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1 CURSILLO ULTREYA & CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION Come celebrate Christmas at the Mundt home. EVERYONE IS INVITED! Date: Friday, December 29 th Time: 7:30 PM Location: Mike and Vicky Mundt’s home 1391 Sunwood Terrace Annapolis, MD 21409 RSVP: 410-571-5558 or [email protected] Please bring a snack/appetizer to share! Your whole family is welcome! Call or email Vicky at if you have any questions! Cursillo Movement of Baltimore December 2017

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Come celebrate Christmas at the Mundt home. EVERYONE IS INVITED!
Date: Friday, December 29th Time: 7:30 PM Location: Mike and Vicky Mundt’s home 1391 Sunwood Terrace Annapolis, MD 21409 RSVP: 410-571-5558 or [email protected]
Please bring a snack/appetizer to share! Your whole family is welcome! Call or email Vicky at if you have any questions!
Cursillo Movement of Baltimore December 2017
12/8/17 Friday @ 7:30 PM ULTREYA at Church of the Crucifixion Parish
12/25/17 Monday @ 7:00 PM NO School of Leaders – Merry Christmas
12/29/17 Friday @ 7:30 PM ULTREYA and CHRISTMAS PARTY
1/12/18 Friday @ 7:30 PM ULTREYA at Catholic Community of St. Francis Xavier
1/22/18 Monday @ 7 PM School of Leaders at Our Lady of the Fields
1/27/18 Saturday @ 6 PM PURSE BINGO at St. Philip Neri Parish
2/03/18 Saturday @ 8:30 AM Cursillo Reflection Day at the Shrine of St. Anthony’s
2/09/18 Friday @ 7:30 PM ULTREYA at Church of the Crucifixion Parish
2/26/18 Monday @ 7 PM School of Leaders at Our Lady of the Fields
3/09/18 Friday @ 7:30 PM ULTREYA at Church of the Crucifixion Parish
3/20-22 Friday to Sunday Spring Region 2 Encounter in Vineland, NJ
3/26/18 Monday @ 7 PM School of Leaders at Our Lady of the Fields
Baltimore Weekends and National Encounter
5/17-20 Thursday-Sunday Men’s Weekend
5/20/18 Sunday @ 4:00 PM Closura for the Men’s Weekend
8/2-5 Thursday-Sunday Women’s Weekend
8/5/18 Sunday & 4:00 PM Closura for the Women’s Weekend
8/16-18 Thursday-Sunday National Cursillo Encounter in Seattle, WA
Dear Friends in Christ,
I’d like to start off by sharing some wonderful news with you. Most of you know Vicky Mundt who is a long time Cursillista and who has done an incredible job heading up our School of Leaders for the past three years. After much prayer and discernment, Vicky has offered to serve as our new Lay Director. And, at our Secretariat meeting on Nov 7, Vicky was formally nominated and approved for this role, effective right after the meeting. Vicky is a person of deep faith, is full of energy, joy, and great ideas, and has lots of experience as a servant leader. We should all feel blessed to have her as our new lay director. Please keep her in your prayers as she will need God’s help, and all of our support, to tackle this demanding job.
We are still on track to host men’s and women’s weekends in 2018. Darlene Conley has agreed to serve as the Rectora for the women’s weekend and we are in the process of selecting a Rector for the men’s weekend. We are also finalizing the list of Spiritual Advisers for both weekends. Team formation will begin over the next two months. Have you befriended someone this year that may benefit from making a Cursillo weekend? Now is the time to start planting the seed of how Cursillo might help them on their faith journey.
In addition to reading the wonderful articles in this newsletter, take a minute to check out our website, Our webmaster, Bob Barrick, has made several changes to make it easier to find out what is going on. The new calendar tool is easy to use and is up to date. Also, you should also find our updated Secretariat listing, a revised list of Friendship Groups which includes participation by our new Cursillistas, and the Letter of Interest for our 2018 weekends.
We are getting great participation at our monthly Ultreya at the Church of the Crucifixion and our quarterly Ultreya at the Mundt’s home in Annapolis. If you haven’t been to an Ultreya for a while, come and join us for a wonderful and inspirational evening of fellowship.
