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ACCESS SOLUTIONS- ENVIROMENTLY FRIENDLY- BUDGET CONSCIOUS- SKILLED OPERATORS- ACCOUNTABILITY The relentless and challenging corrosion management and maintenance requirements confronting asset holders demanded a safe, rational and cost effective solution. CTL is a solution based company headed by an ex-oil operator IIE (Installation integrity engineer) with many years experience in the field of corrosion management. During years of service in the on and off-shore industry short falls of the campaigns against corrosion were recognized. Budget constraints, badly prioritised work scopes, lack of accountability, traceability and an unclear method of effectively predicting new work scopes. The CTL approach gives the client a clear and concise overview of the asset with quantifiable factual information created from a CTL Data Base. CTL creates optional work pack solutions.Experienced CTL inspection and maintenance operators are in possession of current internationally recognised qualifications and selected on their suitability to the clients requirements. The CTL approach is to deliver pragmatic, creative solution. CTL has successfully undertaken and completed the survey, repair and maintenance on the Access catwalk at Bloukrans Bridge Eastern Cape. The client FACE ADRENALIN concerned with the condition and safety of the Catwalk access used by their clients and operators requested a thorough inspection be undertaken by Bergspan the Roads department appointed engineering company.

The resultant engineers report was made available to CTL and other approved contractors via the client FACE ADRENALIN.

Some of the contractors proposed removing the bridge from site and re-galvanizing .This proposal ran into the millions. Loss of revenue to the client was unavoidable. The proposal afforded the client a potential 5 year flat guarantee. There were many circumstances that could negate the guarantee of which the client was unaware.

SOLUTION CTL operators visually surveyed the catwalk breaking it down into potential safety critical shortcomings, environmental impact, aesthetic requirement, time constraints, and access for repair requirements, applicable NDT methods, repair material typing and budget sensitive solutions. The information collected during the survey is compiled to create a comprehensive data base allowing the client a transparent 5 year guarantee. The CTL Data Base is the foundation from which risk assessment and budget based repair and maintenance work packs are generated.