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  • ord make me an instrument of Thy peace,

    Where there is hatred, let me sow love,

    Where there is injury, pardon;

    Where there is doubt, faith;

    Where there is despair, hope;

    Where there is darkness, light;

    And where there is sadness, joy.

    Divine Master, grant that I may

    not so much seek to be consoled as to console;

    to be understood as to understand;

    to be loved as to love;

    for it is in giving that we receive;

    it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;

    and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.



    Credit UnionInvocation

    Notice of

    Annual General Meeting

    Notice is hereby given that the


    Ballincollig Credit Union Ltd. will

    take place in The Oriel House Hotel

    on Monday 17th December 2012

    at 8.00pm sharp.

    Pat MooreSecretary

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    Ba l l i n co l l i g C r ed i t Un i o n L t d . ~ p l a y i n g a n i n t e g r a l p a r t i n B a l l i n co l l i g s f u t u r e

    Agenda for Annual General Meeting

    Credit Union Invocation

    The acceptance by the Board of Directors of the authorised representatives of members thatare not natural persons.

    Ascertainment that a quorum is present.

    Adoption of Standing Orders.

    Reading and approval (or correction) of the minutes of the 2011 AGM.

    Report of the Board of Directors.

    Report of the Treasurer, consideration of accounts and approval of Treasurers honorarium.

    Report of the Auditor.

    Report of the Credit Committee;

    Declaration of dividend and rebate of interest.

    Adoption of Motions and Rule Amendments.

    Report of Credit Control Committee.

    Report of Marketing, Education, Promotion, & Sponsorship Committee (MEPS)

    Report of Membership Committee.

    Report of Finance/Investment Committee.

    Report of the Supervisory Committee.

    Report of the Nominating Committee.

    Appointment of Tellers.

    Election to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors (5), Supervisory Committee (1), and the Auditor.

    Approval of International Development Foundation Fund contribution.

    Any other business.

    Announcement of election results.

    Adjournment or close of meeting.
























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    Ba l l i n co l l i g C r ed i t Un i o n L t d . ~ p l a y i n g a n i n t e g r a l p a r t i n B a l l i n co l l i g s f u t u r e

    Board of Directors1. Catherine Greene2. John P. Curtin3. Pat Moore4. Irene Byrne5. Mary OMahony6. Breda Callanan7. Karen Bohane8. Finbarr Bradley9. Denis OSullivan10. Paddy McCarthy11. Paul Healy

    Secretary : Pat Moore

    Company Number : 347CU

    Registered OfficeCredit Union House,Harrington Street,Ballincollig,Co. Cork.

    AuditorsMoore Stephens NathansChartered Accountants &Registered Auditors,83, South Mall,Cork.

    Business AddressCredit Union House,Harrington Street,Ballincollig,Co. Cork.

    BankersAllied Irish Banks,Main Street, Ballincollig,Co. Cork.

    SolicitorsODonnell, Breen-Walsh, ODonoghueTrinity House, 8 Georges Quay, Cork.

    Credit Committee1. Bob OHea 3. Catherine Greene2. Irene Byrne 4. Breda Callanan

    Credit Control Committee1. Mary OMahony 3. Paddy McCarthy2. Sheila Maguire

    Marketing, Education, Promotion & Sponsorship1. Mary OMahony 3. Linda Walsh ONeill2. Catherine Greene

    Membership Committee1. Marie Kierse 3. Ann Marie Cosgrove2. Donal ORegan 4. Ann Quinn

    Finance/Investment Committee1. John P. Curtin 5. Sarah Kidney2. Denis OSullivan 6. Martin Desmond3. Catherine Greene 7. Colin Irwin4. Dermot Long

    Supervisory Committee1. Michael Sealy 3. John OBrien 2. Nicola OConnell

    Management & Staff

    C o m p a n y I n f o r m a t i o n

    Mary BrowneNiamh BuckleyPhil CallanMary ColemanAnn-Marie CosgroveHelen Deasy Peg HayesColin IrwinSarah KidneyMaria KierseDermot Long

    Margaret McGeoughAlison MurphyEdel MurphyOwen ODohertyBridget ODonoghueKaren OSheaAnn QuinnNicola QuinnElizabeth WalshLinda Walsh ONeillSinead Leavey


    Unit 12,Ballincollig Shopping Centre,Ballincollig,Co. Cork.

