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1. B2B E-Commerce Filip De Clerck - FACE FACE AUDIO - LIGHT - VIDEO 2. Index About FACE WhyB2BE-Commerce? WhySanaCommerce? Strengths of Sana Commerce Pitfalls Questions? 3. About FACE 4. FACE Business: Pro Audio & Light Location: Boom, Belgium Employees: 25+ 5. Brands 6. Market Till 2011: Belgium and Luxembourg From 2011: Focus on greater Europe 7. Market Till 2011: Belgium and Luxembourg From 2011: Focus on greater Europe 8. Turnover 2011: European Service Point 2012: FACE territory expansion 2013: Expansion portfolio in extended territory 9. Why B2B E-Commerce? 10. Why B2B E-Commerce? To optimize the order process To generate more turnover with the same number of employees To provide customers with more information To professionalize our business (internationally) To publish and edit our prices in a simple way 11. Why Sana Commerce? 12. Why Sana Commerce? Integration with Dynamics NAV What you see is what you get FACE is not an IT business; No internal IT department, No developers Sana Commerce speaks a normal language instead of developers language Quick and easy implementation Price in comparison to a custom application Dynamics NAV partner refers Sana as the go-to e-Commerce solution 13. Strengths of Sana Commerce? 14. Obviously No more manual order entry Less phone calls / e-mail / fax 24/7 available Always and everywhere accessible Clear and structured information 15. Less obvious Complex tasks remain transparent Account manager log in functionalities Prices, users, customers, discounts all managed in NAV Easy but advanced CMS Quick order, List order and Template order functionalities Instant and detailed reports with the Google Analytics integration 16. No more manual order entry Less workload + Less mistakes + total control Orders in NAV Automatic order confirmation 17. Less phone calls / e-mail / fax What is it? How does it work? Is it on stock? What does it cost? Brochure? What does it look like? Pre-order process: 18. Less phone calls / e-mail / fax What is the final price? Discount? Are there any additional costs? Is it still on stock? What is the total price of 2 items? Order process: 19. Less phone calls / e-mail / fax Order history available Also for offline orders Track & Trace After order process: 20. 24/7 Available At night During the weekend Also when Customer Service isnt able to answer 21. Always and everywhere accessible From the customers computer Laptop of your sales consultants Tablet at a business event 22. FACE ECOM launch PL + S Frankfurt 23. Complex tasks remain transparent Prices Discounts Volume discounts VAT and additional taxes 24. Complex tasks remain transparent Prices Discounts Volume discounts VAT and additional taxes 25. Clear and structured information Better insight in product groups and an overview of all products with a product list and product landing pages Information in your web shop can be displayed in an easy and uniform way 26. Account manager login functionalities Log in as your customer to place their orders and add a wish list Substitute the standard quote 27. All managed in NAV 28. Clear CMS Clear layout Runs in browser so always accessible 29. User friendly CMS Easy editor Perfect for starting and experienced content managers Structure of menu with the product landing pages and product sets makes for a quick build up of the catalogue 30. Quick order functionality 31. Google Analytics integration Instant insight in online sales Most viewed products and content? Which search terms are used by (potential) customers? Which e-mail campaigns are successful? 32. Google Analytics integration 33. Pitfalls 34. Get the entire organization on board To get the most out of your E-Commerce solution you need to get the entire organization on board Sales consultants need to have their discount administration up-to- date Stock and product administration needs to be up-to-date Back office employees will get new questions 35. A web shop doesnt run on itself You need to invest time in product images and content creation Managing your content requires a combination of knowledge of the technology youre working with, products you offer, your organization and the order process in NAV. Customize your working method, not the system 36. Thats all folks! Questions Anyone?