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    Cultivate HonestySummer 2016 Campaign

  • Table of ContentsWe Are 3383 Team PageExecutive SummarySituation Analysis Honest Company History Pillars of Honesty Honest TeaTimevine Product Evaluation Honest Kids Evaluation Competitive Analysis Competitive Analysis Consumer Evaluation Consumer Trends Primary Research S.W.O.TMarketing Direction Marketing Objectives Communication Objectives Target Audience Insights Brand Essence Chart Creative Brief


  • Table of ContentsCreative Direction Creative Concept Cultivating Honesty Timevine Honesty Cultivators Bottle RedesignExperiential Marketing Mural Launch Urban Pop-Up Gardens Honesty Dispensers Communi-Tea Gardens Sprouts Day Camp Content Marketing Paid Social Elite DailyOwned Channels Cultivate Honesty Microsite Instagram Book YouTube Weekly RecapsBudget and Campaign Evaluation Budget Breakdown Campaign Evaluation

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  • Meet The Team

    Chanel MullgravCreative

    s Honey Green Tea

    Lexi WillcocksCreative

    s Lemon Tea

    Kim NguyenCreative

    s Half & Half Lemonade & Tea

    Amber PortIMC Specialist

    s Moroccan Mint Green Tea

    Peyton WilhoiteIMC Specialists Lemon Tea

    Tad CiancioloMedia

    s Lemon Tea

    Haley VannMedia

    s Just Black Tea

    Alex PierceAccount Executives Honey Green Tea

    Morgan ZamoraBrand Planner

    s Pomegranate Blue Herbal Tea


  • We Are 3383

    We created our name, 3383 (Thirty-Three Eighty-Three), with the thought of staying true to our roots here in Athens, GA. These numbers are based on the coordinates of the Classic City which is where our passion for advertising was born. This is where we have grown into our respective roles in our agency and bonded as a team.


  • Executive Summary Millennials are increasingly giving back to their local communities. Volunteering and fundraising have become means to spend time with family and meet new people with similar interests. This recent social trend ties directly into wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. People want healthier lives both physically and mentally. Giving back to the community plays a part in this well-being. As the shift toward healthy living continues to grow, consumers are becoming more cognizant of companies that promote healthier lifestyles. Our agency, 3383 sees that Honest Teas core values strongly align with this way of living. However, currently consumers are unaware of what the company does for local communities. 3383 aims to fill this gap, by increasing consumers knowledge about the role Honest Tea plays in local communities. In an effort to understand the older millennial market, 3383 approached Honest Teas target audience through qualitative research methods. Focusing on two questions, What was their definition of honesty and How do they incorporate honesty into their everyday lives. After compiling responses from surveys, 3383 ran into difficulties formulating a single sentence response.People came up with synonyms like transparency, truthfulness, and integrity, but these single word responses did not fully capture the definition of honesty. Based on the target audiences responses to the survey, 3383 started to look at how people display honest actions. Is honesty volunteering, coming clean after a mistake, or telling a friend the truth? There was one similarity between all of the compiled examples, the spread of positivity. Everyones definition varied depending on the action, but every circumstance led to the growth of positivity. Honest Tea came to 3383 wanting to own the honest

    space, but unfortunately a feeling cannot be owned; only spread. No other company is taking advantage of the opportunity to grow the honest space. 3383 saw this as a great opportunity for Honest Tea to Cultivate Honesty. Through hands on experiences, Honest Tea could collaborate with the target communities across the United States to build the definition of honesty. Figuratively, Honest Tea could combine its targets good deeds into a final representation of honesty, spreading positivity across the country. Physically, Honest Tea inititiates this growth by doing what they already have encouraged in the past, the planting of seeds. Honest Tea is already spreading positivity and giving back to local communities. By encouraging company transparency, consumers can see that Honest Tea supports local communities, there by influencing others to do the same across the nation. After speaking with Honest Tea representatives, it was clear that Honest Teas roots in non-traditional marketing were essential to the brand. By combining experiential, content, and promotional marketing, the Cultivating Honesty campaign provides Honest Tea consumers with the hands on shareable experiences. Every aspect of the campaign encourages consumers to share what is going on in their community. Consumer-generated content is then housed on Honest Teas Microsite and owned social channels. With each consumer submission, the definition of Honesty continues to grow. Every week the Cultivating Honesty campaign will feature someone from one of the target cities, demonstrating how thecompany contributes to building a more honest community. At the end of the Cultivating Honesty Campaign, Honest Tea will have a compiled a complete definition based on three essential components: community, initiation, and growth.


