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"Being creative is seeing the same thing as everybody else but thinking of something different"


<p>What is CREATIVITY???</p> <p>"Being creative is seeing the same thing as everybody else but thinking of something different</p> <p>PERHAPS DERIVED FROM THE WORDS INNER &amp; MOTIVATION</p> <p>INNOVATIONA BURNING DESIRE TO QUESTION THE STATUS QUO FOCUS IS EXPERIMENTATION AND ACHIEVEMENT</p> <p>INNOVATION AND CREATIVITYInnovation can be defined as a creative solution to remove bottleneck, a hindrance to a sustainable performance improvement. IT IS AN ENTREPRENEURIAL ENDEAVOUR.</p> <p>The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity.</p> <p>BISOCIATIONthe bringing together of two previously unrelated planes of thought</p> <p>1</p> <p>2</p> <p>WOOD SHAVINGS SAWDUST+ GLUE= CHIPBOARD HEALTHY CHICKEN + CHOLERA VIRUS =VACCINATION</p> <p>TWO THINKING PROCESSES IN CREATIVITY Divergent thinking is the intellectual ability to think of many original, diverse, and elaborate ideas. Convergent thinking: the intellectual ability to logically evaluate, critique and choose the best idea from a selection of ideas.</p> <p>THREE KIN DS OF THIN KIN G PRO CE SSMECHANICAL SYSTEMS HINKING PROBLEM PROTOTYPE INTUTION CREATIVE THINKING</p> <p>PROCESS OF THOUGHT</p> <p>ANALYSIS OF ESSENCE</p> <p>.</p> <p>SOLUTION</p> <p>REARRANGEMENT OF ELEMENTS</p> <p>LOCAL OPTIMIZATION OR SEEING TREE NOT THE FOREST</p> <p>TRANSFORMATION OR CHANGED CONFIGURATION</p> <p>IT IS TIME FOR AN EXERCISE</p> <p>You will be given one LETTER at a time and you have to add them to the previous letter(s) in such a manner that you have a word at every step. Example:SL E AT</p> <p>A T R E G T</p> <p>CREATIVE TRAITS Imagination Verbal Ability Conceptual Ability Ability To Reason Logically Ability To Think Rapidly Mental Flexibility Ability To Think Nontraditional</p> <p>extrinsic</p> <p>Motivation</p> <p>intrinsic</p> <p> Carrot and stick approach Basically financial Conditional to achieving success It doesnt stop people from being creative , but doesnt help either. Can give a feeling of being bribed o controlled. It can not trigger interest passion involvement about the job</p> <p> Characterized by internal desire to do something. A personal sense of challenge An intrinsic drive to excel. Work is an enjoyment a sense of fulfillment . Work itself is their own motivator A deep sense of commitment to their work. They work for a cause. FOR THE EMPLOYEE IT IS NOT THE JOB IT IS A CRUSADE</p> <p>What can I do to increase my creativity?</p> <p>PERSONALITY TRAITS Frequently Take Independent Action Prefer Working With Minimal or No Supervision Prefer Variety and Change Seek New Challenges and Experiences Enjoy Risk-Taking Desire Praise &amp; Recognition</p> <p>PERSONALITY TRAITS CONTD. Dislike Failure Exhibit High Energy Levels</p> <p>IT IS TIME FOR AN EXERCISE</p> <p>ARE YOU INTUITIVE ?</p> <p>CREATIVITY CAN BE DEVELOPED Study Concentration Practice Patience</p> <p>BRAINSTORMING Identify As Many Different Ideas As Possible List All Relevant Ideas Generated Reserve Analysis and Judgment Until Later Can Be Done By One Person or By a Group Used Most Often In Connection With Problem Solving</p> <p>ROLE PLAY The Process of Acting Through a Situation Without All the Real Characters Being Present Practice Through Role Playing With Someone Else</p> <p>EXPERIMENT Experiment With Different Ideas Sometimes, You Have to Try Putting the Pieces Together in Different Ways in Order to See What Happens</p> <p>CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING Develop a Creative Atmosphere/Attitude Identify the Problem Determine The Facts Identify Possible Solutions Let The Problem Simmer Determine The Best SOLUTION</p> <p>IT IS TIME FOR AN EXERCISE</p> <p>A delegation of Martians has just landed in the middle of your home town. They do not understand any Earth languages - only graphic symbols. Prepare a short speech composed of graphic symbols to welcome them and tell them just what kind of place you live in.