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Customer Centricity At the Associate Level

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Presentation given by Theo Christ from Saks Fifth Avenue at the Retailers, Listen Up! luncheon on the importance of adopting a customer-centric approach at the associate level.


  • 1. Customer CentricityAt the Associate Level

2. Customer Centricity is a strategy to fundamentally aligna companys product and services with the wants andPeter Fader, PHD, Wharton Businessneeds of its most valuable customers. School The Customer no longer exists Relationship Expertise Loyalty and Wallet Share 3. Customer Centricity Treat everyone great.. and others greaterPeter Fader 4. On the Selling Floor 5. Relationships vs TransactionsMake a customer,not a sale. Katherine Barchetti 6. Entrepreneurs Eagles dont flock. Ross Perot 7. Invest in Tools, Training and DevelopmentIf I had 8 hours to chopdown a tree, Id spend 6sharpening my axe.Abraham Lincoln 8. Aligning GoalsIf you dont know whereyou are going, you mightwind up someplace else.Yogi Berra 9. RetentionEvery client you keep isone less you have tofind. NigelSanders 10. Build a Client Book Customersarean investment.Maximize your return.PeopleSoft 11. Relationship ExpertiseIn business you get whatyou want by giving otherpeople what they want. Alice McDougall 12. LoyaltyCustomer satisfaction isworthless. Customer loyalty ispriceless.JefferyGitomer 13. When talented [people] are given the authority andownership to guide initiatives toward success, you cantake a great deal of chance out of whether your strategywill succeed.