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Cyber-bulling children By: Shelby Vasta

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Cyber-bulling children. By: Shelby Vasta. What is Cyber- bullying ?. When one child targets another child using harmful tactics. Text messages, games, websites, playground harassment and more!. /. Importance!. It happens EVERYWHERE ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Cyber-bulling children

Cyber-bulling childrenBy:

Shelby Vasta

Page 2: Cyber-bulling children

What is Cyber-bullying?When one child targets another child using

harmful tactics.Text messages, games, websites, playground

harassment and more!

Page 3: Cyber-bulling children

Importance!It happens EVERYWHERE!4 out of 5 kids in the middle school have been

bulliedParents informed to help stop it!

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Two types of Cyber bullyingDirect attackCyber bullying by proxyKids/teens being tormentedNot always one person….can be back and forth

Page 6: Cyber-bulling children

Examples7 students suspended for posting imagesTwo classmates make a website about another

student13 year old class mate bullied and sent instant


Page 7: Cyber-bulling children

Impact on K-12 educationStudents being cyber bullied:Emotions, fear, scared, embarrassedConcentration in school…not paying any attentionPoor gradesattendance

Page 9: Cyber-bulling children

Future directionsMaking lesson plans for students Helps with:School violenceCyber securityBehavioral change

Page 10: Cyber-bulling children

How is it being handledBill passed in 2002 for all schools to get a anti-

bullying policyStarting to give parents informationBill 5288 states…….

Page 11: Cyber-bulling children

ConclusionCyber bullying must be stoppedInterferes with educationThe well being of children’s livesParents must know and helpTo many consequences come with cyber bullying

Page 12: Cyber-bulling children

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