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  • 1. La crema catalana

2. INGREDIENTS: . 1 litre of milk. . 8 tablespoons of sugar. . 6 egg yolks . 1 cinnamon stick. . A bit of lemon peel. . 5 tablespoons of cornstard. 3. We need litre of milk and a cinnamon branch. 4. Add8 tablespoonsof sugars(aproximately 150 grs). 5. Add a small piece of lemon peel. 6. Put the mixture to cook and stir until it boils. 7. Boil the mixture for 3 or 4 minutes so allthe mixture will have the cinnamon and lemon flavour. Let the mixture go cold. 8. Put5 tablespoons of cornstardin glass orin a bowl. 9. Pour litre of milk to the cornstarch and mix well. 10. Beat one complete egg and 5 egg yolks. 11. Addthe cool milkusing a strainer. 12. Add the eggs to the milk and beat the mixture with a hand whish. 13. Add the conrstarch dissolved in the glass of milk. 14. Cook overthe mixture a low heat for about ten minutes. 15. Dont stop stirringuntil the mixture thickens. Take it out ofthe heat but go onstirringfor 2 more minutes. 16. Put the cream in individual sizedbowls. 17. 18. Before serving it, throw some sugar on the cream. 19. Burn the sugar with a very hot metal. 20. Here you have the Catalan Cream 21. Bon profit!