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  • 1. Invictus Consultings CrusherSoftA Portable ERP for Stone Crushing Units

2. Application ArchitectureHosted onHostedWebon Web 3. CrusherSoft :- A Portable ERP Solution for stonecrushing units.Solution features Easy to adopt to your requirements Access through Browser (Internet / Intranet) Transaction Linked Information on finger tips Role based Access & Updates to Information Transaction Audit Facility provides effective tracking User defined Alerts on extraneous transactions Full-fledged Keyboard Operations Scalable to suite your organization growth Scheduled Batch Jobs for Routine Tasks Outbound Emails 4. CrusherSoft :- A Portable ERP Solution for stonecrushing units.Solution features. Configurable Main Menu Flexible User Interface Output Reports in Multiple Formats (.html, .pdf) Configurable filters and flexible sorting Support for Secured connection over Internet (https) 5. CrusherSoft :- A Portable ERP Solution for stone crushing units.Solution Features.ReportsType of ReportsDecision support (MIS) systemsQuery and ReportingStatistical AnalysisForecastingData miningFeaturesGrouping of DataSorting of DataComparing of Data for TrendsReports can be in HTML or PDF Formats 6. CrusherSoft :- A Portable ERP Solution for stonecrushing units.Solution ScopeMaster Data ManagementProcurement ManagementWarehouse ManagementProduction ManagementMaterial Requirement Planning (MRP)Sales ManagementCustomer Relation ManagementFinancial ManagementProjects & Services ManagementBusiness Intelligence 7. CrusherSoft :- A Portable ERP Solution for stone crushing units.Solution ArchitectureBusiness IntelligenceMaterial Requirement PlanProcurement Management Warehouse ManagementProduction ManagementSales ManagementCustomer Relationship Projects & Service ManagementManagement Financial Management & AccountingMaster Data ManagementFeaturesSummary 8. Master Data Management 9. CrusherSoftMaster Data ManagementGeneral FeaturesCentral Data RepositoryData shared and Updated by all Information SystemsSecured Manual Updates only by Authorized StaffMaintain informationBusiness partnersCustomers, Vendors, Employees,Products : Products Produced as well as Products (Materials)PurchasedProduct Categories, Product Types, Vendors Supplying theproductsProduct Price Lists, Bill of Materials etc. 10. CrusherSoft 11. Procurement Management 12. CrusherSoftProcurement ManagementBuilt in Interface with Warehouse Management Financial Management Projects & Service ManagementTransactions Requisitions / Indents Purchase Orders Automatically generated based on Purchasing Plan/Generated by MRP Manually entered Consolidation of Requisitions/indents Goods Receipt Created Manually Automatically Generated based on Purchase Order / Invoice Optional Quality Check 13. CrusherSoft Procurement Management.Transactions.Purchase InvoiceReceived from VendorGenerated Manually Automatically based on Purchase Order / Goods Receipt 14. CrusherSoft 15. Warehouse Management 16. CrusherSoftWarehouse ManagementSupport Multiple StoresSetting Unit of MeasuresSupport of Storage LocationsMaterial TypesRaw MaterialsWork-in-processFinished GoodsGeneral Stock ItemsSpare Parts & ToolsTransactionsMaterial ReceiptsMaterial IssuesMaterial TransfersPhysical Inventory 17. CrusherSoftWarehouse ManagementMaterial Costing Average CostTraceability Traceability Report allows a user to display the full lifecycle of an item showing initial receipt, creation, movement and shipment.Bill of Materials Exploding of MaterialsWork-in-Progress Material in Process at various stages of production 18. CrusherSoft 19. Production Management 20. CrusherSoftProduction Management This module deals withManufacturing, Cost Management, Quality Control, Maintenance Set-up Process PlanCreate Version for the process planFor each Production Activity Define Input & Output Materials, Manpower & Machinery Cost, Indirect CostFacility to copy a version to create new plan Requirements PlanningManpower, Machinery and Material Requirements Production RunsInput Work Effort, Validate Work EffortGenerate Pending Work Requirement Quality ControlCreate Quality Check Points 21. CrusherSoft 22. CrusherSoftProduction ManagementProcess Plan CreationDefine Version for Each Process PlanCreate Cost Center Set Version Number Define Employee, Machine, Indirect CostsAssociate Cost center with the production Activity Define the inputs and output productsGenerate the process sheet 23. CrusherSoftProduction Management Process Plan Creation 24. CrusherSoftProduction ManagementWork Requirement GenerationAssociate work requirement to Process PlanDefine Quantity, period and SequenceExplode the Plan for RequirementsEdit Requirement Plan wherever necessary 25. CrusherSoftProduction Management Work Requirements Generation 26. CrusherSoftProduction ManagementHave Production Run & Collect CostsDefine production run Define Period of Work, employees worked Define the incidenceCollect Details and generate Costs Get Inputs used, Outputs Produced Generate machine cost and indirect cost Pick invoiced cost if work is outsourcedValidate work effort 27. CrusherSoftProduction Management Prod Runs & Cost Collection 28. CrusherSoftProduction ManagementMake Cost AnalysisUsing Average Costs Calculate Production Costs Generate Production Cost Report Calculate Cost for Warehouse Items Generate Inventory Cost ReportUsing Standard CostsCalculate Production CostsGenerate Variance Report (Standard Production Cost Vs. ActualProduction Cost) 29. CrusherSoftProduction Management - Cost Analysis 30. Material Requisition Planning 31. CrusherSoftMaterial Requirements PlanningEnsure availability of Materials for manufacturing, Products for delivering tocustomersMaintain lowest level of InventoryPlans Manufacturing, Delivery and Purchasing ActivitiesRecommends Material and Work RequirementsInputs: Current Stocks, Sales & Purchase Orders, Open WorkRequirements, Sales Forecasts 32. CrusherSoftMaterial Requirements PlanningPurchase Plan Executed after Manufacturing Plan Inputs: Material Requirements, Stocks, Sales & Purchase Orders, Sales Forecast Material Requirements are picked from: Demands for Procurement, Output from Production Plan Process Sales Forecast is made using: Projection of customer product demand, Customer wise product sales projection with dates 33. CrusherSoftMaterial Requirements Planning 34. CrusherSoftMaterial Requirements Planning- Manufacturing Plan Overview 35. CrusherSoftMaterial Requirements Planning Purchase Plan Overview 36. Sales Management 37. CrusherSoftSales Management ScopeSales Orders, Pricing, Shipping, Invoicing, Reporting Optional Linking ofOrder Documents, Delivery Notes, Invoices Sale Order SpecifiesProducts / Services Ordered by Customer, Price, Terms & Conditions Sale Order TypesStandard Order : Order Quantity is Reserved in the WarehouseWarehouse Order : Shipment Order is created AutomaticallyReturn Material : Stock size is Increased with the order quantityProposal : No Stock Reserved & MRP does not consider this SO in PlanningQuotation : Stock is Reserved & MRP does not consider this SO in PlanningPre-Pay Order : Invoice is Sent Out & has to be paid before Order DeliveryOn-Credit Order : Order Shipment & Invoicing are done together 38. CrusherSoftSales Management Sale Order Document Number Auto Generated or Manually Entered Application of Customer Price List Price List Contain Product Sale Prices, Currencies and Tax Treatment Details Multiple Versions for different applicable date rangesAllows for seasonal pricing specific to a product or product category Cover Three PricesList Price : Catalogue price of the productStandard Price : Companys Sales PricePrice Limit : Bottom Line Sales Price for a Product Applied to Customer while Invoicing Price Adjustments for selected Products Categories and Customers for a Selected Data Range. 39. CrusherSoftSales ManagementInvoice Terms After Order Delivered After Every Delivery Customer Schedule After Delivery (say: Weekly, Monthly.) Do not Invoice Invoice ImmediatelyDelivery Terms After Receipt of Sale Order Once Material is Available Complete Order Line Complete OrderAuto Creation of Payment transaction on closing of Sales Invoice. 40. CrusherSoftSales ManagementCommissionsUser Can Define How and when to Calculate Commission, Whom to pay CommissionMultiple people can get commission on same Sale Order This allows implementation of multi level marketing commissionsAutomatic Invoice creation for Accounting LedgerVolume DiscountsScalable possible to define different slabs of volumes and associateddiscounts.Can be applied to a selected group of customers (for example PrimeCustomers)For a specific period of time (like Off Season Discounts)For a product or product categories 41. CrusherSoftSales ManagementSales Analysis Sales Dimensional ReportAllows you to know which customer is sold more frequently andwhat products for a specified periodAllows you to compare the sales to a customer / product overtwo selected time periods Shipment Dimensional ReportLets you know to which customer more dispatches and at whatfrequency and for what products Discount Invoice ReportLets you know which customer is invoiced more and at whatfrequency and for what products and for what periods. Sales Report By Partner and ProductList of Partners and Pie Charts of their product purchases 42. Sales Management CrusherSoftReportsSales Dimensional ReportShipments Dimensional ReportDiscount Invoice ReportSales Order Returns Dimensional ReportSales Order ReportInvoiced Sales Order ReportOrders Awaiting Invoice ReportDelivered Sales Order ReportShipment ReportInvoice DetailCustomer Invoice ReportSales Invoice Dimensional ReportSales Report by Partner and Product 43. CrusherSoftSales Management 44. Customer RelationManagement