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Helping you make the most of your money


  • Helping you make themost of your money

  • Stockport Credit Union - helping you make the most of your money

    Amount savedeach week

    Year 1

    Year 2

    Year 3

    2 5 10 20

    104 260 520 1,040

    208 520 1,040 2,080

    312 780 1,560 3,120

    Joining and saving


    See how your savingscouldgrow with the Credit Union

    Your savings are secure with the Credit Union - the Financial Services Compensation Scheme guarantees your money. The Credit Union is insured against theft and fraud. The Financial Services Authority regulates us and approves the volunteers that serve on the various committees. The Credit Unions running costs are kept very low. At the end of each year, any surplus income is paid back to members as a dividend on their savings.

    Stockport Credit Union is a not-for-profit community savings and loansco-operative which is owned and controlled by its members. If you live or work in Stockport you can join. Joiningiseasy - you will need to come to a collection point in person and show proof of who you are and where you live. You will also need to pay a joining fee of 1.20 and pay at least 1 into your account. After that, you can save regular amounts of as little or as much as you like, up to a maximum of 10,000.

  • Stockport Credit Union - helping you make the most of your money

    Children can join too!

    The Credit Union is for people of all ages. Members aged 0-16 can open a young savers account they need to open the account with an adult who needs to sign for any withdrawals the young saver wants to make. Young savers dont have to pay an entrance fee and can open an account with as little as 10p.

    Young savers can pay in at all our collection points, but pupils at some schools have gone one better by training to run

    their own collection point with the support of the school staff. Pupils from one local primary school organised a fantastic assembly to promote their super savers scheme. Some dressed up as coins and others demonstrated that they would like to save for swimming lessons, holiday

    spending money and computer games, among other suggestions.

    Five good reasons to join

    1 Pay into your account at a localcollectionpoint or by standingorder.

    2 Easy and flexible ways to save for whatever you like.

    3 Freelifeinsurance on savings and loans.*

    4 Lowcostloans available to members who are regular savers.*

    5 The Credit Union is regulatedbytheFinancialServices Authority and is part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, so your moneys safe with us.

    * Age limits apply.

  • Stockport Credit Union - helping you make the most of your money

    Stockport Credit Union and the Stop Smoking Service are working in partnership to promote the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Imagine how much you could be saving by joining your local Credit Union. Some members of the Credit Union have been able to use their savings account to help them to give up smoking. This is what one member had to say:

    Going smoke free is the one single thing you can do to dramatically increase your chances of living a longer life.

    The money saved by not smoking could make a big difference to you and your family:

    Holidays or family days out Home furnishing and DIY projects Buy bicycles for family fun!

    For full details on Stop Smoking, please call Stockport Stop Smoking Service on 01614265085 for local support or contact the NHS Free Smoking Helpline on 08000224332or visit

    Dont let your money go up in smoke

    When I stopped smoking, I wanted to be able to save up all the money Id have spent on cigarettes so I could see how much it had been costing me. I opened a Credit Union account because once you put your money in, you have to give a weeks notice to take it out again for me this was a great way to make sure Id save the money. I was amazed that after only a month Id savedover150.

  • Stockport Credit Union - helping you make the most of your money

    Low Cost Loans

    Members aged 18 and over, who are regular savers with the Credit Union, can borrow from us at a very low rate of interest just 1% per month on the reducing balance (thats an APR of 12.68%). If you borrow 1,000 it will cost you less than 60 in interest to repay the loan within a year (based on 50 regular weekly payments). There are no arrangement fees and no penalty fee if you decide to repay your loan early. The amount you can borrow depends on the amount you have saved with the Credit Union and the amount you can afford to repay.

    We asked members to share their comments on why Stockport Credit Unions saving and loan scheme is helping them manage regular expense as well as budget for special occasions or unexpected costs.

    Car expenses such as Tax, Insurance and MOT were easier to manage spread over the year. Christmas, holidays, football season tickets, were high on the list for members wanting to access loans for these costly times of year. Budgeting for weddings and home improvements can be difficult to manage, as they are not everyday expenses, but a regular repayment plan with the credit union has made it a lot easier for members. Household emergencies such as replacing expensive electrical items or central heating boilers were a worry, but knowing they had some savings, or could borrow at a very low rate of interest gave members some peace of mind.





    50 weeklypayments of *








    * Final repayment lower.

  • Stockport Credit Union - helping you make the most of your money

    Accessing our services

    Stockport Credit Union is working in Partnership with:

    If you would like a copy in large print, Braille, on audiotape or CD, please contact Stockport Credit Union (details below).

    Please contact us for details of your local collection points:StockportCreditUnionLtd, First House, 367 Brinnington RoadBrinnington, Stockport SK5 8ENTel: 01614305808 Email:


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