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Everything you need to know about credit unions and how becoming a member of one can be worth your time.


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  • Advertising Supplement to the Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine, Sunday, October 14, 20122 CREDIT UNION WEEK

    Member eligibility required. Some restrictions may apply. This Credit Union is federally insured byNCUA and is an Equal Housing Lender. Subject to credit approval.

    144 Pine Street, Lewiston ME - 40 Stanley Street, Auburn MEPhone 207.783.2096 - Fax 207.783.2093

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    Credit unions bring millions in savings to Maine members

    D e s p i t e c h a l l e n g i n g economic times, more than 620,000 Mainers continue to celebrate the savings that come with being a Maine credit union member. A recent ly-released study, conducted by a h igh ly-respec ted former s tate economist, on the economic impact and benef it that Ma ines Cred it Un ions provide to consumers found that, despite the significant economic challenges and rate environment, Maine consumers saved nearly $38 million by using a Maine credit union in 2011.

    The study titled, The Eco-nomic Impact on the Maine Economy and the Financial Benefits to Maine Consumers of the States Credit Unions, was conducted by Chuck Lawton, Ph.D, of Planning

    Tips and tricks for Young & Free MainersBy Kylie KeeneYoung & Free Spokester

    Maines Young & Free spokester, Kylie Keene, shares money-saving advice for Maines 18-25 crowd

    I was lucky to land a job as the Young & Free Maine Spokester just a month after graduating from the University of Maine in Orono with a degree in journalism. My new role as spokester meant I would represent the 18 to 25 crowd for Maines credit unions and provide useful and interesting informat ion to my peers

    on the important topic of personal finance.

    Du r ing my f i r s t month on the job, I learned a few t h i ng s about pe r sona l f inance myself, including

    the importance of sav ing money. Saving money has undoubtedly been the most difficult financial challenge Ive faced in my years as a member of the workforce. I convinced myself that I was never making enough money to put any thing away in savings. I worked part-time and full-time jobs since I was of legal working age, but the hourly pay was inconsistent and tips from waiting tables depended on how many people wanted to eat Thai food that night.

    Now that Im post-grad with a full-time job and steady pay-check, it should be easier to build my savings, right? This was not the case. After my first few paychecks I found myself spending the extra money instead of saving it. I bought a few more groceries, added new outfits to my wardrobe, and purchased concert tickets to fill my weekends. And then reality struck. An e-mail ar-rived in my inbox reminding me that in a few short months my student loans would go in-to repayment. I looked outside at the Young & Free vehicle, re-alizing it was only mine for the

    year and then I would have to purchase my own car. At the same time, my lease would ex-pire, and what were my plans for housing? Rent again or buy a house?

    It was suddenly

    clear to me that

    saving money

    should be my

    first financial


    Its comforting to tell yourself that youre going to start saving money, but you must take action. It doesnt happen by itself. Just keep these things in mind and saving money will be easy.

    Saving money is not an option.

    Everyone needs savings. You never know when youll need the money for an emergency or a major purchase. Incorpo-rate saving money into your everyday routine.

    You can save money without thinking about it.

    Ask your credit union what options are available for auto-matic deposits and transfers. I set up a weekly transfer online from my checking to my sav-ings, so the same amount is de-posited every week. Im saving a portion of my paycheck every week without any extra effort.

    Saving money does not have to cut into your fun.

    Create a budget and figure out how much you can afford to save. Factor in things like bills, food and fun money. You can have fun while saving money, just create a budget and stick to it. Im looking forward to the year ahead as I share more of these learning experiences with the 25-and-under crowd. I hope my advice will help bui ld a more f inancia l ly responsible and prepared generation.

    Young & Free Maine

    Millionspage 3

  • Maine credit unions are at the head of the class for financial literacy efforts. From volun-teering and teaching financial literacy in local schools and operating in-school branches to participating in one of the Youth Financial Fitness Fairs coordinated by Maines credit union and Maine Credit Union Youth Week, the Maine Credit Union League and Maines credit unions continue to edu-cate consumers of all ages.