It has been a great honor to serve this wonderful and blessed community for the past three years. Our mission (the Charism of Cursillo) is more important than ever. We must recommit to our personal and communal acts of Piety, to continual Study of God’s will and his teachings, and to courageous Apostolic Action in our own personal day to day environments. We can’t solve all the world’s problems. But, we can have an impact on those that are right in front of us. Christ is counting on us. And, we need to count on him if we are to be successful.
De Colores
Dave Luddy
Lay Director Message by Dave Luddy
We would like to take the time to thank Dave Luddy for leading us these past 3.5 years as our Lay Director. His love
of Christ is evident as well as his love for Cursillo. He has devoted much of his talent, time and treasure to our
movement for which we deeply appreciate! Even though Dave has passed on the torch to Vicky we know he is not
going anywhere. He will continue to be a faithful servant to the Lord and to our Cursillo Movement of Baltimore.
As we approach the celebration of the Incarnation, many people argue over the date of Jesus'
birth. Pope Benedict covers the question very well in his book, Jesus of Nazareth. Furthermore, some people ask, "Why are we celebrating Christmas on December 25th when the season in the Bible says there were shepherds in the field? [According to] Ezra 10:9, the Jews were not out in the cold or rain season?" It is important to remember that the temperature around Jerusalem is about 45 degrees Fahrenheit and sheep have heavy wool covering to keep them arm. To this day, sheep still graze the area year round and this practice is recorded in the ancient Jewish Mishna. The date of December 25th, some argue, was chosen because it is nine months after the Annunciation celebrated on the 25th of March. Because the Gospel of Luke, tells us that Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, serve in the temple during the division of Abijah, and when he returned home, John the Baptist was conceived. The division of Abijah falls around the month of October. Since the Angel told Mary the Elizabeth was already pregnant six-months, that would put the annunciation in March and nine months later Jesus would be born in December. Perhaps the best evidence for a December 25th date comes from Dr. Taylor Marshall who writes, “The best way to date Herod’s death is by focusing on the testimony that Herod died a few months after a well-observed lunar eclipse. With modern astronomical models, we know that such a lunar eclipse occurred at Jerusalem before sunset on December 29 in 1 B.C.” This would mean that Herod died sometime after A.D. 1. This lines up perfectly with the chronology of Dionysius the Little. This means that Christ was born on December 25 of 1 B.C. and that He was circumcised on January 1 of A.D. I would also draw you attention to a fascinating video on the star of Bethlehem that can be found at Using the study of the positions of the stars and the biblical and historical data, the author comes to the conclusion that Jesus was born on December 25th.
Father Larry Adamczyk
Christmas has changed over the years which in some popular venues starts before Thanksgiving which has always been in my mind a great prelude to the greatest gift we celebrate at Christmas. The gift I refer to of course is Jesus. I don’t think He is on the minds of the minions of Christmas shoppers who have so many modern day opportunities to get that special gift(s) for family, friends and co-workers. However, there is some return to the true meaning of Christmas with the overflowing crowds in the Church pews, the beautiful crèches, the flowers and in some cases the need to get a piece of straw for their wallet so that they will always have money during the coming year. Unfortunately, the excitement of Christmas in many if not most cases loses its glamour and excitement with the New Year’s parties and resolutions that in many if not most cases don’t last. So what would be the “Christmas Gift that Lasts for Ever?” I would say the gift of a “Cursillo Weekend”. Think about it! Fifteen talks with a singular theme “To live a life of grace”, inspiring Meditations, Eucharistic Adoration, the greatest prayer we have – Daily Mass, lasting friendships and my favorite-praying the rosary in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. So when you are pondering a gift that lasts forever, consider giving the gift of a “3 Day Cursillo” that will do all those things and last forever and the true meaning of the greatest Christmas gift we have all received is Jesus the Christ who before He Ascends to heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father, gave us the Gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. De Colores; Deacon R. Wm. “Monti” Montalto - I sat at the table of St. Andrew - September 11, 1975
Spiritual Direction by Father Larry Adamczyk and Deacon Monti
My fellow Cursillistas,
The beautiful season of giving is upon us. Thanksgiving and Christmas provide focused opportunities for us to give. As we read during the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Jesus tells the parable of talents. We recall that the Master gave the same praise to the servant with 5 talents as with 2 talents because they both used their talents no matter what the value. However, the servant with 1 talent did not use it resulting in the loss of the talent and casting out into the night. The message here is we all have abilities and Jesus asks that we use them for His glory not ours. Often, we discount our abilities or feel others could do better. This is a trap we should avoid. Everyone can contribute in their way.
