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<ul><li><p>VisualVisualVisual </p><p>CardCardCard SavingsSavingsSavings </p><p>Designed to save you Designed to save you TIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME &amp; &amp; MONEYMONEYMONEYMONEYMONEYMONEYMONEYMONEY </p><p>Benefits: Security against Loss &amp; Theft PIN protected service Protection against fraud and money laundering Full audit trail including year end report facility Reports make management a snap Accountability for all stamps issued and redeemed No more printing costs with stamps and booklets every year Reduction of staff time reconciling stamps and money No need to destroy stamps and booklets redeemed A green environmentally friendly solutionreduces carbon footprint Portable solution that can be taken to schoolsincrease membership Can be used as a gift card Off set the cost of Christmas throughout the yearuse as a Penny Bank Risk Assessment, Risk Management &amp; Internal Audit Controls </p><p>Paper Stamps Visual Savings Card </p><p>One off cost 4,950 ex VAT </p><p>Over 10 Years 50,000 </p></li></ul>


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