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Reimagine Mumbai's Public Spaces : Plaza in Powai Reimagine public space. Reimagine commute. Reimagine Mumbai. A quick set of thoughts for a cyclist friendly park in Borivali!


cyclewala.! the problem ! A city of movers. Everyone has somewhere to be. While pedestrians + vehicular trafc has been accounted for to some extent, cyclists have been left out with no dedicated space within the urban infrastructure. the idea! To create a model which can demonstrate bicycles as a communal means of transport. To promote riding and parking bicycles. To make people have fun. experience! Enter a space where you can interact with everything. Where your carbon footprint is zilch. Where everyone and everything is yours to discover. who! Men, women, children Cycling enthusiasts Introverts/extroverts what! Get t Meet people Unwind A safe spot to park your bicycle Discover the city TARGET AUDIENCE & VALUE PROPOSITION" proposed layout! COMMUNAL BICYCLE PARKING AREA! PUBLIC GARDEN! LOCAL CYCLIST FRIENDLY INFORMATION ZONE! JUNGLE GYM ! space elements! communal seating! The seating within this space uses low cost PVC pipes will be coloured in vibrant shades. Benet: Low cost, Portable, Weather resistant. park & sit! A simple parking unit with a adjoined seating option for those who want to guard their bikes. environment! Green space within the site. Storytelling slide panels! Takeaway maps with bike friendly routes within the city Contacts of local bicycle groups + details of upcoming rides Installation + shaded area! Art installations using low cost, readily available materials. Urban play space! Play + stretch zone made of low cost pipes to get that much needed stretch after a long ride. the people " Ashlesha K Parikshit N Sonika K " " " Shradha R Rajvardhan Ulka *sketches used in this presenta0on were created by the team members. *all photographic content was picked up o the internet and do not belong to us. Have been used for illustra0ve purposes.


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