cube: 1 st general meeting sept. 17, 2003 6pm ba1200 cube

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CUBE: 1 st General Meeting Sept. 17, 2003 6pm BA1200 Slide 2 Club for Undergraduate Biomedical Engineers Biomedical Engineering It is an interdisciplinary field that deals with the invention and design of materials, compounds and devices, used for biological or medical applications, that are not found in nature. Using engineering knowledge to answer questions in biology and medicine Forward Problem of Electroencephalography (EEG) Current Density Imaging (CDI) (Joy) Slide 3 Personal Motivation Human Health the most important goal Humans are the focus Enables people to live life enjoyably and be productive Advances eliminate the problems due to the most basic health hindrances (ex.Cancer, Aids, Hunger) A)Appearance of BAM at implant Bladder Acellular Matrix (Woodhouse) Slide 4 CUBE: Areas of Interest Student run club do what we want, all disciplines Events planned by all give and take valuable experience Activities: Ananth, Jamil Corporate: Aziz Ext Relations: Charudutt Publicity: Payam Research & Healthcare: Ishan Social: Alborz Finance: Maham,Roshan Webmaster: Kenny BIO2003: Washington, DC Slide 5 What does CUBE do?? Provides a community where individuals who share similar academic and industrial interests can interact and exchange ideas. Give you exposure to related industries Makes you better prepared for Post-Graduate studies Slide 6 Why join Cube? Discover the cutting-edge research taking place in academia and industry. Expand your knowledge base of current medical therapies and treatments. Pharmaceutical / Biotech company visits. Develop strong networking skills. Attend International conferences and meet key pioneers in the field. Find students who have similar interests across Canadian universities. Slide 7 CONFERENCES AND INDUSTRY TOURS During the summer, CUBE Members attended the BIO2003 Conference as volunteers. BMES Conference is taking place on October 4 th, 2003. Slide 8 IBBME Lecture Series Slide 9 Events: Wine and Cheese Graduate Talk Can Engineers go to Medical School (yes but why?!?) Lecture Series Summer Jobs at IBBME Industry Talk

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