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Common wealth game scam Delhi -2010 Presented By:-Harsh pathak Anand swaroop Rajvardhan Manmohan Sachlin Singh

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Common wealth game scamDelhi -2010Presented By:-Harsh pathakAnand swaroopRajvardhanManmohanSachlin Singh

Commonwealth games Delhi 2010

Participation by 71 countries.Around 2000 staff & 18000 volunteers.

12 days of sports & events.Massive security arrangement.

Around rupees 12 billion allocated to developinfrastructure. 20 cities being developed as tourist destination.Two million foreign tourists and 3.5 million domestic tourists to arrive in Delhi.

The Games village is spreadover an area of 63.5 hectares.

Facts of corruption In county like INDIA where 7 rupees spend bygovernment only 1 rupee reaches a common man. So you can well imagine how much money really has been spend on games, where the budget is Rs 30,000 crore.

DoubtsIs money spent on development ??? Is Rs 16,560 crore spent on renovation of stadium. Is Rs 18,000 crore spent on DTC bus service. Is Rs 3,000 crore spent on extention of metro. Is Rs 3,700 crore spent on flyover and bridges. Is Rs 650 crore spent on street scarping.

Corruption due to Commonwealth games

Renovation of Jawarharlal Nehru stadium incurred Rs 961 crore, on the other hand renovation at Ferozshah kotla stadium incurred only 85crore WHY there is so difference ???

Other stadiumRenovation of Indira Gandhi stadium incurred Rs 669 crore .

Renovation of Dhyan ChandHockey stadium incurred Rs 262 crore .

DTC bus service

Rs 18,000 crore spent on DTC bus service .Delhi government purchase one bus for 60 lakh , but theoriginal price of same bus is 40 lakh.

Delhi metroAt the time of games , delhi government has spent Rs 3,000 crore for extention of metro .Delhi government spentRs 10 lakh/ per pillar but its actual cost is 7 lakh/ per pillar.

Bad effects of corruption in commonwealth gamesCorruption in commonwealth games has adversely affected the countrys image.

Comments against commonwealth gamesIndia is developing nation , there is lot of povertyunemployment, cities are not fully developed,not have proper roads, transportation problem,lots and lots of corruption etc . India should not have hosted the commonwealth games .

RecommendationsIt is the duty of government to do somethingWith great sense of urgency , to arrest thistrend of decay , at least for the sake of future generations of India .

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