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Here are the best cydia tweaks for iPhone 4S Siri users.Ever since the evolution of iPhone 4S, Apple has continuously tried protecting their firmware from outsiders.


  • 1. Cydia Tweaks for iPhone 4SCredit: IPHONEJAILBREAKFAQ

2. Cydia Tweaks Ever since the evolution of iPhone, Applehas continuously tried protecting theirfirmware from outsiders intrusion. They were carrying the burden to make iOSplatform as the numero uno in Smartphonesegment. 3. However, hackers of jailbreak communityhave exonerated Apple from suchresponsibility by taking the matter intotheir own hand. This has also started a fresh war ofsupremacy between Apple and Cydiadevelopers. 4. You lose, you gainits all caprice .This is asimple as it could get. But, Apple owes jailbreak communitydevelopers a big time. Such advancement would have not been madepossible without the continuous involvementof jailbreak developer. 5. The parallel system which is a popular asApple is Cydia community. They are two sides of the coin. Apple neverliked jailbreakers who most of the casesucceeded in infiltrating their territory. Onthe same note, they cant deny the veryexistence of such community. 6. Cydia, a parallel force that Apple reckonedlong back has grown at equal space. After the release of iOS 5.0.1 untetherjailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 owners,they were eager to get their hands on cydiatweaks or apps. 7. Some of the cydia tweaks/apps are morepopular than Apples iTunes store apps. Such apps brings freshness and freedom toyour beloved iDevice. However, it would beimpossible to include all the best apps in thesingle post. 8. It will, in fact, take a whole month (or evenmore) to pen down useful applicationsmade available by cydia developers. Lets take a look at the two newest Cydiaapp developer last week 9. QuickTweet Cydia App QuickTweet offers simple and intuitive wayof tweeting from the notification center. Ever since, the Apple integrated twitter intothe iOS, more and more developed comingout with unique tweaks of their own. 10. Developers are tend to provide more tweakdue to the huge popularity of microbloggingplatform -- twitter QuickTweet, as the name suggest is a verysimple tweak available at TheBigBoss repowhich will let you tweet without openingofficial application. 11. Just make a search in Cydia and install thetweak. There is no settings or option to configure. Itwill simply put an icon at the bottom left-hand side of your notification center fromwhere you can compose a tweet. 12. Unfortunately, QuickTweet will let youcompose a simple text tweet only. You cannot add picture or video to it. But, it comes very handy at times. 13. Sireet Sireet= Siri+Tweet, is one more tweet for A5device a.k.a. iPhone 4S device owners. Since, Siri is only made available to iPhone4S users by Apple, Sireet will only work oniPhone 4S device. 14. If you want to impress your girl-friend (or boy-friend) and friends, then Sireet is right choicefor you. Sireet also brings a hope for more suchintelligent tweaks for Siri. Now you can live the dream of sendingmessages via voice command, however, it isconfined to twitter only. 15. Just install Sireet on your iPhone 4S andspeak TWEET followed by your message.Sireet will take care of the rest. With thehelp from Sireet, Siri will send the tweetautomatically to your twitter account. Sometimes, Sireet may not get the desiredmessage tweeted out, but Siri is to blame forthat. 16. As the time passed by, we can expect Siri toget better and hence Sireet. The best part about Sireet is that it isavailable for free to all users.