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My fnal project for Typography.


Page 1: Creatures of the Night
Page 2: Creatures of the Night

Creatures born from a bite, and spreading the love the same way. These

creatures can drain a body of blood in seconds. It’s their favorite drink. To

survive, stay in the sunlight.

Page 3: Creatures of the Night

The dead reborn. These monsters are

walking corpses with a taste for human

brains. They’ve lost all feeling in their

legs...and everywhere else. To survive,

double tap the head.

Page 4: Creatures of the Night

Men who turn to wolves on a full moon. They enjoy prey both animal and human, and hate silver. With a powerful sense of smell they can find a good snack a mile away. To survive, stay indoors on a full moon

and carry some silver.

Page 5: Creatures of the Night

Sneaky and devious, ghosts sometimes will not at-tack. They will simply haunt. Intangable and the ability to move things in the human world, make ghosts a scary bump in the night. To survive, have a priest on speedial.

Page 6: Creatures of the Night

These can do just about anything. From fire spells to turning you into a lizard, witches excell in doing the

unexpected. To survive, have a bucket of water handy to pour on them.

Page 7: Creatures of the Night

Beasts of stone that lay atop buildings

waiting for a chance to strike. They are as

hard as stone and have the ability to fly.

To survive, stay out in the sun when these

monsters are just decorations.

Page 8: Creatures of the Night

Big and not the brightest, Ogres love to eat anything they can get ahold of which puts humans on the menue. They are strong enough to trear through forests using brute force. To survive, get somewhere these massive brutes cannot fit.

Page 9: Creatures of the Night

Mermaids are usually a friendly lot,

but Sirens are of a different m


They know if they can get someone to

look into the water; they’ll l

eap out and

take them under to their lair. To survive,

never talk to beautiful fish women.

Page 10: Creatures of the Night

Mummies are the remains of dead

kings. They smiply do not want to be

disturbed in their enternal slumber. To

survive, DO NOT DISTURB.

Page 11: Creatures of the Night not take pages, do not look behind you. Simply run. Run and hope he does not find you. He will, but maybe by running you can survive for a little longer...

Page 12: Creatures of the Night

May this guide help you to survie...

at least a little longer.

chris Leach