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CVIM Strategic Plan Update. June 2012. STRATEGIC GOALS. 1. Expand access to care for current and new patients 2. Redirect more resources to patient care through operational efficiencies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>CVIM Strategic Plan Update</p> <p>June 2012</p> <p>CVIM Strategic Plan Update</p> <p>STRATEGIC GOALS 1. Expand access to care for current and new patients 2. Redirect more resources to patient care through operational efficiencies 3. Make CVIM Chester Countys charity of choice 4. Transition to a governing board </p> <p>Patient Satisfaction SurveyPatients reported:</p> <p>100% - Satisfaction with overall care</p> <p>98% - That staff were helpful and caring </p> <p>96% - They were presented with health education during visit (compared to 59% last year)</p> <p>93% - Overall improvement in health status since becoming CVIM patient</p> <p>[100 patients surveyed: 55 English - 45 Spanish]</p> <p>Patient Volume</p> <p>Fiscal Year 2012 SuccessesFund Development</p> <p>Fiscal Year 2012 Highlights * Golf Classic</p> <p> * Winter/Spring Appeals</p> <p> * Foundation Awards </p> <p> * Pledges</p> <p>Winter Newsletter (Calendar Year End Appeal)</p> <p>Spring Newsletter (Fiscal Year End Appeal)</p> <p>Fiscal Year 2013 Plans &amp; ChallengesCVIM 15th AnniversaryNew Pillar MembersBoard CommitteesCompanies of CaringMarketing CommitteeBuild and Sustain New Golf Sponsors </p> <p>How Can I Help to Make CVIM the Charity of Choice in Chester County?Board giving importance of 100% participationCVIM Elevator speech know your talking pointsWhat else can I do? 1. Help to open closed doors &amp; cultivate new donors 2. Invite contacts for a tour of CVIM 3. Invite and include us at your events</p> <p>Income Source SummaryConstituentNo. of DonorsNo. Gifts GivenTotal (to date)Board1830$50,550Church921$10,417Corporation5060$404,809Former Board35$22,650Foundation3130$352,200Government34$49,448Individual417489$1,031,375Organization1314$41,178Staff67$6,836United Way22$42,240Volunteers6389$25,842Fiscal YearDonorsDollarsFY 2012624$2,037,545 FY 2011726$2,329,183</p> <p>Fiscal Year 2012 SuccessesVolunteer Management</p> <p>Volunteer RecruitmentNumbers of new volunteers</p> <p>Volunteer recruitment activity</p> <p>Student internships</p> <p>Volunteer Committee</p> <p>Selection and orientation process</p> <p>Training </p> <p>Volunteer RecognitionVolunteer Committee</p> <p>Volunteer Week Celebration</p> <p>Volunteer Stars</p> <p>ORTHODONTIST 10 Years MATTHEW SWIATEK, DMD, MMSc Example of Volunteer Star on CVIM Website</p> <p>Volunteer Retention &amp; LeadershipCommunication</p> <p>Cross training</p> <p>Corporate Volunteer Partners</p> <p>Examples of volunteer leadership</p> <p>Fiscal Year 2012 Successes</p> <p>Dental Services</p> <p>Dental TeamworkNewDentistDental Hygienist</p> <p>Volunteer Clinicians</p> <p>Staff</p> <p>Student Component</p> <p>Dental Program EnhancementsHIV Testing</p> <p>Smoking Cessation Program</p> <p>Outreach</p> <p>Fiscal Year 2012 SuccessesMedical Program Accomplishments</p> <p>Medical Home ModelCare Coordination</p> <p>Community Partnerships</p> <p>Case Example</p> <p>Program EnhancementDiabetes Case Management</p> <p>Nutrition</p> <p>Step it Up</p> <p>Obesity</p> <p>Comparison of National vs. CVIM Obesity StatisticsGreen: Normal 30Breakfast &amp; Business MeetingsCommunication</p> <p>Engaging Volunteers</p> <p>Care Coordinator Role</p> <p>Expanded Clinic Hours</p> <p>New Patient Volumes</p> <p>Quality AssuranceCredentialing and PrivilegingChart ReviewsPeer ReviewContinuing Medical Education</p> <p>Fiscal Year 2012 SuccessesDispensary Accomplishments</p> <p>TransitionLeadership TransitionOverlapIncreased hours</p> <p>Operational Efficiencies</p> <p>Dispensary ProgramsSmoking Cessation</p> <p>Patient Assistance Program</p> <p>Student Rotations</p> <p> Help Forward</p> <p>Chart11337215272176232256025934</p> <p>Visits</p> <p>Sheet120082009201020112012Visits1337215,27217,62322,56025,934</p>