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Current project . Brain exercise card game. Physical card game + digital elements . F eature. •Balancing emotional and rational tasks • Creating more cards and game types • Further software implementation • Polishing game mechanics . CFC Prototype. Design objectives:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Current project

Brain exercise card gamePhysical card game + digital elements

Balancing emotional and rational tasksCreating more cards and game typesFurther software implementationPolishing game mechanics


CFC PrototypeDesign objectives:

Toy is the best friend of the children, and it is also the important medium that help them to developed intelligence, language ability, emotion reaction of the outside world. It can also entertain the kids, make them mentally and physically healthy.For the mentally challenged, this toy can be used as play therapy:1. develop their cognition2. improve their eye-hand coordination 3. attract their attention4. easy to use5. material is stable, durable and not harmful

Target Users:A mentally retarded Child/Adult is slow to learn and may be slow or limited in the development of physical skills. Additional to physical skills other handicaps may be present, such as speech impairments, visual impairments, hearing defects, or epilepsy. Mildly (Educable) - Mental Age 8-12; learn to approximately 6th grade level.Moderately (Trainable) - Mental Age 5-8; cannot learn academic subjects in school.Severely/Profoundly - Many require life-long care and supervision and are often confined to institutions.

PlatformMobile device:Ipad, Iphone, playbook

Related design FieldDigital designIndustrial designInclusive design

softwareProcessing, Arduino, 3d Max

User scenario:

Jack is 10 year-old, who is moderately mentally retardedhe went to special school, every his classmate will be assigned a toy, which can be hooked to the ipad or computer. They can play game with this toy. They can play game with this toy at home after school.School will offer the up-to-date program for the interactive game with educational function.One year later, Jack improves a lot on cognition and bodily Coordinated Ability. Interactive toy for Pinocchio-loving Adults for the Mentally Challenged