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    Who are we?

    Crossroads Student Internship is a 10 week long program partnered with Crus Chicago Summer Mission. We are a group of 20 college students, each blessed with different talents from graphic design to writing to video production, all with the mutual goal of making our Creator known through our creativity.

    Throughout the summer we have been working on projects that will serve Crus college ministries, including but not limited to IndyCC, Big Break and branding next years Chicago Summer Mission.

    As a collective group we have learned about

    convergent and divergent thinking, project management, and how to glorify God through our creations. Each and every one of us has grown professionally and personally.

    We also learned a lot about leadership when each student took on a specific role that was held by staff before they left, after spending five weeks working with us in the office.

    The best part of the entire summer is that God has been with us every step of the way. Whether it was in showing each other grace through conflict resolution or trusting that He will lead us in making creative decisions, we have all seen

    Him move in incredible ways and grown in our faith.

    This summer has been all about our growth professionally and spiritually, and our office has been the home of it all. Together, this group of students has held one another up in all that weve done, and though it has been sometimes challenging.

    But we at Crossroads know that with every challenge comes growth, and weve seen a lot of it throughout this amazin summer.

    INDY CC Big Break Cru Winter Conference

    CSM 2017 CojournersBook Cover

    Purdue Weekly Meeting

    Strategic Alliance


    CSM WeeklyMeetings


    Branded the midwestern Christmas conference attended by thousands of college students yearly.

    Branded the Cru spring break missions trip that takes place throughout March in Panama City Beach.

    Created a viral online campaign pitch for Crus national winter conference, set to airin the fall.

    Rebranded and revived the graphic life of our own summer mission for next years set of CSM students.

    Redesigned the cover of a devotional book from Cru author, Keith Davy.

    Designed flyers and promotional materials for Purdue Crus campus ministry.

    Creating promotional material to present Cru as a missionary organization at college campuses.

    Upkept a blog website featuring different guest speakers, personalities, and people from the mission.

    Rebranded Chicago Summer Missions two weekly meetings, creating slides and logos for production teams.


    When we arent working, Crossroads students can be found outside in the courtyard of our office making hoop dreams a reality (playing basketball), having dance parties in the office, or playing with Tess, the dog who lives upstairs.

    Outside of the office, we can also be found doing fun things on the weekends together. We had dessert parties at the apartment building where we all live, have gone thrift shopping many times together, and gone on photography walks around the city of Chicago together.

    Of all the adventures we have experienced together, the greatest one would still be getting to experience God move through each other and pointing us back to Him in all that we have done in the office and the city.

    Within ten short weeks, God made our small office of interns into a greater family. We love each other a lot.

    I came into Crossroads excited to bring home portfolio pieces and some biblical knowledge, but in reality I got both of those things and then friends Ill never forget. It was the exprience of a lifetime. ALEXEA HANKIN, Michigan State University

    Working in the Crossroads office has taught me to take a step back and realize my creative talents are from God. Ive loved learning that my creativity can be practically applied and used to glorify God.KARA SAUER, Miami University

    ANDY MOST, College for Creative Studies

    The office atmosphere

    I loved the community we created around each other in the office and how much we learned off of one another. I love all the growth weve seen together through one another.


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