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STORY BOOK The impact of your support and God’s grace on CRU Summer camps

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Stories of Summer CRU Camps


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STORY BOOKThe impact of your support and

God’s grace on CRU Summer camps

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summer stats*25 amazing camps*928 happy campers*333 lovely leaders*A thousand stories....

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THANK YOU from the leaders....

role models

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Eleanor’s StoryDear donors,

Thank you so much for your generosity and support in donating money to help us lead on camps and share the good news of Jesus with kids - some of whom haven’t heard much about Jesus before.

I graduated from high school last year and was a leader on “Christmas Capers” for the first time this summer.

During the week I was able to see God at work and was also given many opportunities to share the Gospel with primary school girls.

One of the many things that really struck me on camp was the escalation of both interest and curiosity that the kids had about God as the week went by. During each discussion group session we had a question posed to the kids ‘If you could ask or say something to God right now, what would it be?’ The answers on the first day were very simple. Answers included things like ‘What are we going to have for lunch?’ or ‘Please help us have an awesome time at camp.’ As the week progressed the responses became more serious and more related to the content that they had heard in the talks previously. By the last few days the responses included things like ‘Is there a place in heaven for me?’, ‘Thank you so much for Jesus’, ‘Please help my mum to believe in you’. It was SO encouraging to see how much the campers had all grown spiritually. For me, the climax of the week was seeing, at our very last session, some of the kids deciding that they wanted to let God take control and to stand up and declare their faith publically in front of their friends at camp (and even some parents at the door).

It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to serve on a CRU Camp. This would not have been possible without your support. Thank you so much.

“Is there a place in heaven for me?”

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life to the full

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Cat’s StoryThis is the first time I’ve led on a CRU Camp. I found it a real blessing and privilege to be able to share time and experiences with the campers.

Some of the girls in my group showed such courage in their faith, it was a real inspiration to me as a leader! One girl in particular talked of sharing her faith at school and had started a Christian group! She had few Christian friends at school and was teased a lot, yet she was so strong.

Another girl courageously shared her faith with her non-Christian family, something I have struggled with myself.

Time together at CRU Camp refreshes and revitilises the kids in their faith as they are submerged in a Christianenvironment with powerful and encouraging messages.

I’m glad I decided to lead on camp and have been really impacted by the experience. Thank you so much for your generous support.

“she...was teased a lot, yet she was so strong”

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Jade’s Story I led on my first CRU Camp this year, “After the Mast”, at Lake Mac and I loved it! One camper really challenged me. She was a foster child who had been through so much and had experienced things no little girls should ever have to experience, yet she had such a desire to know Christ and learn more about Him.

She strongly believed that even when other people failed you, Jesus never would, and I was very encouraged by the time I spent with her.

It’s truly incredible how many children’s lives are being transformed through CRU Camps. I feel blessed that I was able to be a part of it thanks to your sponsorship for leaders, like me, who can’t afford the fee. If it wasn’t for that I would not have had the opportunity to be a part of the great work that God is doing through Crusader Camps.

“she...had experienced things no little girls should ever have to experience..”

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eternal impact

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Nick’s StoryDear Supporter,

It may not seem like one week is enough time to convince a teenager of anything, let alone get them to make the life changing decision of turning to Christ. But it is. What I saw God do in seven days through the amazing leaders who led with me on ‘Sail Mania’ is something of, dare I say, a modern miracle.

A place where kids and teens can escape from a world demanding their constant attention and seriously consider God’s place in their lives is not something you regularly encounter these days.

Knowing that so many leaders come on camp because of financial support from donors shows how many lives CRU Camps have been a part of. I truly thank you for your support and prayers that have allowed so many leaders to serve in this powerful ministry.

Seeing ‘Sail-maniacs’ seriously consider life under Christ, going beyond the lip service that Christ is so often treated with, is monumentally / biblically encouraging. And it’s an amazing thing to see happening year after year. I ask only for your continued prayers that all the summer campers would hold fast to Jesus all of their days.

“a modern miracle”

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THANK YOU from the campers....


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Tabby’s Story“Thank you for contributing to my camp ‘Summer Trails’ it was absolutely amazing! I met a fantastic bunch of girls, learnt more about God and even decided to give my life to Jesus! I also learnt a lot more about horses and I am so thankful for your contribution for a camp that changed my life! I really appreciate it. Thank you!”

Jess’s Story“Brightwaters changed me. I am so happy for having come! Best part of my year. It has re-affirmed my faith and made me stronger.”

Finn’s Story“Before camp I tried to serve God and turn to Him but I never fully understood parts of the Bible and what Jesus did and I served out of fear and guilt. Now I serve with joy and thankfulness and understand the Bible.”

Jessie’s Story“I loved it heaps. The friendships and time spent learning about Jesus will forever remain dear to me. Camp broadened my views on Christianity and I will now spend more of my time devoting myself to Jesus.”

“This camp without a doubt changed my life and I will never

look back again.” Jordan

Page 14: Crusaders Summer Story Book

Thank you so much for sharing Jesus with a new generation

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