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  • Credo Reference Search Tips – Tools

    Credo Reference Search Tips – Keyword Searching

    Tools are simple search boxes. Find them in the top toolbar. • Define – Searches dictionaries. • Person – Searches biographical

    entries. • Images – Searches for Images. • Pronunciations – Find Audio Files • Crossword Solver – Use question

    marks (?) in place of the letters you do not yet have in your crossword. You will be brought to a page with a list of possible words.

    • Quotations – Look for a Quotation or speech

    • Holidays & Festivals – Research a holiday or cultural event

    Search millions of entries from encyclopedias & dictionaries!

    1. Type a search term in the search box and click the magnifying glass.

    2. Relevant Topic Pages will be listed at the top of the results

    3. Reference entries from your Credo title list will be listed next

    4. Faceted browsing on the left hand of the screen allows you to narrow your focus by subject, entry type, multimedia file, person or date.

    5. Use the “Search Other Sites” links on the left to continue searching in your library’s other trusted e-resources.

    Search millions of entries from encyclopedias & dictionaries!

  • Build context and vocabulary for your research! Create a Mind Map!

    1. Select “Mind Map” from the top toolbar & type your term

    2. Related terms populate your screen in bubbles

    3. Click a bubble to re-populate your map around a new term.

    4. Mouse over a bubble to see a pop-up box and connect to a full text encyclopedia entry complete with citation by clicking ‘Read More’ (opens in a new tab)

    5. Controls on left allow you to keep track of terms visited further manipulate the map.

    Search millions of entries from encyclopedias & dictionaries!

    Search over 300,000 images in Credo Reference! People, animals, planets, cells, graphs, maps, flags, events… thousands upon thousands of images, all fully citable!

    1. Click ‘Search’ on the top left of the screen to return to the home screen.

    2. Select ‘Image Search’ tab and enter your term.

    3. OR–Look for the Image Tool!

    Credo Reference Search Tips – Image Searching

    Search millions of entries from encyclopedias & dictionaries!

    Credo Reference Search Tips – Mind Map