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If your brand wants to ship heavy electronic products and glassware custom foam insert will be a perfect packaging solution. The best thing is that the foam insert is cut according to the shape and size of the product or box. It will protect the products against damage and shocks.


Custom Foam Insert

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Custom foam insert

Almost all the brands in the industry want to make a mark in the industry. They also want to showcase their products elegantly. Most heavy products need a lot of care and support when they are transported from one place to the other. The electronic equipment, tools, glassware and musical instruments need custom foam inserts to remain safe from breakage or damage. It has been observed that their visual appeal will also enhance when these inserts are used. When the brand can deliver products safely to the customer's doorstep, they will help increase sales in no time.

Custom foam insert

Custom foam inserts necessary for sensitive products

There is no doubt that custom foam inserts are necessary for packing all sensitive products. The microphone kits, camera equipment or the audio and video gear, can be packed inside the foam. It is a useful choice when it comes to shipping or increasing the shelf life of these products. If the products are damaged, they will cost a lot of money and effort, so it is better to take action.

Get foam insert according to your size and shape

We will help you get one of the best custom cut foam according to the size and shapes of your products. It would help if you let us know about the specifications, and we will start creating the inserts. We can even customize the inserts according to your requirements and cut the foam according to the specification of your products. The variety of density in the foam can cater to the needs of all brands well.

A foam insert can be a great way to showcase a precious item

There is no doubt that foam inserts are a great way to showcase all your precious items. It will enhance the visual appeal of your products, no matter what size or shape. All the customers will be impressed and won’t think twice before purchase. Glassware and electronics popular among every household, and if the brands can offer something unique, the customers will purchase from the same brand.

A foam insert can be a great way to showcase a precious item

Get foam insert in wholesale rate with free shipping in USA

If you are starting a new brand, you can get foam inserts at wholesale rates, especially if you order in bulk. We are offering free shipping and delivery services all across the USA, so you need not worry. If you are not sure what custom foam insert will be suitable, we will help you choose the best one. We offer different inserts that are available with a variety of finishes. The most common finishing options are black, carpeted lined, gloss finish and such choices.

 Why us?

We are a top packaging company that manufactures some of the best foam inserts for sensitive products. They are soft and flexible but will give full security to your wine bottles and electronics. It is created according to the shape of the box and product while it fulfills the challenges of transporting fragile items. The foam can also act as a thermal insulator, so the products don’t have to face harsh weather conditions and external or internal elements. It is also easy to pack multiple products inside but make sure that they can fit in the correct size of the box and product. The foam inserts have shock-absorbent qualities that can protect all items.

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