I offer a thought for our reflection. Can we offer more support to our Cursillo movement? Support comes in many forms to include daily Palanca, calling fellow Cursillistas to see how they are doing, being a friend, making a friend and bringing that friend to Christ, helping with logistics for our weekends, being a team member, attending an Ultreya, grouping with your Cursillista friends, or talking about Cursillo with fellow Parishioners. As Monti speaks in his reflection – attending a weekend is a great lifelong gift. Give your talents to share the message of Cursillo. Now is the time to ask Jesus about your friend. He will give you the graces to ask your friend. Let’s take down our umbrellas and get wet with grace and give the gift that changes lives.
Deacon Mark Loepker
Dear Cursillistas,
Over the past year, the world had been confronted by one tragedy after another. Nature’s wrath and human inflicted horror have left behind many in despair and without hope, seeking answers and relief but finding none. In contrast, when these challenges confront Cursillistas, they find hope and strength through palanca and the prayers of a community that relies on God’s love and mercy. Their hope is one that sees a future where things will get better, and their strength is one that is gained by living a life of piety, study, and action. With these, Cursillistas live with confidence that they can overcome any tragedy and bear any burden. We received this gift at our Cursillos, and within it a call to action and to pass it along to others. Yes, God calls us to all to action. First, to actively pursue Him through prayer, the sacraments and especially in the Eucharist. And second, to actively bring others back to Him through our love in action. So, whether we are teachers, doctors, bankers, manual laborers, parents, retired, whatever our vocation in life, our mission is clear: get ourselves and everyone we encounter to heaven. As we approach the time of year when we will once again reunite with family and friends, perhaps it’s time we consider who among them would be a good candidate to join our Movement. With our Cursillo Weekends taking place on May 17-20 (Men’s) and August 2-5 (Women’s) this coming year, now is the perfect time to take action. May God Bless our Movement Paul H Gonzalez, Pre-Cursillo
Cursillo Movement of Baltimore has successfully registered with the Amazon Smile Program as a non-profit organization eligible to receive donations through the Foundation. Amazon Smile is a website operated by Amazon that allows you to enjoy the same wide selection of products and convenient shopping features as on The difference
is that when you shop on Amazon Smile (, the Amazon Smile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to the eligible non-profit organization of your choice. Therefore, you can start supporting The Cursillo Movement of Baltimore by visiting
If you already have a charity designated, you can change it to Cursillo Movement of Baltimore. Simply log into your Smile Amazon account and click on the drop down that lists your Charity and select change. Then type in Cursillo Movement of Baltimore and start shopping! If you have questions or need assistance you can contact Vicky Mundt at [email protected].
The holidays are approaching and we know you will be busy shopping for gifts, decorations, and more. Please shop at so Cursillo Movement of Baltimore can increase its AmazonSmile donations. Shop for everyone on your gift list this holiday at and Amazon donates to Cursillo Movement Of Baltimore.
Precursillo by Paul Gonzalez
Do you want your friends, family and co-workers to know the treasures of Cursillo? Please join me in praying for them and make a generous financial contribution today!
Please consider making a contribution to the Archbishop Borders Fund. This fund pays for the weekend costs of Laity/Seminarian who cannot otherwise afford to attend. This fund is used only for Laity/Seminarian--The blessing of the Cursillo Weekend is not just for the well off. Every penny you contribute goes to help your brother/sister attend a weekend. Your contribution can be mailed to the address below or placed in the contribution box at any Ultreya. Any amount is acceptable--large or small--be it a check or pocket change. Please make checks payable to Cursillo Movement of Baltimore, memo: Archbishop Borders Fund. We thank you in advance on behalf of the Cursillo Movement of Baltimore for your generosity.