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    Ba l l i n co l l i g C r ed i t Un i o n L t d . ~ p l a y i n g a n i n t e g r a l p a r t i n B a l l i n co l l i g s f u t u r e

    Standing Orders

    VotingEach member shall be entitled to one voteirrespective of his/her shareholding, inaccordance with Standard Rule 139.

    Election ProcedureNominations may be accepted from the floorin accordance with Standard Rule 137.Election to the Board of Directors, to theSupervisory Committee, and the position ofAuditor shall be by a majority vote and bysecret ballot. A ballot paper for the election of the Boardand the Supervisory Committee, whereapplicable, will be distributed to eachmember at the A.G.M.

    MotionsAll motions from the floor of the A.G.M.must be proposed and seconded bymembers present at the A.G.M. and movedby the proposer. If the proposer is absentwhen the motion is called, the motion shallbe deemed to have failed. A proposer of a motion may speak for suchperiod as shall be at the discretion of theChairman of the meeting and shall have theright of reply before the motion is put to themeeting for a vote.In exercising his/her right of reply, aproposer may not introduce new material. The seconder of the motion shall have suchtime as shall be allowed by the Chairman tosecond the motion. Members are entitled to speak on any suchmotion and must do so through the Chair.All speakers to any motion shall have suchtime as shall be at the discretion of theChairman. The Chairman shall have the absolute rightto decide at any time when a motion hasbeen sufficiently discussed and may put themotion to the meeting giving the proposerthe right of reply before doing so.

    MiscellaneousThe Chairman of the Board of Directorsshall be the Chairman of any generalmeeting, except where he/she is notavailable, then it shall be the Vice-Chairman,except where he/she is not available, inwhich case the Board shall decide amongst












    themselves who shall act as Chairman of anygeneral meeting. The Chairman may at his/her discretion,extend the privilege of the floor to anyperson who is not a member.Matters not covered by the Agenda may beintroduced under Other Business at thediscretion of the Chairman. The Chairmans decision on any matterrelating to these Standing Orders orinterpretation of the same shall be final. In accordance with Standard Rule 132 (1) nomember shall have more than one vote oneach question at any general meeting of thecredit union or any adjournment thereofirrespective of his/her shareholding, or thenumber of accounts in his/her name in thecredit union provided, however, that exceptin voting at elections, the presiding membershall have a second or casting vote in theevent of equality of voting. Voting by proxyshall be allowed only when a member otherthan a natural person votes through arepresentative, who is a member of thegroup, duly authorised in writing for thatpurpose and accepted as such by the Boardof Directors. Refer to Standard Rule 138 alsore election procedure.Any matter to be decided upon by vote at theA.G.M. shall, unless otherwise expresslyprovided for by the law or the rules, bedecided upon by simple majority.

    Suspension of Standing OrdersAny one of these Orders or all of theseStanding Orders may be suspended on amotion to this effect receiving a two-thirdsmajority of those present and entitled tovote.

    Alteration of Standing OrdersStanding Orders may be amended or alteredat a general meeting and only if a motion tothis effect has received a two-thirds majorityof those present and voting.

    AdjournmentsAdjournments of the AGM shall take placeonly in accordance with Standard Rule 132.









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    Ba l l i n co l l i g C r ed i t Un i o n L t d . ~ p l a y i n g a n i n t e g r a l p a r t i n B a l l i n co l l i g s f u t u r e

    C h a i r p e r s o n s R e p o r t

    Dear Members,

    On behalf of the Board of Directors of your Credit Union I welcome you to this our 40th AnnualGeneral Meeting where we will present our annual report for 2011. This has been anotherdifficult year but I am delighted to report a surplus of 733,018 an increase of 319% on last yearsresults. Our loan book has continued to decline and at the end of the 2012 stood at 20,303,174- as against 22,971,742 at end of 2011. Members shares now stand at 45,018,549 at end of 2012(47,553,032 -2011).

    On the arrears side our provision for bad and doubtful debts has risen by 189,666 to 2,958,359.This is an ongoing source of concern for your Board and in the past year we have allocatedadditional resources to our credit control section. However in these difficult times ofunemployment and financial difficulty we are striving to treat members, who do encounterdifficulties in their personal circumstances, fairly and with sympathy. Again we would urge allmembers who may have difficulties in meeting their obligations to call to us at an early stage andwe will do our best t o help you.

    The Board has put a lot of preparation in anticipation of the Credit Union Bill and the changesand compliance requirements associated with this. BCU has invested in a Risc Managementsystem which is now operational on the system and were fortunate to have the


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