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The Cultural / Civic Entrepreneurs Forumis aimed at highlighting initiatives that have the potential to stimulate and enliven the public and community spaces of the city. Great places are not just an outcome of design but management , programming & Community Engagement & enabling social networks & partnerships. The forum presented cultural change agents who organize and adding to the cultural & social capital of the city. It was jointly hosted by The Urban Vision & Thomson Reuters Foundation. Below is the presentations.


  • 1. National Streets for Performing Arts

2. In the beginning... 3. Laying the Foundations (Summer 2012)Ajit Dayal rekindle an atmosphere of street performances in urbanIndia that aims to bring some joy to the lives of millions as they go about their daily commute". 4. NSPA Pilot (June 2012)Jishnu Short-round Guha, busker 5. NSPA Launch (October 2012)K. Dakshinamurthy & P. Kaliswaran @ Borivali Station 6. Pedestrian to Pedestal (Nov- Feb, 2013)R. Mukund & Neeraj Arya @ Indiakaleido, 2012 7. Spreading Roots in the CityPromiseland @ Horniman Circle Gardens, Fort 8. NSPA Profile Take Art to PeopleSupport Artist Livelihoods Revive Culture of Street performances Year-round calendar of performances Steady Income Expose audiences to new & diverse forms of Music Widespread Publicity & access to Networks Promote Art Literacy & Outreach Skill enhancement & diversification 9. The NSPA Milestones NSPAMar-1410 Venues, 30 Artists Nov-13Artist TrainingsNSPA TimelineAug-13May-13 7 Venues - 23 Artist Jan-13Gig SeasonOct-12 Launch 3 Venues, 12 artistsJul-12PilotApr-12 0100020003000400050006000Artist Average Monthly Income (Rs.)70008000900010000 10. NSPA in the CityRahul Pais @ Borivali Station