If you have any question please contact Mike Mundt at 410-571-5558 or email at [email protected]
Please mail any donations to: Mike Mundt 1391 Sunwood Terrace Annapolis, MD 21409 Please make check payable to “The Cursillo Movement of Baltimore” Thanks in advance for your donation!
Treasurer Message by Mike Mundt
Did you know the Cursillo Movement of Baltimore is a
Your 4th Day
How does your Group Reunion (GR) live your Fourth Day? One of the best ways to stay connected with the Cursillo Movement is for GRs to get involved in group activities. Hold a fundraiser, service the needy, say the Rosary together or any number of activities. Below are some ideas but you can use your imagination.
Palanca - Support current candidates with Palanca from your GR.
Support Community Events - Many GRs will get involved in supporting various community events. It can range from anything like making food for an event to volunteering to donating money. Other GRs make baked good and provide candy for Santa to hand out at the event.
Prison Palanca - A little goes a long way with an inmate. Some inmates have very few, if any, visitors and very little contact with the outside world. Receiving an anonymous, unprompted card or letter can make a huge difference in the attitude and rehabilitation efforts of an inmate.
Your GR can write a number of cards for any occasion or no occasion at all. Simply start the card with "Dear Brother in Christ" and sign it with your first name only. Send a positive message.
Find a GR that works for you - If your GR doesn't fulfill you there are a couple of things you can do about it. Talk to your GR mates, if it isn't working for you chances are it may not be working for one or more of them as well. Make some adjustments and make it work for everyone.
Alternatively, or if your GR is no longer meeting, find a new GR. There are GRs made up of Cursillistas from many different Cursillos. It is important to have a trusted group of Cursillistas to work with. Don't be afraid, live and love your 4th day!
De Colores!
Andy Roe
Your 4th Day! By Andy Roe
Remember your monthly subscription to the CD/MP3 of the Month Club earns money for our Cursillo movement.
Use CDs, DVDs, books and pamphlets for:
PIETY- talks and books available to deepen your prayer life STUDY- learn more about our Catholic Faith ACTION- pass along your CD or book to a friend, family member or co-worker. Go to and use Baltimore Cursillo promo code 103514 or use your smart phone to get or give a subscription.
Monday, January 22, 2018 TBD Rector/Rectora Training and Table Dynamics
Monday, February 26, 2018 TBD
Personal Contact, Language and Style, Active Method, Power Ideas and Schedule of Talks
Monday, March 26, 2018 TBD Mary during the Cursillo, Palanca and the
Conversion Process
Hope to see you all at the School of Leaders!
All are welcome. We meet at Our Lady of the Fields in room 205 from 7:00-9:00 pm. For more information, contact Vicky Mundt at 410-571-5558 or [email protected].
School of Leaders by Vicky Mundt
Who: Who is the School Leaders for? You! Are you being called to deepen your faith and learn more about Cursillo? Then the School of Leaders is what you are looking for. All are welcome!
What: What do we study at the School of Leaders? We have a Doctrinal talk presented by a Deacon and a talk on Cursillo Technique presented by a lay member. The schedule for the next 3 months is listed below.
When: When does the School of Leaders meet? We meet on the 4th Monday of the Month at 7 PM.
Where: Where does the School of Leaders meet? We meet at Our Lady of Fields in room 205. Why: Why come to the School of Leaders? To deepen your knowledge of the Cursillo technique and its methodology, and apply it, especially the work of personal contact. Revitalize and invigorate the Precursillo, Cursillo, the Ultreya and the Secretariat.
PALANCA is our honor, privilege and duty to pray and do sacrifices for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Please continual to pray for all cursillistas that are making their weekend each week somewhere around the world. The weekends are posted every weekend by Rose. Please look for our weekly postings. Due to circumstances out of our control our Palanca Mass scheduled for October 21 was cancelled.