  • Situtation Analysis


  • Company History

    Philosophy: Honest Tea believes organic ingredients deliver the best-tasting beverages to their consumers and have a lighter impact on the ecosystem.

    Goal: Honest Teas engages customers through its transparency. Honest Tea products are organic, healthy and faithful to their philosophy. Honest Tea values honesty and integrity. In everything the company does, these two core values are at the center of it all. Not only does Honest Tea support workers and farmers throughout their purchases of Fair Trade Certified sugar, tea, and select herbs, but children of members also benefit from the on-going allocation of premiums which provide scholarships for university studies. After becoming Fair Trade certified, Honest Tea wanted to deepen theirconnection and impact within the fair trade communities from which they source their tea. After partnering with Fair Trade USA, dedicated funds were set aside to address and meet the needs of struggling communities. To show his dedication and appreciation, co-founder Seth Goldman travels to different countries to meet with the workers and farmers who help grow and produce Honest Teas all natural and organic ingredients.


  • Pillars of Honest TeaIn addition to honesty and integrity Seth Goldman, and the rest of the Honest Tea team, strongly believes in quality. When you purchase Honest Tea, you are buying a product that is organic, hand plucked, fair-trade certified, and real brewed with compost leaves.

    Organic Fair Trade Real Brewed Hand Plucked Compost Leaves

    All teas certified organic according to standards set by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)

    All tea is Fair-Trade Certified which empowers farmers and workers to fight poverty through better trade.

    Water is heated and tea leaves are steeped before bottling.

    Leaves picked by hand by pluckers in tea gardens throughout China and India.

    Whenever possible, the spent tea leaves are added to compost, helping enrich the soil at farms near tea production facilities.


  • timevine

    1998: Co-found-ers Seth and Barry start Honest Tea operations out of Seths house in Bethesda, MD

    1999: Introduced worlds first organic bottled tea

    2002: Honest Tea becomes the #1 bottled tea brand in natural foods industry

    2003: Tad Sweet teas launched- first Fair Trade Certified bottled tea

    2004: All products gain USDA organic certification

    2007: Honest Kids organic juice drinks launch

    2011: The Coca-Cola company acquires Honest Tea

    2012: Honest Kids reformulated to fruit juice sweetened

    2013: Crown Books published Mission in a Bottle by Seth and Barry

    2015: Honest Tea changes PET design and adds a leaf to the logo.


  • Product EvaluationSize: Either 16.9 oz bottles or a 59 oz jug

    Cost: 16.9 oz bottle costs around $1.64 and a 59 oz jug costs roughly $36.94

    Distribution: Honest Tea PET bottles are distributed to both main stream and natural grocery stores, restaurants, and other convenience stores.

    Flavors: Honey Green Tea, Half Tea & Half Lemonade, Peach, Pomegranate Blue, Orange Mango, Raspberry, Unsweetened Lemon, Lemon, and Cranberry Lemon

    Look/ Feel: Honest Tea logo is friendly and approachable. Colorful imagery highlights the organic, fresh ingredients and adds a refreshing appetite appeal. On the shelf, the PET bottles grab the attention of consumers by highlighting the flavors and reinforcing the idea of organic and just a tad sweet.


  • Product EvaluationIn addition to PET bottles, Honest Tea sells Honest Kids. Honest Kids juice pouches are a healthy alternative to the ultra-sweet Capri Sun line. These juice pouches have a full days supply of Vitamin C and only 40 percent of the calories compared to Capri Suns.

    Size: 6.75 oz pouches or 59 oz jug

    Cost: 8 pouches costs around $4.58 and the 59 oz. jug is around $2.98

    Distribution:Honest Kids is distributed to both main stream andnatural grocery stores, restaurants, and other convenience stores.

    Flavors: S