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  • 1. Timeless GiftsThrough The Ages

2. Isprocess of spreadingnew knowledge andskills to other cultures 3. Culture Review Culture a way of life for people who sharesimilar beliefs and customs. Culture Regions geographic areas which aregrouped by common cultural characteristicsReligionLanguage Culture Trait characteristics that make culturalgroups unique from all othersReligionGovernmentLanguageDressArts 4. ArchitectureBuilding constructionGovernmentScienceTechnologySportsPaintingSculptureLanguage and LiteraturePhilosophyand othersWhere do we get our ideasabout? 5. How did our civilization becometechnologically, scientifically and culturallyadvanced?We took the best of what other peopledeveloped and it has spread throughout thecultures of the world.Modern Western Civilization is advanced, inpart, because we have borrowed the ideas ofpeople who came before us. 6. This process is called When a culture groupborrows a culture trait fromanother culture May change or adapt it to fitthe new culture group 7. We are going to study four periods in historythat have contributed many ideas thatcontinue to shape our modern culture. 8. From the Ancient Greeks wehave...TheaterArchitecturalstylesDemocracyOlympicsMath &ScienceGeography &HistoryLanguage &LiteraturePhilosophy 9. From the Ancient Romans wehave...RoadsLanguage&LiteratuElectedofficialsArchitecturalStylesCensusScience &TechnologyGovernment 10. From the Middle Ages wehave...LimitedGovernmentArchitecturalStylesSpread ofReligionUniversities 11. From the Renaissance we have...ExplorationandDiscoveryManyInventionsInnovations in Art &ArchitectureGreat Works of ArtInnovations inScience 12. What allowed these historical erasWhat allowed these historical erasto borrow from each other?to borrow from each other? 13. was the bridge that allowed cultures toborrow from each other.It is not so much when these peoplelived, but where they lived. 14. Why would Europe be a good place forpeople to trade ideas?The people from these eras lived on thecontinent of Europe. 15. Many peninsulasAccess to theseaDiverse people livingclose togetherNear othercontinents 16. How do we communicatenew ideas and inventionswith one another intodays modern culture? 17. What do we call the spreadof ideas between cultures? 18. Geography influences the development ofculture.A cultures development is dependent upon itsability to adapt to or modify the environment.The foundations of modern society arebuilt on contributions from the past.


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