cultural relics 1 st period. warming up new words practice

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Cultural relics 1 st

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Cultural relics 1 st Period Warming up New words Practice It is a part of something old that has remained when the rest of it has been destroyed. It tells people about the past. It has survived for a long time. What is a cultural relic ? It is a rare Ming dynasty vase. What will you say to him? Give the changing forms of the following: cultural----(n.) survive----(n.) state----( culture survivor / survival country / nation The mans ________ is surprising, as we all thought he has died. They built shelters for the _________ after the quake. survival survivors The ______ owns the land, we citizens can only use it. state There are more than 200 __________ in the world.countries All the ________ must be in a unit to fight against the invaders. nation fancy----( wonder---- a (pl.) b (pt./pp) furniture----( secretly----(adj.) wooden----(n.) doubt----(adj.) mystery----(adj.) fancier / fanciest wonders clothing / people / police secret wood doubtable/doubtless mysterious wondered / wondered heat----(adj.) design----(n.) heated designer light----(pt. /pp.) lit/lit; lighted/ lighted Find the words and expressions with the following meaning. 1 Something that has survived for long, often an object whose original culture has disappeared. relic 2 stay in the same placeremain 3 very special rare 4 an object for holding flowers vase 5 as a reward for something in return 6 looking for in search of 7 something given to a person gift 8 not sure doubt 9 to take something away remove 10 a precious stonejewel 1. During the Tang __________, China was very developed and prosperous( . Dynasty 2. The bike is mine. In other words, the bike ___________ me. belongs to 3. The house is designed in European _________. style 4. You can look at yourself in a _________.mirror 5. All the guests are waiting in the __________ room. reception 6. During that time, the two countries were ___________. People were warned not to visit them. at war Fill in the blanks with new words (cultural--- mystery): 7. Hawaii is a ________ of the United States. state 8. After the war, Iraq is in a _________ of disorder. state Fill in the blanks with country state nation 1.This __________ is in the west of Asia. 2. There are fifty _________ in the USA. 3.Railways belong to the __________. 4.The whole __________ was in deep sorrow when they heard the news. 5. He looks as if he were from the _______. country states state nation country Practice Rewrite the following: 1.cultural-----(n.) 2. survive------(n) 3.prove------(n.) ( 5. heat-----(adj.) 6. design----(n.) 7. at war---( ant. 8. wooden ---(n) 9. doubt---- (adj.) 10. mystery-----(adj.) 11. trial----(v.) 12. state---( similar. Explain the following in English: 1.remain 2. doubt 3. consider 4. opinion 5.remove 6. prove 7. rare 8. gift 9.think highly of 10.besides 11. in search of 12.survive Make sentences with the following: return 2. look into 3. pretend 4. in search of 5. think highly of 6. consider 7. doubt 8. take apart 1. belong to 2. remain 3. prove 4. light Do you know the difference : state country nation Do you know how to use ?