Remember -> Christ is Counting on YOU and YOU are Counting on CHRIST!!!
August 19, 2017 – Grand Ultreya/Fiesta
Sue and Dave Luddy were our wonderful hosts. They went out of their way to accommodate everyone and everything. The day had perfect weather and perfect people. The cursillistas came with delicious food and good spirits to share. The Holy Spirit was in our environment.
The Ultreya was started with introductions then we broke into small groups. Our witness was Rachael Dallesandro. Her talk was very moving and inspirational. She is counting on Christ and Christ is counting on her. Thank you, Rachael! After we closed with our petitions we ate and ate some more!
Cursillistas know how to throw a Fiesta. Thanks to Andy, our chef, we had plenty of hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken on the grill. Thanks, Andy! The desserts were delicious. We had all kinds of goodies. After our food was digested many got in the pool. I don't know who had the best time, Gwen, Sue, Dave, Sean or Linda. Others included Ted, Karen, Anne, Tina, Dan, Andy, and I am sure that I am missing a few names! Like I said – a lot of people were in the pool! By the time they all got out I think they all looked like purple raisins.
With lots of love and gratitude to all participates of that day. We are BLESSED!!!!!
Palanca by Darlene Conley
On the weekend of Oct 20-22, Sue Wenzlick and Dave Luddy attended the Region 2 Fall Encounter at the St. John Paul II Retreat Center in Vineland, NJ. This is a joyful event in which leaders from the Cursillo movements in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington, DC gather together for a weekend of food and fellowship, learning, sharing, prayer, and mutual support in our common endeavor. During the encounter, we learned much from four wonderful talks:
Father Jack Kane gave a talk about Spirituality in the Charism. One of his key points was that
we need to not just Read the bible, but Listen to the bible. He stressed that the bible needs to
transform us and to do this we need to allow the Word of God to sink in and to begin to see the
world as God sees it.
In Phil Rodney’s talk about the Foundation of the Charism, he stressed that we should not lose
sight of our main objective which is transforming our environments, one person at a time.
Ronnie Martella gave a wonderful talk about Our 4th Day. She stressed that it’s not so much
what we do but who we are. Our focus should be on our moveable square meter and we
should start with those closest to us. Sometimes those most in need of God’s blessings are
folks that we see every day.
In her talk about Leadership in the Charism, our own Sue Wenzlick noted that many Cursillo
leaders choose Cursillo as their primary apostolate. This means that they make their highest
commitment to this apostolate and are spurred to Apostolate Action, the third leg of our tripod.
At the business meeting, Phil Rodney noted that in2018 the National Cursillo plans to publish an updated version of the 3 Day Manual, a new Step By Step Rector’s guide, and a standardized version of the Cursillo weekend application form. We also learned that the next National Encounter will be Aug 16-18, 2018 in Seattle. What a beautiful city!
There were many opportunities to pray for our movement, and for each other, during the weekend. Father Jack celebrated mass each day after our morning prayers. On Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed God’s holy sunshine as we prayed the rosary in the beautiful gardens near statues of our Blessed Mother. One evening we had time to reflect on God’s love for us during Eucharist Adoration and Benediction.
Saturday evening was incredible. During the Ultreya, one of the leaders gave an impassionate witness talk that about how she joyfully gave us two years of her life to care for a loved one who was ill. Afterwards, we enjoyed food and fellowship (and perhaps some wine) as we danced and sang, in both English and Spanish, to upbeat music at the Fiesta. I continue to be amazed at the joy that the Spanish community brings to everything that they do.
Want more information about Region 2? Please visit their website at
Cursillo Region 2 Fall Encounter Report by Dave Luddy
WHEN: Saturday, February 3, 2018, 9 AM – 3 PM
WHERE: Shrine of St. Anthony, 12300 Folly Quarter Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21042
COST: $35 (includes lunch!)
All Cursillistas, spouses, and friends are invited to share in a day of reflection and spiritual renewal.
The day will begin with 9 AM arrival at the Shrine for coffee and breakfast refreshments, followed by a presentation, noon Mass, lunch and a short afternoon talk, with time for reflection. There will be an opportunity for Reconciliation, too! The Shrine is on beautiful grounds, and is home to Conventual Franciscan friars.
Please contact Tina Delaney (t[email protected]) for more info or to sign up. De Colores!
Men’s Weekend: May 17- 20, 2018
Women’s Weekend: August 2 - 5, 2018
Where: Msgr O’Dwyer Retreat House
15523 York Road, Sparks, MD 21152
Cost: $175 (financial aid available)
What: A weekend of prayer, Mass, talks, and sharing in community.
For more information, please contact Tina: [email protected] or
call 410-794-6688.
We continue to host an Ultreya the 2nd Friday of the month at Church of the Crucifixion in Glen Burnie! The Ultreya starts promptly at 7:30 PM and lasts one hour. We meet in the basement of the church. Church of the Crucifixion is located at 100 Scott Avenue, Glen Burnie, MD 21060. For more information contact Darlene Conley at [email protected]!
The Cursillistas in Annapolis host an Ultreya on the 5th Friday of the month. The Ultreya begins at 7:30 PM at the home of Mike and Vicky Mundt. The address is 1391 Sunwood Terrace, Annapolis, MD 21409. Please contact Vicky Mundt for more information 410-571-5558 or [email protected].
ULTREYA AND EPIPHANY PARTY Our new Cursillistas in Hunt Valley area are hosting our Ultreya and Epiphany Party on Friday, January 12 (replacing our Church of Crucifixion Ultreya) at 7:30 PM. The location is the Catholic Community of St. Francis Xavier. The church is located at 13717 Cuba Road, Hunt Valley, MD 21030. Please bring snack food to share. Drinks will be provided. ALSO----Bring your guitar and your voices as we plan to sing – sing – sing. ALL ARE INVITED! We will be collecting items for the homeless this night as well.
It’s time to play BINGO to help the Cursillo Movement of Baltimore!
Saturday, January 27th at St. Philip Neri Parish Hall Doors open at 6 PM with the Games starting at 7 PM
HELP IS NEEDED FOR THIS EVENT! Sponsor a Purse – a monetary donation! Fill a Purse with items! Ask local businesses for Door Prizes Buy a ticket! Help with Set-up (4 PM) Help with Clean-up (9 PM)
Call Sue for more details at 410-850-5680 or email at [email protected]
Checks can be made payable to “Cursillo
Movement of Baltimore”.
Catholic Daughters Court Mother Seton #2119
SATURDAY, January 27, 2018
It’s your chance to win Vera Bradley Bags, thirty-one Bags, Michael
Kors, Kate Spade and COACH Purses
20 Games of Bingo
$20.00 in advance per person $25.00 at the door
Due to seating limitations, no one will be admitted without a ticket!
Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Bingo games start at 7:00 p.m. Great tasting food will be available for purchase!
To reserve your tickets today: Call/e-mail Sue Wenzlick (410) 850-5680
[email protected] Bingo to be held in the Parish Building of St. Philip Neri
6405 S. Orchard Road, Linthicum MD 21090
Purse & Bag
Thirty-One ® products
301-739-0390 X116
410-305-4577 410-591-3287
443-791-1960 [email protected]
410-571-5558 410-212-8599
410-849-2343 [email protected] Nov 2015
410-849-2343 [email protected]
Feb 2017
410-421-5577 240-444-3973
410-437-0804 443-838-6809
410-255-8913 443-676-2958
410-969-6308 [email protected] July 2014
410-571-5558 [email protected]
May 2017
410-850-5680 443-691-3955
410-703-1494 410-846-3451
[email protected] [email protected]
January 2010
Cursillo Movement of Baltimore’s Prayer request – Rose Marcin [email protected] Cursillo Movement of Baltimore’s Webmaster – Bob Barrick [email protected] National Newsletters- ULTREYAS Church of the Crucifixion in Glen Burnie (2nd Friday of the Month) -
CONTACT - Darlene Conley darleneandbud1[email protected] St. Mary’s in Annapolis (5th Friday of the Month) -
CONTACT – Vicky Mundt [email protected]