinder is the area where the photographer looks through.

43. When Photography was first established people posing for a picture would have to stay still so the picture wouldn’t come out blurry.

44. During the beginning of photography was mainly used for portraiture.

Select the correct Photographer for each photograph

















What is this photograph titled?

61. What part of a person’s face should you focus on if you want to make a portrait?

62. When creating a light painting photograph what do you need to adjust to get the right amount of light?

63. How do you photograph a place? Which of the following ideas help you decide how to begin photographing a place?

64. Which of the following will help a beginning photographer make better pictures?

65. An image that emphasizes formal elements (lines, shape, etc.) rather than specific, recognizable objects.

66. To add fill light you would not use:

67. Shadows are dark with sharp edges in _______________ light.

68. A spotlight is an example of:

69. Rule of thirds refers to:





74. What functions do the Quick Selection tool and Lasso Tool have in common?

75. Which color mode is most commonly used for displaying color images on a computer monitor?

76. You must resize an image and increase the number of pixels. Which command enables you to change the number of pixels in an image resize?

77. Which change will usually make text more readable?

78. When scaling an image what key should you hold down so that the image is not get distorted?

79. When working on a Photoshop assignment that still needs to be worked on further. What format should you use if you anticipate future changes?

80. Which tool is most efficient for creating an outline of a ball?

81. In accordance with the U.S copyright Act of 1976 and its current amendments, you must have the permission of the original artist to use an image. Excluding images which are obtained using the Fair Use Act,, at which point is an image copyright protected?

82. While preparing images for a global audience which design concept should you take into consideration?

83. What must you do to create a transparent effect?

84. When creating a color selection assignment what is the first thing you must do to take out the color?

85. What should you take into consideration when preparing images for an educational audience of students, ages five through 11?

86. What tool must you use if you will be retouching an image to take out blemishes and wrinkles?

87. What tool would you use if you want to zoom into a particular part of an image?

88. Instead of the eraser tool what is a better option to use in case you want to take out or bring back parts of an image.

89. When doing a color selection in Photoshop what tool would you use to add color?

90. What could you use a clipping mask for?

91. What tool would you use to get a color sample of part of an image?

92. If you have a photograph that is a little over exposed what tool would you use to even out the lighting to make it darker?

93. If you need to drag a selected image to another canvas what tool would you use?

94. A strong visual difference between light and dark, varying textures, sizes, etc. is called:

95. The objects(s) which appears most prominently and/or most clearly focused in a photograph are called?

96. The arrangement or structure of the formal elements that make up an image is called?

97. Actual physical surroundings or scenery whether real or artificial.

98. The area from which the photograph was taken; generally used when discussing a photograph taken from an unusual or exaggerated vantage point.

99. The subject, topic or information captured in a photograph.

100. The reason(s) why the artist made a work of art

101. Shapes based on natural objects such as trees, mountains, leaves, etc.

102. What does SLR stand for?

103. The best way to reduce camera shake is to:

104. What is image resolution?

105. Unifying or dominant idea in one work of art or in a collection of work is called: