csc 133 - discrete mathematical structures dr. karl ricanek jr

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  • CSC 133 - Discrete Mathematical StructuresDr. Karl Ricanek Jr

  • Quick InfoDr. Karl Ricanek Jr CIS 2042ricanekk@uncw.edu962-4261fb: ricanekk and skype: karl.ricanekOffice Hours: TR 9:45am-11:00am and by appointmentTeaching Assistant: Paul Martin Email: pgm0543Location: CI 2055

  • What is CSC 133?Discrete Mathematical StructuresFocus on Propositional and predicate logicProofs (deduction, induction, contradiction)Set theory.Boolean algebra.Recursion.Graphs and Trees.Counting and probability.

  • How Do I Get an A?Come to every class. Attendance is required. Read the textbook.Reading the textbook is required. Do homeworks on time.

    Make use of office hours, TA, and fellow students. Send me email early and often.

  • Course and Grading CriteriaAttendanceYour attendance grade will be computed by taking the number of classes attended and dividing by the total number of classes (minus 2). This grade counts 1/6 of your total grade. Quizzes 1/6 drop 2 lowest2 Midterms 1/6 eachFinal 1/6 or (2/6 as it will replace your lowest midterm score)Homework projects 1/6

  • The Required TextDiscrete Mathematics with Applications, 3rd Edition, Susanna S. Epp.

  • An Overview of Each TopicLogicProofsFunctionsRecursionGraphsProbability

  • LogicIf you know a set of statements are true, what other statements can you also deduce are true?

    If I tell you that all men are mortal, and Socrates is a man, what can you deduce?

  • Digital Logic

  • ProofsWhat is a proof?

    How is programming like writing a proof?

  • FunctionsWhat is a function?

    What if a function calls itself?Thats recursion!

  • How good is a function at doing its job?

    What do we mean by good?

  • Graphs (and Trees)

  • ProbabilityWhat is the likelihood of an event occurring?

    What is randomness?

    Statistics can be described as the study of how to make inference and decisions in the face of uncertainty and variability


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