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Everything consumers need to know about credit unions.


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  • Advertising Supplement to the Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine, Sunday, October 16, 20112 CREDIT UNION WEEK

    When it comes tobuilding a soundFinancial Future...Credit Unions arethere for you!Contact your local

    Credit Union todayThere is one forYou!

    Serving Maines Credit Unions

    Our friendly sta invites you tocelebrate Credit Union Daywith us

    on Thursday, October 20th.Refreshments and Prizes will be

    served all day.

    2 Middle Rd., Sabattus 375-6538 www.srcu4u.comRemote ATM, Rte 197, Litchfield Member Eligibility Required

    1st row: Amy Lauze, Flo Poulin, Megan Halland, Annette Caron, Amanda Thomas2nd row: Michelle Brown, Brandi Clark, Lisa Hinkley & Sue Bates

    In Maine and across the country, Shared Branching means convenience for credit union membersFor se v e n y e a r s , Shared Branching has allowed many Maine credit union members to enjoy the convenience of using other Maine credit unions, as well as credit unions across the country and even the world, just as if they were their own credit union.

    W i t h nea r l y 145 lo c a t ion s throughout Maine, and more than 4,300 branch locations across the country, credit unions have the fourth largest branch network in the country.

    S h a r e d B r a n c h i n g a l l ow s members of participating credit

    un ions to access t housands of credit union serv ice center locat ions v ia the cooperat ive network of service centers in the United States and overseas. Most member ser v ices a re of fered at Shared Branching locat ions across the country including: account deposits; cash and check withdrawals; transfers between accounts; cash advances, loan

    payments, and balance inquiries. Ex tended ser v ice hours w ith weekend hours are even offered at some locations, while money orders, travelers checks or official checks can also be purchased at various Shared Branches.

    Shared Branching provides more locations to conduct f inancial t ransact ions than any other f inancial institution in Maine, and st i l l enables members to receive the exceptional credit union service that Maines credit un ions a re recogn i zed for, explained John Murphy, president of the Maine Credit Union League. From Madawaska to York, credit

    union members can find a Shared Branch location when they travel throughout the state, or even when they head out of state for work, vacation or school. Shared Branching means that a great number of Maines 611,000 credit union members can use their credit union across town, across state and across the country, Murphpy said.

    Sha red Bra nch i ng s e r v ic e s include the CU Service Centers Ca l l Center, a ser v ice t hat i s ava i lable to CU members 24/7. To access the Call Center, members call a toll-free number, 888-837-6500, wh ich can be found on the homepage at http://

    w se r v ic e cente r s .com . Members need only to provide their name, credit union name, state, and specific authentication information, to receive the high level of service provided by Shared Branching. Credit Union Service Center locat ions can a lso be found using the iPhone App, Find Branch! Members can find the nearest location, as well as credit union hours, directions and a phone number.

    You will f ind a complete listing of Sha red Branch locat ions in Ma ine and nat ionwide at click on Shared Branching.

    Maine credit union websites are built for convenienceWherever you are in Maine, there is a credit union that is right for you.

    And wherever you may be at the moment, at home, school, the of f ice, or somewhere in

    between, t hank s to ht tp :// inecred itun , finding a credit union has never been easier.

    This convenient website features a directory listing of all Maine credit unions, complete with directions

    to a branch near you, phone number, and a link to the credit union website. A separate directory makes it easy to find a convenient credit union ATM locat ion in Maine, including if the location is a part of the surcharge-free SURF Network, and even if the ATM accepts deposits.

    The site a lso features a blog, t it led Whats More in Maine. Here, visitors can find frequently updated posts that describe why Maine is a great place to live, work

    and play, as well as what credit unions in your area are up to. It is also an easy way to provide feedback on what information, people or places you would like us to feature next.

    Another source for credit union information, the Maine Credit Union Leagues website, inecu l .org , has long been an important tool for the League to communicate w ith credit unions, consumers and the general public. Enhancements,

    updates and upcoming events are added on a daily basis, making it a great way to stay up to date on cred it un ion news. With the League site named one of Americas Best Websites six years in a row, it succeeds in sharing what credit unions are all about.

    For Maines 25-and-under crowd, is your place to connect with Young & Free Maine Spokester Seth Poplaski, get advice from financial experts, and find out more about what Maines credit unions have to offer.

    You can find information about credit unions in Maine online, anytime. Visit either site today to find out whats going on at Maines credit unions.

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  • Advertising Supplement to the Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine, Sunday, October 16, 2011 CREDIT UNION WEEK 3

    Credit unions help build financial futures and a better MaineFrom October 16 to 22, 2 0 1 1 , more than 611,000 Maine residents who belong to a credit union will join the 184 million credit union members belonging to over 49,000 credit unions in 97 countries worldwide to celebrate International Credit Union Week.

    For 63 years, credit unions have set aside the third Thursday in October to celebrate International Credit Union Day. This special occasion gives credit unions an opportunity to remember their proud history, while promoting understanding and support for the credit union difference.

    Looking at a l l of the choices available in the financial services i ndus t r y, t he c red i t un ion difference is clear: no matter where you are, credit unions are 100% focused on meeting and exceeding members financial services needs.

    There a re no stockholders at credit unions, and earnings are returned to members in the form of lower rates on loans and higher rates on sav ings, or invested back into the credit union to provide more of the services that members need and want.

    Whether a Maine credit union is prov iding a loan to help a member make their home more energy efficient, giving financial counseling to a member whose company closed its doors, or simply offering a better deal on a used car loan, credit unions are supporting and serving their members and the community as a whole.

    Every day is about mak ing a d i f ference for Ma ine c red it union members. Locally or inter-nationally, during International Credit Union Week or at any time of the year a Maine credit union is where you know your money will be local, safe, and great service is

    guaranteed. Become a member today, and discover the va lue of becoming an owner of your financial institution.

    Becoming a credit union member couldnt be easier. There is a credit union for everyone use the tips below to f ind the Maine credit union thats right for you.

    With credit unions,

    every member is

    an owner with

    an equal vote in

    the election of

    the credit unions

    volunteer board

    of directors.

    Visit, or call the Maine Credit Union Leagues Member Services toll-free at 800-442-6715.

    Talk to your neighbors. Some credit unions have a community field of membership, serving a region defined by geography rather than by employment or some other association. Ask friends in your community if they know a credit union you may join.

    Ask family members. See if anyone in your family is a member of a credit union, in your community or out of state. Ask them about their experiences.

    Ask your boss. Your company may sponsor a credit union or may be a sponsor group that has access to a credit union. Many employers will directly deposit your paycheck to the credit union.

    Read the yellow pages. A display ad may state a credit unions field of membership, or provide a number to call to ask about membership eligibility.


    Find the credit union thats right for you

  • Advertising Supplement to the Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine, Sunday, October 16, 20114 CREDIT UNION WEEK

    325 Lisbon St.

    PO Box 878Lisbon ME 04250 PH: 207-353-4144

    Visit usonline @



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    Credit unions bring over $73 million in savings to Maine membersDespite chal lenging economic times, more than 611,000 Mainers continue to celebrate the savings that come with being a Maine credit union member.

    A recent study found that the economic benefit of using a Maine credit union has nearly doubled since 2005, currently standing strong at more than $73 million.

    In a marketplace where hidden fees and rising rates are increasingly common, credit unions ability to offer Maine consumers better rates, lower interest rates on loans, and f