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Magazine Deconstruction

Magazine DeconstructionScott Harrand


The image of food takes up the majority of the magazine cover, because food is the main topic of the magazine. Cover lines written in clear white writing that stands out from the image behind. Many of the cover lines use fun and dramatic written language to grab attention, such as Fabulous Fungi. Black and white is used throughout the poster in all of the text. Almost all the non-photographic components of the magazine are in black and white. This serious and mature colour scheme contrasts with the colourful images and therefore stands out significantly. One of the few non-photographic uses of colour in the magazine, the use of yellow helps to make this text stand out, which is useful as it is meant to grab the attention of the audience. Although it appears different after being scanned, the title image is also a sparkling white/silver colour, fitting with the rest of the white text. Tagline sums up the magazine in a few brief words.


The colour scheme of the image primarily makes use of warm tones, like red, orange, brown and yellow. This is a comforting palette, and the wooden table that makes up the backdrop creates a rustic, home-like effect. All these factors work to create a pleasant environment, and one that may encourage hunger, in one small picture.This page is entirely dominated by an image, which is an effective and well-reasoned design choice, as it showcases one of the main focuses of the magazine and articles. It is also effective as the image will be more likely to make the audience want to try the food for themselves, especially as it has most likely been photographed to look especially appealing.This orange font remains in keeping with the established colour scheme of warm tones, in which orange features prominently, that runs throughout the magazine. Alongside keeping up a consistency with the rest of the magazine's design, the orange font also helps the text stand out against the white background.


The central image of the poster is one of the celebrities that is mentioned in the cover lines, suggesting he is an important part of the issue. The image is also relevant to the magazine as a whole, as the celebrity in question is a healthy and muscular man, who is presented as an aspirational figure for the men who buy the magazine. Colour scheme is all traditionally, stereotypically masculine colours of blue and black, to highlight the fact the magazines core target demographic is men. Use of yellow Blobs and Stars to draw attention to certain features and stand out.Bold, blocky font used on cover lines throughout. Sections of the sentences in different colours in order to highlight sections of particular importance. Almost all of the magazine cover that isnt dominated by the cover image is filled with cover lines, which are used to inform about the articles within.


Dominant usage of the colour blue as the background as well as in a few other elements (such as the t-shirt of the man on the left of the second page). This colour is traditionally and stereotypically considered a masculine colour, which suits a magazine which is heavily targeted at men. The font is a thick sans serif font that is rounded off at the edges. It is not quite as blocky and hard-edged as some of the other fonts appearing in the magazine, such as those on the cover, but the roundedness of the font lends itself to the more casual tone of this section of the magazine, which at times uses a written tone that is quite casual and conversational. The purple stripe going across the page helps to make the white text to stand out much more clearly. It likely would have been much more difficult to clearly read and understand without it. These speech bubbles help the small text to stand out more clearly and bring attention to it, which eliminates the need to make the font larger and therefore obtrusive.