    Additionally, to help Maine teachers bring financial educa-tion into their classrooms, the Maine Credit Union League have introduced a partnership with FoolProof, a turnkey, web-driven financial literacy pro-gram. With a number of credit unions already offering the program to students and mem-bers, it is one more way that Maine credit unions are work-ing to prepare Maines youth for a successful financial future!

    Maine Credit Unions are also a valuable resource for helping adults with money manage-ment and financial planning. From providing tools to help members better manage their money, to hosting seminars on subjects such as decreasing debt or buying a home, Maine credit unions help Maine peo-ple of all ages achieve a secure

    financial future. For these lead-ership efforts, the Maine Cred-it Union League and Maines credit unions were recently presented with a national Des-jardins Youth Financial Edu-cation Award from the Credit Union National Association.

    The prestigious award recog-nized the League and Maines

    credit unions for consistently striving to expand financial education learning opportuni-ties to reach new audiences and help more students understand money management and per-sonal finance.

    Founded in 2004, Maine credit unions introduced a new con-cept in youth financial educa-

    tion through Financial Fitness A Money Management Expe-rience. This award-winning, half-day event targets high school juniors and seniors and is similar to the game of LIFE, where participating students are given a career and monthly income and then have to visit booths associated with various

    expenses that the average adult is faced with each month. For more information about the ef-forts of Maines credit unions towards both youth and adult financial literacy, visit and click on the Financial Education and Re-sources link in the Commu-nity Involvement section.

    Advertising Supplement to the Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine, Sunday, October 14, 2012 CREDIT UNION WEEK 3

    COMPREHENSIVE, PERSONALIZED SOLUTIONSFor Credit Union members & employees800.287.3379 207.773.0925


    Mainers Helping Mainers with their insurance needs...Offering competitive rates on auto, homeowners, renters, snowmobile,motorcycle and RV insurance, with special group discounts available

    to Maine credit union members.www.equinox



    Valued partners Thank You for being our MEMBERS!

    Member Appreciation Week!October 15th - 20th, 2012

    This week is set aside for you, our members. Come in to anyof our locations for a chance to win prizes and to receivea gift from us as a thank you for being our member.

    Drawing for aLowes Gift Card

    All raffle entries from the week will be together and one of our member will win $500 worth of heating fuel from the company of their choice

    Drawing for a Raindow Visa Gift Card

    Monday, Oct. 15 -Tuesday, Oct. 16 -Wednesday, Oct. 17 -Thursday, Oct. 18 -Friday, Oct. 19 -Saturday, Oct. 20 -

    Whoopie pies for all members

    Drawing for aDavincis Gift Card

    Drawing for aMacs Grill Gift Card

    MEMBER Appreciation Sale

    Decisions. Lawton said that the total savings that credit unions provided to consum-ers were particularly impres-sive in light of the enormous changes and circumstances that have taken place in the financial services sector and the economy since the finan-cial crisis began in 2008.

    Maine Credit Union League President John Murphy said that the great efforts made to offer such savings in a challenging economy make credit unions an increasingly valuable option for Maine people. The credit union philosophy of putting the interests of members f irst continues to highlight the difference between credit unions and other financial institutions. Credit unions are owned and governed by their members, so a l l members benefit from better rates and lower and fewer fees. That is a key and distinct difference of credit unions. As we saw in 2011s Bank Transfer Day, now more than ever, consumers recognize and appreciate the value of using a credit union, he said.

    To find a credit union near you, v i s i t ht t p ://

    Millionsfrom page 2

    Education in action: Maine's credit unions and financial literacy

  • Advertising Supplement to the Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine, Sunday, October 14, 20124 CREDIT UNION WEEK

    Members Matter MostInternational Credit Union Day