</p> <p>THE CREATIVE INDIVIDUAL: COMPONENTIAL THEORYTechnical Procedural</p> <p>Flexibility and imagination in approaching problems</p> <p>Domain Expertise CREATIVITY</p> <p>Creative Thinking Ability</p> <p>Workplace practices and conditions</p> <p>Motivation</p> <p>Intrinsic Task-focused</p> <p>PRINCIPLES OF CREATIVITY Creativity is developmental: Creativity is a process: There is power in the positive: There is power in vision and purpose: Understand the Brain/Mind Connection: The Creative Mind is Curious, Flexible, and Imaginative: All Things Are Connected:</p> <p>IT IS TIME FOR AN EXERCISE</p> <p>Morphological forced connectionExample: Improve a ball-point penCylindrical Material Faceted Square Beaded Sculptured Metal Glass Wood Paper Cap Ink source Attached Cap No Cartridge No Cap Retracts Cleaning Cap Permanent Paper Cartridge Cartridge Made of Ink</p> <p>Identify an area which you would like to see improved in your organization and find a way to tackle the problem as a group</p> <p>The Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Creativity1. 2. 3. 4. Build-up your creative muscle. Step aside and let go of your ego. Be inspired and not copy other's work. Know that you cannot control the creative process 5. Create the environment that will allow your creativity to blossom,</p> <p>6.</p> <p>Get to know yourself deeply and intimately. 7. Detach yourself from the outcome enjoy the process. 8. Have compassion for yourself and allow the process to burn away any doubts, fears, can'ts and will never be able tos.... 9. Experiment and be prepared to learn all the time. 10. Love life enough to give it the gift of your unique creativity.</p> <p>IT IS TIME FOR AN EXERCISE</p> <p>Design a TV + Coffee Dispenser + Sandwich MakerWhat will be the product features and unique advantages the product offers? Why do you think there is a demand for the product? What will be the marketing strategy for the product</p> <p>10 tried and trusted ways to kill the good ideas and enthusiasm of your co-workers.</p> <p>1. 2. 3. 4. 5.</p> <p>Its against company policy. It doesnt fit the system. It will never be approved. The timing just isnt right. It didnt work before.</p> <p>6. 7. 8. 9. 10.</p> <p>Its too wild. Were not ready for that. I will think about it. Put something in writing and get back to me. Lets form a committee.</p> <p>When you kill somebodys good idea. You kill a little of that person too.</p> <p>IT IS TIME FOR AN EXERCISE</p> <p>FORCED ANALOGIESPencil Gold Ring Flat side Six sides Eraser Superior Wood shaft Lead Write Remember promises Dull daily routine. Change activities 6 things to do: Budget, Take a class, Improve discipline, be more assertive, start now!, improve communications Rub him out! Forgive and forget past mistakes I feel inferior to my husband Feel closed in. Need other interests. Am I getting shafted? Get the lead out! Do It! if I press any harder I will break. Send a note telling you love him/her Marriage</p> <p>What would you compare your organization to? list out the attributes that are similar with your organization.</p> <p>APPLICATION EXERCISE Devise a Way to Change the Formation From Five Squares to Four, by Moving Only Two of the Lines. Squares Must Still Be Adjacent</p> <p>SOLUTION</p> <p>IN AND OUT LETTERS A man draws a box, then begins to place all the letters of the alphabet either inside or outside the box. Where do G, H and the rest of the alphabet belong? What is the system being used?</p> <p>SOLUTION The key to the problem lies not in some complex interrelationship of numbers of vowels and consonants but in the shape of the letters themselves. Letters with straight lines belong inside the box; letter with curved lines, outside</p>