crr model building process bradley bell crr engineer

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CRR Model Building CRR Model Building Process Process Bradley Bell CRR Engineer

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  • CRR Model Building Process

    Bradley BellCRR Engineer

  • Intro: Model Building Process

    Model Building EnvironmentModel Building TimetableBuilding Contingency FileOutages / Outage Selection ProcessRunning Topology ProcessorPost Processing Model

  • OverviewNMMS DatabaseTopology Processor Transmission OutagesCRR Model

  • Model Building EnvironmentCRR Model Building Server- IMM- TPSnapshot of NMMS modelOne instance of NMMS model

  • Timeline (Monthly Model) Model building process will start 6-8 business days before model posting date on CRR calendar.

    PROCESSHOURSBuild Contingency File16 hoursOutage Selection3-8 hoursRun Topology Processor24 hoursPost Process Model16 hours

  • Outage Pull Date

    Monthly AuctionOutage Pull DateDec 201010/ 6 /2010Jan 201111/16/2010Feb 201112/14/2010Mar 20111/25/2011Apr 20112/19/2011May 20113/11/2011Jun 20113/30/2011Jul 20115/27/2011

  • Timeline (Annual Auction)

    1st ModelHOURSBuild Contingency File16 hoursOutage Selection3-8 hoursRun Topology Processor24 hoursPost Process Model16 hours

    2nd Nth ModelHOURSBuild Contingency File16 hoursOutage Selection 0 hoursRun Topology Processor 3 hoursPost Process Model16 hours

  • Create Contingency FileNMMS Model CIM ModelContingency Building ProgramCIM Model Including ContingenciesCreate NOMCR containing CIM Model w/contingencies


  • Outage QueryWHERE outage.CATEGORY = 'Transmission AND outage.planned_end_date >= (ADD_MONTHS (TRUNC (LAST_DAY (SYSDATE) + 1), 1)) -- this gives you the current month plus 2 AND outage.planned_start_date
  • Outages / Outage Selection ProcessNodal Operating Guides 5.5(6): System Modeling Information

    (6) Congestion Revenue Right (CRR) Network Model Outage determination uses network topology of the CRR Network Model identified by ERCOT. This must include Planned Outages of Transmission Elements approved by ERCOT at the time the CRR Network Model is being built and that demonstrate significant impact to the transfer capability during the effective period.ERCOT will consider including Outages in the CRR Network Model that are scheduled to occur in the relevant time period and meet one or more of the following criteria: (a)Consecutive or continuous approved Outages greater than or equal to five days;(b)Approved Outages which include Transmission Elements included in the definition of a Hub;(c)Approved Outages which include Transmission Elements in a 345 kV Transmission Facility;(d)Approved Outages that require the use of a Block Load Transfer (BLT); and(e)Any other approved Outage that has been determined by ERCOT to carry a substantial risk of causing significant congestion.

  • Gantt Chart

  • Gantt Chart

  • Outage Dates

    Nov. 6 outagesNov 12. outagesLine A 138kVLine A 138kVLine B 138kVLine X 138kVLine C 345kVLine Y 345kVLine D 69kVLine Z 69kV

  • Outage Date SelectionMarket Operator (MO) uses the base case flows in the On-Peak SSWG case for the appropriate year and season to qualitatively estimate the severity of the outaged lines.MO chooses the worst day of the month based on the evaluation from the step above as well as special consideration given to (in descending order) outages involving:Lines in the W->N constraint Lines in the N->H constraintLines involved in other 2010 CSCs/CREsMO imports the outages into TP the and builds the network model based on those outages.

  • Topology Processor

    Create a basecase model and a model with outagesInsert dynamic ratings for each weather zone from 10 year historical averageCreate RAW file and CRR output files

  • Post Process ModelManually CreateFlowgate rights list and definitionContingency list and definitionNon-Thermal Constraints list and definitionMonitored Lines and TransformersCRR to Operations name mapping documentModel Comparisons