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This Sun Journal Special Sections feature supplement highlights the benefits of using a credit union.


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  • Advertising Supplement to the Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine, Sunday, October 17, 20102 CREDIT UNION WEEK

    Finance with your local

    Credit Union and save.




    Direct Deposits

    Checking Accounts

    ATM & Debit Cards

    Home Banking

    Celebrate Credit Union WeekWith Your Local Credit Unions October 18-22

    Maines Credit Unions.There is one for you.

    www .ma inecu l . o r g

    A M E R I C A S

    Central Maine Credit Union1000 Lisbon Street, Lewiston

    Community Credit Union144 Pine Street, Lewiston 783-209640 Stanley Street,

    Great Falls Federal Credit Union34 Bates Street, Lewiston 782-7192760 Minot Avenue,

    Five County Credit Union 35 Ash Street, Lewiston

    Lewiston Municipal Federal Credit Union291 Pine Street, Lewiston 783-3991

    Maine Family Federal Credit Union555 Sabbattus Street Lewiston 783-2071831, Minot Avenue,

    Monmouth Federal Credit Union1176 Main Street, P.O. Box 150 Monmouth 933-2667

    Otis Federal Credit Union170 Main Street, Jay

    Oxford Federal Credit Union225 River Road, Mexico 369-99761591 Main Street, Oxford

    Rainbow Federal Credit Union381-391 Main Street, Lewiston 784-5435201 Lincoln Street, Lewiston20 Washington Street, Auburn172 Pine Street, So. Paris1 Lewiston Street, Mechanic

    Sabattus Regional Credit Union2 Middle Road, Sabattus

    Credit unions bring over $73 million in savings to Maine members

    Despite these challenging economic times, 600,000 Mainers continue to celebrate the savings that come with being a Maine credit union member.

    A recent study found that the economic benefit of using a Maine credit union has nearly doubled since 2005, currently standing strong at more than $73 million. In a marketplace where hidden fees and rising rates are increasingly common, credit unions ability to offer Maine consumers better rates, lower interest rates on loans, and fewer and lower fees on financial services keep savings to members on the rise.

    In the study, Charles Lawton, a well-respected economist at Planning Decisions in South Portland, concluded that credit unions have significantly lower, fewer or no fees compared to for-profit financial institutions. Credit unions also pay, on average, higher dividend and interest rates on savings and charge lower interest rates on loans.

    Maine Credit Union League President John Murphy said that the great efforts made to offer such savings in a challenging economy make credit unions an increasingly valuable option for Maine people.

    The credit union philosophy of putting the interests of members first continues to highlight the difference between credit unions and other financial institutions. Credit unions are owned and governed by their members, so all members benefit from better rates and lower and fewer fees. That is a key and distinct difference of credit unions. Now more than ever, Maine consumers recognize and appreciate the value of using a credit union, he said.

    To find a credit union near you, visit

    Share Itfrom page 7

    potential adoptive parents with children whose only wish is to be a part of a family.

    Members also had an opportunity to share their creativity, and were asked to submit why they love Shared Branching, or their favorite sharing moment.

    The winner received $500 to share with a friend or charity, while two

    second place winners received a GPS System! Submissions included many great examples that showcased what Shared Branching is all about making life better for Maine people as they share time, money, or simply the convenience of Shared Branching.

    For a complete listing of Shared Branching locations in Maine, visit the Shared Branching section of Or, for a listing of the thousands of nationwide locations, visit

    International Credit Union DayOctober 21, 2010

    Experience the credit union difference.

  • Advertising Supplement to the Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine, Sunday, October 17, 2010 CREDIT UNION WEEK 3

    Comprehensive, Personalized SolutionsFor Credit Union Members & Employees

    800.287.3379 207.773.0925www.insuranceTRUST.US

    Valued Partners


    In Maine and across the country, shared branching means convenience for credit union members

    For six years, Shared Branching has allowed many Maine credit union members to enjoy the convenience of using other Maine credit unions, as well as credit unions across the country, just as if they were their own credit union. With over 130 locations throughout Maine, and more than 4,000 branch locations across the country, credit unions have the fourth largest branch network in the country.

    Shared Branching allows members of participating credit unions to access thousands of credit union service center locations via the cooperative network of service centers in the United States and overseas.

    Most member services are of fered at Shared Branching locations across the country including: account deposits; cash and check withdrawals; transfers between accounts; cash advances, loan payments, and balance inquiries.

    Extended service hours with weekend hours are even offered at some locations, while money orders, travelers checks or official checks can also be purchased at various Shared Branches.

    Shared Branching provides more locations to conduct f inancial transactions than

    any other financial institution in Maine, and still enables members to receive the exceptional credit union service that Maines credit unions are recognized for. From Madawaska to York, credit union members can find a Shared Branch location when they travel throughout the state, or even when they head out of state for work, vacation or school.

    Shared Branching means that a great number of Maines 600,000 credit union members can use their credit union across town, across state and across the country, explained John Murphy, President of the Maine Credit Union League.

    A new, added convenience to the Shared Branching is a Call Center. Called the CU Service Centers Call Center, this service is available to CU members 24/7! To access the

    Call Center, members call a toll-free number, 1-888-837-6500, which can be found on the homepage of

    Members need only to provide their name, credit union name, state, and specif ic authentication information, to receive the high level of service provided by Shared Branching!

    Credit Union Service Center locations can also be found using the iPhone App, Find Branch! Members can find the nearest location, as well as credit union hours, directions and a phone number.

    For a complete listing of Shared Branch locations in Maine and nationwide, visit and click on Shared Branching.

    Say hello to SURF Dude, and say goodbye to ATM fees!SURF Dude is the new mascot of Maine credit unions CU24 SURF ATM Network. Credit unions have more surcharge-free ATMs across Maine than just about anyone.

    When you see SURF Dude, you know that youre in the SURF Zone and that means no ATM fees! Credit union members can save at least an average of $300 a year on surcharge fees when using the SURF network one of the largest ATM networks in the state! With the SURF network, no fees

    means just that not only will you see no fees at your ATM, there are no hidden fees anywhere else! In addition, a number of SURF ATM locations give thousands of Maine credit union members the ability to not only access cash but

    to also make deposits, surcharge-free.

    The SURF ATM Network now includes over 90% of the states 65 credit unions, meaning a SURF Zone is never far away! The SURF Alliance is a prime example of how Maine credit unions cooperate to create opportunities that benefit consumers throughout the state, explained League President John Murphy.

    Now, finding one of the over 200 surcharge-free ATMs in Maine is even easier! A new iPhone app allows you to find surcharge-free ATMs in Maine from your current location! Map out vacation destinations and where to find cash. The iPhone app is free, and lists all SURF ATMs, contact info, mapping instructions and displays the new SURF mascot, SURF Dude. Visit the iTunes app store and download it today!

    For a complete listing of the SURF ATM locations in Maine where you can f ind SURF Dude, visit and click on Find an ATM.

    At Maines credit unions, you are the focus

    Maine credit unions continue to take member service to a new level. This is because when you belong to one of Maines credit unions, you are not just a customer you are an owner!

    As a member/owner, you have a say in what happens with your money, as each member has an equal vote in electing a volunteer, unpaid board of directors. Since there are no stockholders, members receive higher rates on their savings accounts, lower rates on loans, fewer and lower service fees, as well as many other benefits. Because credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives, the focus has always been on members. This is reflected in exceptional service,

    from refinancing a new members car at a lower rate, or a special loan to help keep a member warm during a diffic


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