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Insights into video gamer sub-cultures, with a focus on Sydney-based DOTA 2 guild DYRM.


  • 1. Culture study: video gamers Developed by Sarah Creelman (1118-4470) and Sarah Gillham (9906-8645) 57025 Intercultural and International Communication
  • 2. THE brief Better understand a community or culture that is not your own Identify the unique concept notes and signifiers that are common to members of this community Provide analysis Reflect on the learning experience, offering recommendations for a communications strategy
  • 3. Living in a fantasy world nerd Predominantly male Anti-social geek basement GAMER Living at mum and dads house loner addicted single angry unhealthy
  • 4. Gamer stereotypes Source: MUD2MMO : Gamer Stereotypes
  • 5. Its time for a reality check
  • 6. Source: Digital Australia Report 2012 Interactive Gaming and Entertainment Association (iGEA)
  • 7. CASE STUDY: DOTA 2 GUILD Source: The Noobs Guide to DOTA 2 (IGN)
  • 8. Who we spoke to Zorine Chris DYRM David
  • 9. The beginnings All identify as gamers from a young age Played a variety of games before playing DOTA 2 Connected through broader gaming community Source: The Noobs Guide to Dota 2 (IGN)
  • 10. Community: An academic definition Peck (1987) identifies characteristics of community generally as comprising of inclusivity, commitment, contemplation, consensus and graceful fighting.
  • 11. What connects DYRM today Connections are strong both online and offline Social capital built through gaming experience and achievement continuing to grow Tech trends multiplayer, experience sharing
  • 12. Speaking geek community concept notes Source: South Park Make Love Not Warcraft R Tard
  • 13. n00b pro omg MOBA gamertag Smack talk Geek speak quest Level up feeder GTFO + L2P! trolling guild clan avatar
  • 14. Joining the clan Skill and achievement based community Access determined by capabilities .but membership is reflective of real world friendships Curated entry its who you know AND what you know
  • 15. How do you connect with gamers? Start a genuine conversation on gamer terms Brands and orgs are already working (some successfully!) to connect with gamers: SIMs case study good Medal of Honor case study bad Australian defence forces getting in the game
  • 16. reflection Research consistently shows that activation of a stereotype can influence behavior, typically resulting in an increase in stereotype-consistent behavior, even when the stereotype and related behavior are somewhat negative (Campbell and Mohr 2011).
  • 17. What next for gamers? Gaming is becoming more accessible Tablets, PCs, smartphones, consoles More people are gamers than ever before Tech innovation PS4 share button Future of online gaming communities is bright!
  • 18. Think again this is the real gamer connected grown up creative balanced Gamer 2.0 friendly Guys AND girls normal passionate Employed! competitive social
  • 19. Thank you Any questions?