CVIM Strategic Plan Update June 2010. Development.

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CVIM Strategic Plan UpdateCVIM Strategic Plan UpdateJune 2010DevelopmentMake CVIM Chester Countys Charity of ChoiceVisibilityMedia ExposureConsistent branding of all marketing materialsAwardsOpportunities to present/participate in eventsInternal signageCultivationConducted numerous toursNetworking with ChambersFunding ResultsPillar 10022 NEW Pillar Members ~ 120 GuestsTotal Raised: $1,686,325Funding ResultsWith 5 weeks remaining to FY endSpring Appeal targeted approach ~ $52,000Golf Classic 124 golfers ~ Celebrity AuctionCOC 2010 $258,000 vs. COC 2009 $288,000Total operating funds raised exceeds operations budget:Raised $2,010,788 vs. $1,917,000Total funds raised $2,350,000 vs. FY09 $2,536,000Looking Ahead ~ FY 2011VisibilityWebsite redesign ~ Versatility ~ In-house updatesNew donor recognition display and systemClinic associations ~ Active leadership and participationCultivationExpand development committee; infuse with new contactsSecure more toursRevisit relationships with all lapsed Pillars and donorsRe-energize COC effortsContinue to build on legislator relationships ~ Be where the money is!How can you Help?~ Open new doors~ Help us cultivate your contactsContinued success depends on NEW PROSPECTS and DONORS!OperationsFacility EnhancementExpansion/RenovationClinic remained open Investments in TechnologyPhone SystemMed ServicesWork StationsStaff NewsVolunteersFront Desk CoordinatorFront Office Staff/VolunteersSocial Services CoordinatorOperational EfficienciesData managementReportingPurchasingForms/SystemsPatient EligibilityCriteria reviewed/revisedAnnual eligibility statusPatient ScreeningVolume of new patient callsOutreachNumber of Events: 60Number of People Reached: 3,608Dispensary&Patient AssistanceProgramFacility EnhancementMed Services softwareData Net PAP moduleMedication Refill LineWeb-based order process AZ bulk order Staff NewsPatient Assistance CoordinatorNew VolunteersPharmacistsDiabetes EducatorsPAP VolunteersSmoking Cessation CounselorsStaff DevelopmentCDE CertificationPAP Cross TrainingProgramsPatient Assistance Program (PAP)Increased eligibility criteria of pharmaceutical companiesWorkflow and increased efficiencyAstra Zeneca AuditStatisticsAvg. of 110 new PAP applications/monthAvg. of 225 PAP reorders/month$843,000 of medication received through PAPDiabetes EducationIncreased availability of appointmentsConsistency of educationPrograms, continuedSmoking Cessation CounselingIncreased availability of appointmentsIncreased number of interventionsMedication CounselingOne-on-One intensive medication educationPharmacy Student Community OutreachPrograms, continuedDispensaryStatisticsEncounters increased 19%Last Year - 3,965Current Year 4,725Number of Prescriptions Filled increased 6%Last Year - 12,028Current Year 12,777Retail Value of Meds Dispensed increased 26%Last Year - $609,171Current Year $766,954Medication Cost to CVIM = $38,000DentalServicesHappy Smiles result from our work!Facility EnhancementNew officesNew workstationNew X-ray unitPartnershipsTempleDental Society MCCC/HarcumDental Hygiene SocietyChester County Head StartLocal Social Service AgenciesStaff NewsVP of Dental AffairsNew volunteer Dentists/HygienistsStaff DevelopmentPHDHP LicenseAnesthesia LicenseEFDA ProgramProgramPatient StatisticsExpansion of HoursSupply ManagementQuality AssuranceDental studiesCredentialingMedicalServicesExcellent medical care ofeach and every patient!Facility EnhancementEducation RoomCME Conference RoomPartnershipsTemple Medical SchoolVillanovaUPenn Nurse Practitioner programWest Chester University Nursing SchoolPenn StateBryn Mawr Post BAC programHospitalsChester CountyPaoliStaff NewsNew providers6 Nurses 3 Doctors (7 more in process)Registered Dietician VolunteerStaff DevelopmentHolistic Health CounselorProgramPatient StatisticsDiabetes ClinicAllergy/Immunology ClinicExpansion of Womens ServicesCooking ClassWalking ClassCSA EnrollmentHIV TestingQuality AssuranceNew Credential PolicyCME SessionsBlood Sugar StudyNational Committee for Quality Assurance