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Crowdsourcing, source-finding, social search and curation tools for journalism. Seminar originally given at Toronto Newstrain, 9/13-14.


<ul><li> Tap Into the Crowd Mandy Jenkins @mjenkins Toronto NewsTrain #TORSocial </li> <li> What is Crowdsourcing? When you call on your readers/followers to contribute to a story Calls for content, news 7ps and story sources Can be breaking or long-term Involve a li?le or a lot of informa7on </li> <li> Breaking News Crowdsourcing </li> <li> Before You Crowdsource Be engaged in the social community Build Twi?er lists of key contacts Have a plan for when you cant plan Incorporate into story-planning </li> <li> When News Breaks Open keyword searches Monitor key Twi?er lists Have reporter or news org start twee7ng live to get and share info </li> <li> Transparency Helps Say what you know Say what you dont know Say what you want/need to know Dont spread rumors Vet sources &amp; informa7on Ask ques7ons as you gather info RT with context, note if its veried </li> <li> Find Sources Fast </li> <li> Search.Twitter.Com/advancedSearch by keywords, loca7on, 7me Search quickly - before the stream is taken over by reac7on </li> <li> When You Find a Source Connect with eyewitnesses, get contact info Follow who you reach out to Have them wait for a reporter on scene Verify! </li> <li> Search venues on Mayor is great source for info about a business or venue (employee or regular customer) </li> <li> Search Nearby With Ban.Jo </li> <li> Search By Loca&gt;on: Geofeedia </li> <li> Locating Sources </li> <li> Find TwiBer Experts </li> <li> Search Older Tweets </li> <li> Facebook Search </li> <li> LinkedIn Search </li> <li> Crowdsourcing Projects </li> <li> Google Docs Gathering info using Forms Results ow into a shareable spreadsheet Can do surveys </li> <li> Collect Reader Contribu&gt;ons </li> <li> Collect and Share Sources </li> <li> Crowdsourced map: Google Maps </li> <li> Crowdsourced map: MapaList </li> <li> Crowdsourced audio: Soundcloud </li> <li> What is cura&gt;on? (n) The act of organizing and maintaining a collec7on of media and informa7on around a par7cular subject or area. </li> <li> Social Bookmarking: Diigo </li> <li> Publish from Cura&gt;on </li> <li> Storify: Add Readers Voices Into Your Story Can pull in tweets, public Facebook comments, photos from Flickr &amp; Instragram Pulls in video/audio Can import from other Storifys Reaction stories, Twitter fights, tell a dramatic story through others words </li> <li> Use the Storify Plugin Easiest way to save specific tweets and Facebook updates Save specific passages to Storify Save stuff for later, for research All things saved go to your Storypad </li> <li> Curate Using </li> <li> THANKS! Mandy Jenkins @mjenkins Blog: These slides &amp; more at Steve Buttry originated some slide images, text </li> </ul>


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